And another week passes
Published Monday October 6th, 2003

Arsenal of programs.. only a few here... mmm pretty gnome 2.4

Ah yes, linux has such nice support for video playback. mmmm, xine!

My chosen Neato 3D GL Matrix-esque screensaver.

Ahh, so... soo... uhm... well then.. not a whole lot has happened in the passed week.... Ehh.. well....okay..

Monday i return from school.. find that the power was out because of bathroom renovations.. so.. i found my computer unplugged, because i asked my dad to do so if thye were planing to unplug the power because im paranoid of powersurges even though i have surge protectr power suplies, but those have failed me in the passed, so.. im paranoid now.. Anyways, he did unplug my computer so.. that was nice of him.. however.. i get home, want to turn my computer on (my mood already dampened by the fact that i returned home to find my computer turned off.. heh.. ) and.. i turn it on.. and soon find out a hard disk had failed... being tired and just comming home from school, i saw that the disk with the problem, or so my bios was saying.. was my secondary slave... and.. i thought that was the disk with my home directory on it.. so.. i got really depressed and took a 4 hour nap. I woke up and realised.. wait a second.. secondary slave is my 13gb with JUST my OS on it! (dont ask why my os is on secondary slave, these things just happen) Heh.. so.. i was a bit happier, realising that i didnt loose all my data from my home dir and.. you name it... heh... (because my last backup was a month ago.. speaking of back up.. *runs to command line*)... anyways... The next day i got a 80gb disk and... set up shop again.. so to speak.. but.. it took me all week to get the stuff set back up.. i wasnt very motivated.. heh.. and now i have gnome 2.4 and... mmmm its very pretty.. look at the screenshots up there! yum! Heh.. I have yet to fully get everything back to where it was before.. i still need to setup ftpd, smbd and.. yea... such things deamon wise... that and i cant get capture to work on my tv tunner anymore... d'oh.

ANyways.. over all.. last week lasted and draged on forever.. argh.. it sucked ass. I hope it doesnt happen again this week... I have a 3 day weekend that looks like its going to suck comming up here... next saturday i get to be up before 0800 to go take SAT 1 test... then.. Monday, which i get off.. ill probably be visiting the swiss embassy in LA to get my passport renewed... How fun.... NOT... heh..

ANyways.. saturday.. uHm.. i hung out with kate mainly... or.. basically.. all day.. heh... was good, as always. We went to the outlets to get random crap for homecoming which she intents to drag me along to. So, i got generic stuff so i would never need to go shop for the stuff again. Heh... yep.. then.. Kate tought me how to drive stick, and.. i practiced a bit.. that was cool... woooo... Heh.. indeed, indeed... hmm

Sooo.. yeh.. anyways.. sunday.. i more or less... sat around.. getting my computer setup some more... spent way tooo much time customizing my desktop.. more then 3 hours... how pathetic.. oh well.. its reaaaally nice now.. gDesklets kick ass, and xine rules! Heh.... and.. shit.. it is late and i should have been in bed a while ago, and i will truly regret this tomorrow... d'oh.

Anyways... yeah... ... another wonderful week of school to come.. at least we get this thursday of as a minimum day... but still... UGH... a whole lot of UGH and ARGH and BWAH's...

neh.. anyways.. im done. bed.