Published Sunday January 27th, 2008 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to I am X, feeling useless.

Pass days by
one and two and three and four and
Lacking ambition in my many aspirations
Productive but not productive in the way I seek
The way I seek is frequently sought and answers there are not
I wonder, how come I cannot follow through and do those things I'd like to do
Ideas thoughts emotions seep into my consciousness
I try to control them, to keep them away
They are welcomed and unwelcome
Dissatisfaction vexation malaise
Producing the wrong produce
Unsatisfactory stimulus
Motivate myself
I feel hopeless and stuck
Spoilt guilty embarrassing behaviour
Unchecked thoughts and emotions rampant
Control and self discipline unknown dexterity's
Proliferating my emotions through the motions of introspection
Detachment; phases of incrementing introversion
Diversion and aversion
I find I am surrounded by many of much the same and quite greedily seek escape.

Posted by No Name @ 21:06, February 06, 2008
If You Had the Answer... Would It Matter?

Posted by No Name @ 21:09, February 06, 2008
You... Are the Answer

Posted by No Name @ 21:10, February 06, 2008
PS a bear loves you