January nears end
Published Tuesday January 29th, 2002

Hm.. soon, january will be over... not that its really a big deal, haha... Hm.. well then, a friend of mine gave me a box toput at my house on the luethy.net network so he can run his own domain, so i set up that linux server today.. took like.. less then an hour... Now it waits to be put on the internet. Hm, i will also be puting up another box, achs.org since achs.org is no longer apart of the ouhsd school district. And, everyone who used to use achs.org wanted to keep their mailserver and achs.org's website.. so, ill have that box here too. It'll be fun.. administering more domains.. Keep a tight grip on whats being served on the web server. Aswell as make sure my bandwidth isnt used for useles things... yep.. hm. what else is new.. nothing... lol.. yep... hm.. alrighty then.. baah! i know! i have all this email stacking up that i havent had time to reply too.. agh! if you've emailed me andi havent replied, sorry! ill try getting to it as soon as i can... oh! also notice that i upgraded the whole archive system (excluding the image gallery, no time) yep... check itout... have fun.. alrighty then.... bed time, tata!