1 more day.
Published Wednesday January 22nd, 2003

hem hum dehmn.... welp... 2 final days done.. 1 more to go, tomorrow... tuesday i had chem and english. i thought chem was easy... dont know what i got.. and english.. i got a D+, one more point and it would have been a C-.. woot!! yea!... im going to fail that class, if i do i shall shoot myself. Today i had art app. and then german.. hahaha both of which where jokes. Tomorrow i have math and us history, both of which i shall fail.. woot! argh, im going to miserably bomb the math final, UGH. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH!!! DAMMIT.
i better not fail any of my classes completely and be forced to take them over... that would SUCK. and id be waaaay pissed off. heh. argh. heh..

well then.. the last 3 days all i've done is code in php. i've goten so much done on epiar.net.. bwahahahaha, i was up till 0030 the last 2 nights, after just sitting there and coding for 8 or more hours.. bwahahahahaha. wheee! today is no exception, except i think ill go to bed a bit earlier. heh. but, still.. bwahaha! whee. its such a huge morale booster! i've been insanely happy and its finals week! mmm programming makes me very very happy and content... =)!!! heh.. well.. thats all... i guess.. for now..