Of to Switzerland I go!
Published Wednesday July 11th, 2007 via a mobile phone.

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Finally! Boarded. Every year.. I recall how i have airports, specifically LAX. Oh well.. Now i'm awaiting departure of my flight to New york. My family and i will soon be in Switzerland! Ah!
Posted by LeighAnn @ 09:13, July 11, 2007
Marco! I miss you already, I have no one to talk to anymore when I am bored at work.. ha ha... and it's so odd not seeing your screen name online because it's like always there! Have fun and make sure to post pictures!

Posted by Marco @ 02:56, July 12, 2007
Of course I'll be posting pictures! I already have (from my phone-they suck.) hah!

Posted by LeighAnn @ 01:16, July 13, 2007
Well gosh then post some from like a real camera... I know you can take good pics! I hope you are having fun because Camarillo hasn't changed one bit... oh wait you are missing out on the big fiesta this weekend.... how dare you... :/

Posted by Marco @ 01:50, July 13, 2007
Oh no! The camarillo fiesta! Gah! My life is forever incomplete. I take only shitty pics. :-P Shouldn't you be in bed or something?

Posted by damon @ 19:09, July 18, 2007
wow marco the typos just aren't like you