Today is the last day
Published Saturday December 18th, 2004


This is the last day. Today is it. Today will suck. It will suck because today is the last day. One might say that I should enjoy the last day. Yes, surely. Though, with thoughts and emotions and just too many more thoughts floating, bouncing around my mind.. This is difficult.

Friday after eating lunch with my Lüthy grandparents and my cousin Martin my mom and I drove up to Jakob
Posted by Laura @ 07:34, December 19, 2004
Hey you. I miss you like crazy, and honestly cant wait till you are home and happy enough to entertain company, but at the same time, I am sad with you. 1. because I know how much CH means to you and I know how hard it has always been to leave and 2. because if I were in the most beautiful place in the world, and had the world, literally at my disposal, I wouldn't be too keen on coming back to "Bushland" as you call it, to good ol' Camarillo, CA. Just know that you'll go back someday, and it will be as beautiful and as adventurous as your time now, maybe even better, since your photography skills will have been improved (I dont know how they could get better). I miss you and I hope you have a safe trip home.

Posted by Ursula @ 10:27, December 19, 2004
Hey my dear cousin. When I read this entry I get very sad. And I wished I spent more time with you in this last half year. I already miss you, and I hope we will stay in contact. Don't be too sad, I'm sure you will enjoy your new class, and your live in the usa. Wish you all the best...