1 down, 4 to go. UGH.
Published Monday September 8th, 2003

The rack, or, "a very simple and popular means of extricating confession. The victim was tied across a board by his ankles and wrists. Rollers at either end of the board were turned, pulling the body in opposite directions until dislocation of every joint occurred." ( citation ) So, i'd rather chill on this little stretch-bench and confess that, "OH YES!!! STOP!! I'LL ADMIT IT!!! I HATE IT!!! I HATE SCHOOL!!!" Alas, this wont happen and, instead.. I'll have to go to the wretched hell-hole called school. In itself, this is somewhat sad, because im sure somewhere out there, there are children and people who would love the education i'm getting... SO, i guess this just makes me an ungrateful bastard.

Heh, so... heres a story... i had a dream last night.. which is a rare event.. it was an odd dream.. I just kept driving around this road in Newbury Park... and.. there was something about aliens and... radiation on the hill and... where I was driving... I don't really remember what the hell was going on.. but.. I was mortified... I woke up sweaty and ... just really scared for some reason.... It seriously felt like I was in 2nd grade again and I was afraid of the dark or.. something of the sort... I don't even know what the heck was wrong with me.. but... everything terrified me.. I heard a sound and... I nearly pissed my pants.. Like.. it hard to explain how terrified I was.. I heard a sound.. I listened more intently.. I heard more sounds.. sounds id never usualy hear, the more I listened.. the more I heard, and the more I was terrified... I probably started to imagine things making noises... I thought I heard breathing and.. walking and who the heck knows what.. This was around 0400 in the morning.... I tried to fall back asleep but.. I couldnt... I was terrified... I tried turning on the lights and sleeping.... no difference.. I turned the lights off again and.. staring out my balcony doors I saw the moon, nearly full, extremely orange just above the horizon casting a erie orange light into my room... I imagined, or.. thought I saw something outside... which also terrified me... I went back to my bed... and.. just sort of sat/lay there untill the sun started to come up.. and then.. I sort of dozed off for 30 min.. and then I had to get up for school..... Heh... but.. ...... all I have to say is.. WTF?..... I don't even know why I was scared.... heh..i was distrubed by something.. but. I have no clue what.... it was really odd... heh... Ive never quite had an experience like it before at least.. not anytime withing the past 5 years, especially because... "mosnters" and.. "ghosts" and.. "aliens" and.. "sounds" don't scare me.. Heh.. yea... so.. i was rather tired intime for school.. however.. i was able to tap into my energy from the weekend when i slept ~24 hours in 2 days.. Heh...

Yeah... so... School...

Uhm.. yea, so.. 4 more days untill weekend, right? Right.

Friday evening we're all going to go eat at Olive Garden for Tysons birthday... that'll be cool. Uhm.. i just all of a suden, really quickly.. lost my train of though and flow on typing for this news posting,thus.. the End.
Posted by you+know+me+ @ 18:08, September 09, 2003
^OH YES remember me Thanx for the newsletter, highly interessting, but think about in europe or in germany you have to go bout 13 years to school that means to me 2 more years of school when i am home, ok thats enough i don't want to interupt you cye Marwin