Dark room all up in my grill
Published Saturday February 19th, 2005

Hrm.. Yes. Indeed.. It is that time again. .. Another entry. It'll be a quick one for I shall go to bed afterwards to wake up in the morning, or for lunch to take a shower and then go to Santa Barbara to hang out for hours and hours in a dark room printing. Woot... Not.

Thursday I went to Santa Barbara for a review meeting with my photo 101 class for the final which is this Monday. It was fairly brief and after dropping off some film to be developed, I drove back to Camarillo and took a nap. After dinner I headed down to Simon's house. We hung out a bit, and then met Gem outside of Sav On's. From there we rented Mario Part 6 for the Gamecube and headed over to Chelsea's house where we played. Gem had to leave and soon after her departure Jesse came over and we played a round of iMAgiNeiff. After this, we played another round of Mario Part 6 at around 01.00 before I went home.

Friday rolled along and before heading for Santa Barbara yet again, I stopped by Simon's house and watched an episode of Rocko's Modern Life with Jesse, Simon, and Chelsea.. I then hauled ass to get to class on time and arrived just in time. During class, the guy I was sitting next to, Andrew, started sharpening his pencil with his switch-blade. That made my day. I picked up some developed film after class, and drove back home. Driving was a lot of fun because there was really heavy rain driving along the coast line. Every other few miles I would see a car, or two cars on the side of the road twisted around in every which direction. Southern Californian's need to learn how to drive in the rain and not freak out when there is water falling from the sky. Southern Californian's as a general rule cannot drive. They suck at it. I'm not saying that I don't suck as well. I'm just saying that, wow.. When I drive back and forth between Santa Barbara rain or shine I see some pretty shitty drivers, and some very egotistical drivers as well, and frequently a combination of the two and then some.

Oh well.. That's a topic that will probably be reoccurring if I'm constantly driving at least a 100 miles every day I go to school. Heh.. I got home and hung about. After dinner I played my djembe to some music, Safri Duo.. I played for around two hours. It was so much fun. I was sweating towards the end, and my fingers were turning blue. My middle finger on my right hand is bruised. Ha ha. So much fun.

At around 21.30 I went over to Chelsea's house and we watched a DVD with a whole lot of cool marching band type people perform choreography on stage. Simon came over, and then Jesse and after getting some J in the B for Simon and Jesse, we played two rounds of Mario Party before calling it a night.

So.. thus... I am here now, at home. Tomorrow is going to be crappy because I'm going to spend a lovely chunk in a stupid, boring, lame and dark.. dark room. Heh. Yep..




That .. is all.
Posted by Simon+ @ 13:02, February 19, 2005
dark room w00t/not, Wacky Deli > Dark room... PEACH!!! ABWAH!?!?!?

Posted by Chris @ 22:05, February 19, 2005
come to my dark room ... it wont be stupid, boring, or lame. only $4.32/min ...

Posted by Marco @ 22:52, February 19, 2005
Can I get a discount!? Im game if i can!