good times at a party
Published Friday July 21st, 2006 via a mobile phone but was later modified with a computer.

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So today... Not much happened. Then in the evening i met up with my cousin Reto and we went to a local biker festival thing. Its rather large... Shitloads of bikers and their bikes and every other youth from the area. Lots of beer. We later met up with my cousin, Retos sister Sabrina. And we mingled in the outside open air. Later still we met up with a friend i met here about two years ago, Corrine. We chatted for quite some time catch up with what was a very enjoyable conversation that lasted to short as far far as im concerned.. Now im walking back to my cousin Reto's childhood-house (or one of them.. ie .. where his parents live) where I parked my grandparents car which i will then use to drive back home...
Posted by The fatty @ 17:41, July 21, 2006
Aren't biker gatherings interesting? We sorta by mistake happened into the big one in Sturgis, South Dakota a few years ago. Was neat to see so many bikes and people and kinda made me want to have a motorcycle too. You should get one, but then you might kill yourself and that would suck :/