I hate valentines Day
Published Sunday February 3rd, 2002

Yes, i do.. i dont like the month of february.. its.. not a good month... especially with valentines day in the middle... i hate valentines day... its one of the dummbest things i've heard off... "Will you be my valentines?" uhh.. heck no.. sorry.. thats one of the dumbest things ever.... Then.. whats up with those stupid heart shaped candies... with those retarded messages on them.. they used to have messages that made somewhat sence.. but.. these days.. i guess the company that made them wanted to keep up with the technology industry.. and made heart shaped candies that say "Fax Me" or "Email me" and such likes on them... what next? "Ping me"? "Try Port 80"?... lets hope not.. Hm.. oh! i know.. something not having to do with february.... Whats up with singers (who cant sing in teh first place) making movies? People who cant act shouldnt make movies... Singers who cant sing and cant act definately shouldnt make movies. It just seems logical... who wants to waste an hour and then some on some random movie with some random story and plot with random actors who randomly cant act and randomly suck, and then the main star randomly plugin their song all throughout the movie? I sure dont... and, i definately wont... hrm.. its 0225... exciting... tomorrow i have yet more school, ugh... What will i not learn tomorrow? who knows... hrm... alrighty then... till next post..