A Wednesday in May
Published Wednesday May 14th, 2003

Heh, i got around to touching up some more of my photographs from Las Vegas today.. mainely.. this one was the result of that... heh... Im quite fond of how this turned out.. the original photo had this stupid lense flare in it because the sun was in my shot... argh.. but.. i did some brightness contrast changes... some really basic simple colour changing.. and.. it looks rather good.... i think im going to up the contrast a bit and make it more... light and bright.. and then maybe order a print or something... heh... if it looks good that is.. heh... I think what im going for is.. a photograph type Impressionistic scene... That is to say.. im tring to make it look like.. the first light you see when you close your eyes for some time, then quickly open them and view a scene... the initial light.. sort of... its a bit abstracted but.. i think its cool.... sort of neo-impressionist photo.... lol.. wow, im slowly turning into an art geek. Crud. haha.

Well then, tomorrow Matrix Reloaded comes out! As i believe ive mentioned in past postings, im going to go see it tomorrow .. woohoo!! I cant wait.... tomorrow at school is going to take forever... argh... ive got nothing to look forward to except to go see matrix reloaded.. so.. ill just sit there in school... watching the stupid clock tick counter clock wise., mocking me... bwah!

Yeh, just about under a month left before summer vacation... I can not wait. Heh... which means i have a month to read 1400 pages for a B in the reading aspect of my english class... and.. to get my grade up in math.... heh.. bwah bwah bwah... ... this seems to be a reoccuring subject in the past few postings.. lol... heh.. well then.. moving on!

Uhm.. yea.. ya know... im more and more convinced that when i finish with school and all that crap.. im leaving this country. Heh.. something id like to do is travel the world a bit.. backpacking... maybe on bike... something of the sort.. just.. getting around... maybe staying in some part of the world doing some work.. making some money.. then moving on again.. heh... that sounds really nice... then.... after all that... settle somewhere... somewhere where stupid organizations and dumbass companies dont hold much influence, like.. of say.. Microsoft, or.. uhm.. the RIAA.. or.. uhm.. the damned MPAA or my favourite DMCA... screw intelectual property rights.. whatever happened to communism? lol... If i was living in the 1950's i'd be accuses as being a communist symphatizer... lol.. now, naturally.. im over exagurating quite a bit.. lol... but.. shh!! sit back and enjoy my drama, will ya?

yea, so.. uhm.. what was i talking about?... ah, moving right along in this pointless (then again, most are) posting... aha! as you may notive (you probably dont, and.. im not amazed) im posting at a slightly earlier time tonight! ah yes, why you may wonder... well... i plan on going to bed earlier this evening! Why? ah, well... i dont want to fall asleep watching Matrix Reloaded, do i now? ... no way! and, there you have a reason for... something you probably did not notice.. lol.. are you enjoying my ramblings? i do hope so, if you're not.. then you're probably not reading this so.. heh!

Hrm.. looking forward to tomorrow in school... What can i expect.. well... lets see... i've got Math, where..... yea.. then.. art ... where we'll continue notes which put me to sleep today... then German.. which.. bores me to the verge of suicide.. the us history where we have to take some test to which we have the answers to *!?*.. then.. Chemistry which.. today was rather interesting, which.. is extremely rare... so, i doubt tomorrow will be interesting.. heh.. then... off to English.. where ... where.... uhm... oh .. rght, we'll probably have a quiz on The Grapes of Wrath, which ill read in chemistry the period before.... then... the bell shall ring, ill spring out as fast as i possibly can, as usual.. and.. head to the parking lot.. hop into the truck, and drive off to the theater.. woot!... heh.. enought about that.. geesh...

reflecting back on these news postings... most of the text revolves around ... school.. UGH, bwah! how dare it. and yet.. i continue rambling about my hatred towards that hellhole... hrm... Think happy thoughts.... yes...

A lovely hill, with a tree towards the top, secluded from everything else.. surrounded by a large wide, circular in shape lake, which waters are crystal clear, beautiful blue so that you can barely tell the difference between sky and lake except for the crisp outline of the snow capped mountains surrounding you in 360 degrees. A small dock made out of clean wood at the bottom the little hill/island for you to dock your rowboat at. The tree at the top in full blossom, and providing comfortably cool, but not cold shade. Every colour in the surrounding seemingly over saturated, and vibrant.... *sighs* ahh.. yes, this is where i wish to travel.

Well then, its right time for bed, thus ending this painfully prolonged posting.