I'm comming home. ..USA.. UGH!
Published Wednesday August 14th, 2002

Ugh, indeed... Tomorrow (thursday) at 10 in the morning ill be getting on an airplane back to Los Angeles from Z
Posted by Matt @ 12:56, August 14, 2002
ok this is a long one and i got it from the last post i did on my site(go there for the full thing) here it is...Bush is a dumbshit and so what how the hell am i going to help that so basically screw all of the political crap that goes on i dont care what the hell they do and you shouldnt either if you feel that way..im trying to say dont worry about the dumbshits because well they are dumbshits and for the part about how bad the food is..hrm..well i dont really care because i eat just about anything without thinking much of how it tastes....so..no i dont believe this post really did offend me much because of the fact that i dont really give a shit about people that are dumbshits because that is what they are and so ya screw them. I am not a person that sits there and cares about politics because almost all the time they are just f****d and i dont care...i think that is all i really have to say today.