I'd Be a Better God Than God
Published Wednesday May 10th, 2006

I think I would make a much better God than the supposed God so many people seem to believe in. I just finished watching a documentary on North Korea, and while it certainly is not the only place on this planet with major civil rights abuses, it is definitely one worth being irked about. From what the documentary said, many, many people are being held in concentration camps in North Korea. If your father was a traitor, you are also a traitor, and so are the 5 neighbours around you in what’s called Group Responsibility, or something like that. Many of the prisoners are experimented on to test new chemical agents for weapons. One interview with an escapee tells a story about how she was instructed to feed 50 women cabbage leaves, but not to eat any herself, and how when she finished distributing and turned to look at the other women, they were all laying around clutching their stomachs, vomiting black blue and bleeding out of every orifice. The escapee said that she did not know that so much blood could pour out of a human in such a short period of time. Within 20 minutes they were all dead.

The current stance of other nations is to try negotiation. To negotiate with North Korea to cease nuclear weapon development. The concentration camps are not a concern. So, why the fuck did Bush and his minions decide to send the USA to Iraq where there are no weapons of mass destruction, when he could have gone to North Korea where they have chemical weapons, and possibly nuclear weapons, and many, many starving people and POW's in concentration camps?

Forget all the stupid politics. I wish I had some sort of futuristic powers. Maybe something out of Star Trek. I sometimes wish that I had a cloaked space ship orbiting the earth. I wish that I could deploy a massive army of holograms down onto the Earth surface. I wish I would be able to teleport people. I'd teleport all the high ranking North Korean officials onto my ship, into some holodeck where I would keep them prisoners while I unleashed my holographic army upon North Korea. My army would have no need for weapons because they'd be invincible.. because they're holograms. They'd walk in there, stop all human experimentation, rebuild the country, re-educate the people and put smarter, more humane rulers into power, or perhaps just keep my holograms in charge. I could do this anywhere in the world. I could teleport all the evil people on this planet into my space ship, and then eventually teleport them back down onto Earth and let the rest of the world decide what to do with them once their power has been removed.

So why can't I have these abilities? From what people seem to believe, the supposed God has these abilities.. So why doesn't he use them? I don't want to hear any of that nonsense, "God works in mysterious ways" bullshit. That's just a convenient excuse for a person too blind to see anything beyond their precious Bible. Don't give me any of that Adam and Even and the Apple bullshit, either. Again, another convenient way to explain why the world is how it is without actually explaining anything at all. If there is a God and he doesn't do anything about so many people suffering, then fuck him. He's a worthless coward. I would be a much better god. I demand his job because I could do it better.

It doesn't even have to be about North Korea. Hearing those escapee stories just acted as a catalyst in pissing me off at humanity. How come we're all taught in school about the horrors of the concentration camps in Germany during WWII and how we as humans should never let such a thing happen again, when it's happening today and now. Does that even make any sense whatsoever?

Aaaargghhhh! I hate how politics are so fucking stupid. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it!

Luckily for the reader, I need to go to bed, so the ranting ends here.
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