Website Updates; v4.12-as1.0.2
Published Sunday November 13th, 2005

I?ve finally completed some long needed updates to this website. I started Friday after coming home from work and worked well into the morning until around 16.00. Saturday I continued all day up until now, Sunday morning at 01.00. Woot! In total I spent about a bit over 20 hours making updates to the site.

Most changes were internal to fix bugs (like the commenting bug) and security flaws, but there were also some external updates. For example, I have finally managed to create an index page for this site that has some sort of content! I littered it with combinations of foga and the wonders of AJAX. There?s also some other stuff, like a convenient little place where the site can let users know about entries they have not yet read. I also changed the icons used accross the site. Most likely, if you?re reading this entry, you?ve probably already noticed the changes on the index page.

Most of the work went into behind the scenes code. Bug fixes, security fixes, and many attempts at speed increases. The site could still do with more speed increases, but more work on that will probably take place the next time I go on a site-maintenance-update-coding spree.

I also got a chance to finally update my weblog entry administration system. Before tonight, the so called ?administration system? was just this page:

.. and phpMyAdmin/other MySQL interface. However! Now I have this to work with:

Oooo it?s rather pretty, I think All of it is only 200 lines of code. Splendid. If I'm bored enough later this weekend or week I'll finish the trackback, commenting with AJAX, and rss features under development for this weblog.

Well then, that just about does it for me and this entry. Let me know what you think of all the changes! Leave a comment.

Update: Completed commenting with AJAX for weblog entries at 23.00 on Sunday, November 13th! Should work in both the latest versions of Explorer and Firefox.

Posted by chris @ 16:58, November 13, 2005
well it's certainly pretty. the only thing you need now is something super hot like ; open source free js-based editors! it even uses your css template so it's the whole what you see is what you get shit

Posted by Brian @ 23:37, November 13, 2005
Moxie sucks. Try instead. :-D

Posted by chris @ 20:57, November 14, 2005
yea, we used to give clients fckeditor at work but it's a pain in the ass and doesnt seem to work as well on as many browser/os combinations as tinymce. then again, our users are idiots.

Posted by chris @ 17:14, November 13, 2005
hey, i apparently cant have "h t t tp" all together in a post here ... and so when i wanted to correct it, your form spit out the addslashes version. bugola!

Posted by Marco @ 23:09, November 13, 2005
Yea, that was a cheap way to defeat spammers. Shouldnt be a problem anymore with the latest upgrades.

Posted by chris @ 20:57, November 14, 2005
ok, here goes .... ... yay!

Posted by The fatty @ 23:23, November 13, 2005
i hav eno idea what you two are talking