T-5 Days to freedom
Published Monday June 9th, 2003

Heh... doesn't that ^^^ look like soooo much fun? -yES! YES iT DOES! Heh.. lol

Hrm.. well then 5 more days remain before me and summer vacation... 5 days of school.. only 2 more normal, full days... the rest... all minimum days... w00t! partey!!! paaa haaaaarrr tey!! summer vacation, here i come!

Yes, yes indeed... heh... hrm... so.. whats new since last posting... hrm... Friday i turned in my take home math test (hahaha what a joke) and since.. a bunch of us got togheter to work on the thing, we all got 100% or above.... bwahahaha... haha...ha..hahahahahah... so.. im good in that class. Then.. to make things better.. in english .. i do some stupid "book talk" thing for a 774 page book.. and.. now.. that grade is set, and im done here too... All i need to do in both classes is get at least a D on the final to pass the classes with a minimum of a C.... w00t. Then again, if i do better.. better grade in the class i shall get... yesss... but, anyways... yea.. things are good good good.

Friday we all went to go see Finding Nemo.. lol, good movie.. i liked it.. good graphics.. funny charactures... jokes for both kids and non-kids.. lol.. yeh.. it was good... aferwards we went to point mogu and.. just.. hung out a bit... and then... we went to adams house.. where i stayed untill 2345.. at which time i went home.. .... yup..

Saturday, we all hung out again.. at chris's house... we watched some B-movie.. but, i liked the story it had going... some kurt vonegut short story.. cant go wrong there. Then.. we hooked up chris's laptop with the cables i brought over to his tv and we watched south park episodes by the number.. lol.. that was ammuzing.. we cought some very good episodes.. heh... I then went home at 2345.. again.. lol

Sunday.. i hung out.. sat here on my computer... I realized how portable the community source code is behind epiar.net... i was very excited about that because i was able to port all the pieces over to a new site, entropydev.net without any problems at all... just change some variables and i was set... Livestats started working imediately... W00t!... in the near future i am going to make a release of LiveStats... maybe even start a fully fledged project from it.. phpLiveStats or something.. wouldnt that be fun?.. oh yes. .. oh yes.. oh yes.. heh... Later on i watched Lord Of The RIng - The Two Towers... fun fun.. i love that movie.. good movie... yes. ... Uhm.. im not sure what i did after that.. but.. whatever it was.. it took up all the time of the evening and.. it was spent on the computer.. lol.. how sad.. i dont remember.... ehh.. i do remember that at 2300 i watched xfiles rerun as i typicaly do on a sunday evening.. lol.. and now.. it is almost 0100 in the morning and my 12 hour of awake time has been met, and i can go to bed and actually fall asleep.. lol, w00t!... heh.. unfortunately.. i have to wake to school.... not exactly lookking forward to that.. then again.. i am, because.. the sooner i get there, the sooner i can go home and then 4 days will be left before summer!!!!

Heh.. Tuesday i might have to go pick up my dad from malibu. I dropped him off there saturday because he was going with some coleague to san diego and the truck would have stayed there the whole time unused.. so.. he let me drop him off... fun fun.. heh..

THis comming friday, when school is out.. Grant, mike and i plan on doing our traditional its summer woohoo!!! thing.. and go driving around, blasting trance and being insanely high on our adrenalin and high morale.. lol. YESSSS.. fun fun fun fun fun...

Heh, well then... i think this does it for today.. i need to get to bed.. so... off i go!

Posted by chris @ 00:32, February 09, 2004
im a high school student & im doing this lil article about u & i need to know what the date & time was that u had that concert. could u help me out here?