"my favourite, Butter Tarts"
Published Wednesday January 11th, 2006

La de da.. Do de dei.. And stuff.. Let?s start off with some articles! Hooray. Somewhat humorous is this first article, which takes the view-point of a Linux user switching to Windows (instead of the traditional articles about switching from Windows to Linux.) Kind of funny because it?s true. Then, I?ve got another Slashdot post about an article which perfectly demonstrates yet again why law-makers, politicians, and all similar in that lot, are no where near adept or competent at Internet/Technology-lawmaking. I hate it when laws are passed by people who know nothing about the subject of the bills which they have made (and passed). Fuck them. Politicians and large corporations together will eventually destroy the beauty of the Internet because dumbass presidents, congressmen, and senators blindly sign/vote bills into law. .. And that was my rant.

I spent all weekend at home, and it was great. Saturday I did stuff, but I don’t really remember what it was. Sunday I built a computer out of two semi-working computers and setup a new box for achs.org for Allen Hall. .. And... other stuff must have happened, too.. But I don’t recall. I think I watched a lot of TV.. maybe that?s why I cannot remember. Tragic.

Monday I was at work all day long doing some ?Test Drives? for prospective customers and also playing around briefly with PHP’s Pspell functions to possibly solve an issue in the product with a unreliable/undesirable off-site spell checker that’s being used.

Monday evening after getting off work and after I had eaten dinner.. I watched the whole Shingetsutan Tsukihime Anime series (12 episodes) and it was so good I wish I had not watched it so that I could watch it now without having seen it yet. Gah! Definitely a 9 out of 10 on my scale of nonsense-scales.

School started yesterday (Tuesday).. My first class was Speech M01 which I’m taking with Matt and Chelsea. Not overly thrilled with having to take a speech class.. but it’s required. Lame. I walk into the class room for the first time and look for a seat in the back. Most of the seats had been taken, but I see a vacancy next to thing guy who looks rather stereotypically nerdy/geeky. I figure this would be a good place to sit, so I sit down next to him. During the class, the teacher does a most-typical rant about how we should look about the room and find someone who we think is smart and reliable and go ask them for their phone number in case we need someone to get a hold of in the class. Sure, whatever. I’m telling you all of this, because as the class ended, this female with way too much make-up caked all over her face walks up to the stereotypically nerdy/geeky guy who I’m sitting next to, and asks for his number. I’m immediately filled with great amusement by the sheer pathetic nature of this female, and even more amused when I see the amusement on the guy’s face. Good stuff. Entertaining, indeed.

After Speech, Matt, Chelsea, and I went to El Torrito in Thousand Oaks to get lunch.. because we could. It’ was great. Chelsea and I then went to our Geography M01 class where we discovered that the teacher we thought we’d have, had been replaced with the same teacher we had for the Geography Lab class which Matt, Chelsea, and I were enrolled in. What I’m getting at is that.. he’s crazy. Nuts. .. But why not.

After leaving class and driving back to my beloved Camarillo, I met up with Matt at his house and we then went to Guitar Centre. After Guitar Centre we ended up at my house and mixed some of my new vinyl which had arrived just that day. Dandy swell.

Today was work.. Nothing particularly exciting.. and now here I am. I had a whole bunch of articles and pages I was going to write about/mention, but I've lost my blogging mood and will save them for next time..

Posted by The fatty @ 08:53, January 13, 2006
heh, got to love those butter tarts!