Visual Stimulus
Published Thursday May 12th, 2005

It's been a fairly long time since a entry I've made has had any sort of images in it. The rest of this entry will make up for the recent lack of visual stimuli.

My sister in a suit case.

Nasty close up of my sister in a suit case.

More of the same.

And one more..

Camera and shot setup for one of the final assignments for my now concluded PHO102 class.

Again, camera nd shot setup with the lights on the shot on!

Uhm... Boredom?

...More boredom?

From that rave Matt and I went to a while ago.


Most of those people are on something..


Again.. most of them... gone.

Hoory for crappy phone camera?

This is from when Matt and I went shopping at the Albertsons in Newbury Park last Tuesday.

Our shopping cart kicked ass.

...long hall of... ... frozen food.

Everyone's cart was messy, except for ours!

..It gets better..

Wait for it..

O.C.D. anyone? Hahahaha.

These photos are pretty old. Taken in March.. Never got around to posting them.

Seagulls too know that semi metalic boxes suck.

Seagulls find boxes comfortable to hang out on.

Seagulls like to poop on crappy cars.

Yes.. These are excellent seagulls. Ugly cars deserve seagull shit.

Posted by hav%E4nneli @ 09:53, May 13, 2005
marco, you could post some more pictures of your family, so I could see how you all look by now! Miss you guys! Hugs from Switzerland, which changed to almost summery cloths by now, except if it's raining, which I don't like, as you might remember... ;)

Posted by chris @ 14:11, May 14, 2005
marco! they ended star trek enterprise! and don't give me that it was shit thing, you know in their very last season when the writer's started trying it was good

Posted by Marco @ 02:02, May 15, 2005
I havent been watching.. I'd have no idea!

Posted by Di @ 11:54, May 15, 2005
ahahahaha awesome. yay for the seagulls on the crappy cars. :)

Posted by +grosi @ 08:18, May 18, 2005
I like your pictures, you cold post a little more of them.