Another week. ARGH
Published Monday February 17th, 2003

hrm.. well then.. whats new... absolutely not much.. exciting, cool. well then. moving on. hrm.. lol, sunday evening we had the 3rd pre-development meeting for the upcoming game we plan to make.. all of which's content you can download here: yea... hrm.. it went well over all... ... yep... uhm.. thats about all that happened sunday.. today .. i got up at 12 when my dad woke me up for lunch.. later on i went with my 2 sisters to best buy.. i bough 2 75 80min cd-r packs and a 5 dvd+r pack for under $50.. lol, yey.. dvd media is too freaking expensive, bwah!! 75 cd-rs cost a meer $15... the 5 pack dvd cost at least, doesnt that suck? i agree! hmph. well then... yea.. not much new besides that fascinating piece of news i just finished writing up there.... i've been looking for new wallpaper or something from the whole evening.. lol, that site has a lot of images. wow.. their PHP code also sucks. They have no boundary checking, you can feed in bogus data and the site tries to retrieve it for you.. lol, i thought that was funny cuz im a pretty involved PHP coder myself. well then.. its 23:00 and i have fucking stupid school tomorrow so.. that's where'll be tomorrow... d'uh... heh.. off to bed i go.