Published Thursday November 18th, 2004

I presently find myself in some hotel-lounge-bar place sitting at a table and drinking a Smirnoff Ice Vodka mixed drink on ice. Yum. This is fun. Sitting in some bar with a notebook and composition notebook writing almost at 23.00.. The second day in Germany passed and about 8 to go.

It's fun to talk to people here because its almost like speaking a foreign language without anyone really knowing I'm not exactly 100% fluent in German. (That is of course, if I don't have to get into complicated conversations.)

The DB (Deutsche Bahn or German Rail) building in downtown Berlin.
This evening after dinner I watched an episode of Conan O'Brien at 22.50 on CNBC Europe. Oh yeah! It was an episode from last Wednesday and there was only 1 brief commercial break, opposed to the 20 minutes of commercials in that states. So awesome!

Heh, yesterdays entry was crap. I wrote it in my hotel room while watching T.V. Not a good Idea.. I'll have to seek out other interesting locations to go write in the following days to come. Hrm, crap I just spilled some Smirnoff into this composition notebook. Stupid me. Oh well.. a memory of my Smirnoff! ha ha.. Well then.. enough wasting time. I have a lot more to write.. at least it feels this way..

Potsdamer Platz in downtown Berlin.
This morning my mobile phone alarm clock woke me at 08.15 after going to bed at around 00.30. My grandparents and I had breakfast in the hotel which was included with the rooms. After eating we checked out and continued driving in the direction of Leipzig-Berlin. My grandpa drove in the morning, and I drove after lunch at around 14.00ish.

At some rest stop before lunch my grandmother was looking at her map outside of her car and some person asked her if she needed help. The same thing had happened the day before in W
Posted by moerf @ 11:12, November 19, 2004
...und die Ossis w

Posted by Anna @ 06:23, December 15, 2004
Hey Marco! Yes, I finally get to read your stuff, now that you're almost leaving... I will miss you so much, even though we didn't do a whole lot together. But still it was nice to have you here! And about your trip... I really envy you for what you saw, it sounds cool up till here and I would like to go away right away. Great you enjoyed yourself! And if you ever want to go back to Berlin; I am studying with a girl from there and I am sure she would welcome you into her house, so it would be cheaper for you and you could do some "insider" stuff with her! How does this sound? ;) Your busy student cousine Anna

Posted by Marco @ 14:26, December 15, 2004
oooo! A connection! Yea, that would be very cool. I really would like to go back to Berlin again..