Countdown: 2 weeks to vacation
Published Monday December 8th, 2003

<nungana> SysInfo: Linux 2.4.18-24.7.xsmp | Dual AMD Athlon(TM) MP 1800+ 1533.338 MHz | Bogomips: 3038.00 | Mem: 171/628M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 544.07G Free: 91.52G | Procs: 173 | Uptime: 4 days 5 hrs 42 mins 13 secs | Load: 0.90 0.80 0.75 | Vpenis: 112.4 cm | Screen: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon R100 QD [Radeon 64 DDR]@1600x1200 (24 bpp) | eth1: In: 1.15G Out: 2.27G

Amusing link, google is obviously not run by very convervative people... Or... they have a good sence of humour. lol. In case it changes in the future.. If you search for 'miserable failure' on as of today (who knows for how long this will hold true), the very very first site that comes up is George W. Bush's bio page on lol! No where on that page are the worst miserable failure, or anything close. I think thats hilarious. lol.

Well then, anyways... What do you know... Whaddya know... another week has passed by. A good thing, in my humble opinion... Why? well.... because.... TWO MORE WEEKS UNTILL WINTER VACATION! Which basically means, no school, and no school... is excellent. yea... yea.... woooooo hoooo.... So, im looking forward to that, heh. This week, we've got a minimum day on Thursday.... excellent. Besides that.. a full week of full boredom.. err, i mean school.

This passed week... was pretty routine through wednesday, although we did have a minimum day on Wednesday. Kate and i went out for lunch that day.. hung out a bit, and... well that was that. Thursday i went to school for 2 periods... at which i no longer felt well enough to stay... Throughout periods 1 and 2 my nose was extremely runny and a constant increase in pressure in my head was becoming annoying... Yeh.. so i went home

Friday, i did not go to school. I was still not feeling terribly great.. The night before my family went to hollywood to go eat dinner because the music students invited them.. I stayed home... yeh.... Friday, i also stayed home all day... so.. not a whole lot to say about friday.. lol.

Completely random side note: I Hate My ISP, i wish death upon them.

From icmp_seq=3533 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=3534 Destination Host Unreachable

--- ping statistics ---
3537 packets transmitted, 895 received, +222 errors, 74% packet loss, time 3538993ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 4.551/4024.621/42961.016/5327.750 ms, pipe 43

Yea.... my internet connection has been complete crap all week. If we even got through to them, them being tech support... they'd just blame it on us.. even though... IT IS NOT I wish there was some better alternative to Skypipeline <--- They suck ass. Don't use. I just wish it would.. uhm... work.

Anyways.... enough about that... because.. its... hopeless anyway... just... like.. my dislike for going to school tomorrow.. bwah.... err... ANYWAYS!

Saturday... i got up... at 12ish.. or a bit before... as i went to bed rather early for a saturday morning.. uhm.. then i went out with kate... Sunday.... stayed home all day long. Was good. I listened to a whole lot of music... And, in there somewhere.. chatted with family at kitchen table...

I've been on one of my "every-once-in-a-while" music hunts/sprees/searches...'s "similar" thingo is a rather useful tool in doing this... Im branching out my taste in music.. going along a path along things similar to Delerium... i've come across another project by the same guy behind Delerium called Conjure One.... But, completely different i came accross a artist named Balligomingo... which i have grown a likeing too..... wooo woooo..... heh.... yea.

Im somewhat looking forward in anticipation to coming home from school tomorrow for more then just the normal reason of... coming home from school. Sci Fi channel has a mini series special playing tomorrow and tuesday.. Battlestar Galactica... and.. it interests me.. looks cool... so... why not watch? Indeed... heh... something to look forward to... never a bad thing.... Next sunday on discovery channel they have this 3d animated in the life of type thing with dinosaurs... Dinosaur Planet.. as they have had in the passed... ive always watched and im excited to watch again this comming Sunday.... and then... on the 17th... at hopefully midnight Mike, Tyson, Adam, Dianne, i think grant.. and i are going to go see a midnight showing of Lord of the Ring: The return of the kind... wooooooot.... And... then... 2 days later..... winter vacation..... After winter vacation.. i turn 18... So all is looking well... plenty of things to look forward too.... woot. Excellent.

Yep.. well then.. What else could i rattle off and babble about? I... i dont know.

How about an old image! ^^^^ .... tada!

Yea... i think this is it for today. Night!