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Published Sunday January 25th, 2004

Ah, whaddya know. The time has come. It is once again, a sunday evening, a dreaded evening. The night before a day of school. Not just any day, but a Monday. Yes, the evening before the first day of school in a fully loaded week. Although, i do have this coming friday off. However, my week is plagued by death dealing finals. Oh the agony.

Well, lets see... in review... the past week hasnt been too eventful. Starting off with the weekend, and forgeting that i ever went to school the week befor... because.. i mean, nothing happened anyway. Im rambling. Anyways...

DUring the week, mike had his finals so, he wasnt online as he was studying for them... So, i didnt really have any late night online buddies.. sort of started to miss his presence... *tear* mike!

Friday... Not a whole lot happened friday... We just ended up at kates house again and just talked all night.. it was rather boring, as fridays seem to start being. Boring, that is... heh.. At around 2300 i was hungry and everyone kind of followed to In-n-Out where.. numerous ppl also got food.. like, matt or marwin or wes. So, i didnt really feel too bad that everyone followed me. *shrugs* Anyways, i went home soon after that.

Saturday, i got up and took a shower and shaved my 5 day old beard. Took forever, and wasnt even fully shaven on, just.. rather.. my charachteristic trim. While i was in the shower my mom came a-knocking and told me that I and her had to go down to Oxnard in the van, so that i then could drive home the truck, so that my dad could drive home the car he had bought. Apparently, my dad had bought a manual 95' Honda Civic... haha. why not!? Manual! wooo! So, got there, got into the truck and headed straight for matts house, where i picked him up. We then drove to a friends of Dianne's house, Kristen where there was a surprise party for Diannes 18th birthday. The surprise was a success and.. we all hung out there till nearly midnight. There were about 23 people there, which is amazing because with 23 people youd expect the surprise to be spoiled, but as far as we all know, it was a complete sucess. That, or Dianne is just acting surprised. Liar!... heh. Anyways... I figured, i had hung out with my normal group the night before, and we didnt do a whole lot, just talked and it was kind of boring, so i hung out with other people at the party. Mainly my friend Jesse Orosco... good guy. He's one of those external friends who i really, really like. Another one of those is Isaac Lebron... heh.. So yea, it was good to hang out with him outside of school... for a real long time.. lol. Woo. Anyways, i then went home at around midnight..

Sunday early morning i watched NASA TV as telematry came in from the 2nd NASA rover on Mars, Oppertunity. Was really exciting to see it live... Woooo!!! Im a space geek.. love it.. i eat it right up.. mmmm. Heh.. yea... I'm really interested in the data flow and communication between the rovers on mars and earth... i understand, or think i understand that one method they use is that of using setelite relays.. rover communicates data to a satelite in martian orbit, and then when that satelite is in place to see earth, it transmits its data to earth, where other satelites, or recievers on earths surface recieve the telematry. Its really interesting to note, though, that the satelite in martian orbit may have its own data to transmit back to earth, so there is a sort of queue... a .. upload queue to earth.. Which, is really humourous to be because of my experiences with online file sharing... The satelite first sends its data back, and then the additional communication from the rover is sent... thats so much data throughput ... wow.. i dunno, im just baffled... When i was watching NASA tv they said things about the throughtput being 20kb/s or something when the rover makes direct communications, but it being 128kb/s when using relays.. then i also heard them say something about 20mb/s but im not sure i understand what that was referering too.. I'm gona look into this topic a bit more because it really interests me.. i love networking, and these types of things... communication, data flow.. mmmm... heh, ill include a little summary of what i find in a blog entry.... So, if anyone else is interested.. you shall know too!

Anyways, i went to bed at around 0400 in the morning, and woke up at 1300... i then, later on in the afternoon went with my dad to drive the car he had bought... stick shift.. wooo!.. Heh. I had driven stick with Kate before, so it wasnt new to me, which was very evident when i drove... The only difficulty i had was starting from stop, and thats mainly what i practiced on... wooo.. lol.. driving back home, i idled and killed the engine at some stop sign and some lady behind me honked at me. Looking into my rear view mirror i saw some lady waving her hands all pissed off... Had i a hand free, i would have shown her my middle finger with pride and honour. Lol, anyways.. yea.... Xiphias, or Matt.. a online friend from #epiar linked me to this site where some guy ive seen on techtv made some episodes about various computer related-ish topics.. so i downloaded them and watched them... whatever... lol, riddy-gitty details of my day. The rest of the evening i spent watching some stargate sg-1 episodes.. woooo.. Chris let me borrow his dvd's of season's 1 and 2... woooo...

Ah, so... After the Epiar 0.5.0 release.. got more then 1200 hits. Some statistics:
              Visits         Unique Visits   Pages
January, 2004*  7953 [+74.9%]3697 [+118.7%]  15579 [+65.3%]

Monday, 19    408 [+193.5%]  223 [+379.5%]  854	[+219.9%]
Tuesday, 20   311 [+123.7%]  154 [+231.1%]  737	[+176.1%]
Wednesday, 21 1277[+818.5%]  627 [+1248.2%] 2652 [+893.4%]
Thursday, 22  837 [+502%]    439 [+843.9%]  1616 [+505.3%]
Friday, 23    1045[+651.6%]  612 [+1215.9%] 1934 [+624.4%]
Saturday, 24  828 [+495.6%]  412 [+785.9%]  1472 [+451.4%]
Sunday, 25*   429 [+208.6%]  256 [+450.5%]  886 [+231.9%]
*Data as of 22:45, Sunday 25th 2004

Heh, hopefully that shows up well when its formated in the online blog.. heh... Oh well, either way... thats a lot of hits... woooo! lol Heh..... yea.... At one point there was so much data at once that my hit's logger, phpLiveStats was overloaded and would die processing the data... heh, a looping issue i should resolve, now knowing that it exists.

Heh... hrm.. well then.. Im going to back track and have some ramblings of opinions and my mindset about some things that took place at Diannes surprise party... First thing, not really related to the party, but something that poped up in my mind as annoying or... wrong.. Or.. not right.. whatever: Kate and Mike, at one point in the evening left to go bring home a friend, Chelsea. During this time, Dianne asked a question which was star trek related, went along the lines of, "Before Kate comes back, i have to ask [ star trek trivial question ]?" It really irritate/d/s me that someone would have to wait untill someone else isnt around to ask a question about some topic which the person not around would throw a little fit about the question being asked, and thus the person asking asks in the secrecy of that other person not being around, fearing to have a fellow person complain. GAAH! shutup. come on.. ... Yeh, sorry.. just had to rant that one out... doubtful it made sence to too many people, and thats just how i want it.

Now, ive got another thing which irritates me. As people left, and the remaining people just conversed with each other, i was somewhat in a day dreamy state, entertaining myself because the conversations being held were not entertaining me, and i over heard a side conversation between 2 people who organized and setup the party (that is, to the best of my knowledge) about how they were amazed, and glad that all went well between all of the people. See, the people who were all there are mainly honours students, and a lot of them are just arogant, ignorant, naive, bitches, and over critical by 10 fold, including members from my own group. So, a lot of them (i hope im not generalizing here, at least, i dont mean to sound that way.) dislike each other, but act all nice and kind while talking to one another, then when they're separate they talk crap about each other. I saw this right in front of me as i was eating dinner. There was a shortage of ham burgers, and immediately blame was placed upon the most least liked person by the blame-dealer. Namely, my group, which had somewhat split off, or never integrated and just sort of kept to themselves. Finger pointed right towards them. Really pathetic and irritating, really. I really didnt want to be assosciated with anyone, and this one one reason why i kept to myself, and mingled amongs others, namely Jesse... Wes seemed to have done the same, but i cant say the same for any more i knew in my group, besides Dianne who was the birthday girl, and Tyson... Although, i may be mistaken, and i rightfully could be. Heh. I hate it when my group talks crap, i hate it more when i slip in a contribution. I always scold myself for it after doing so, because i really dislike those conversations. Blah. Anyways.. yea... Lets all get over ourselves, mkay? Heh.... I make it sound like i didnt have fun at the party, but i did quite indeed. Im sure there was more i had to say to all this, but my steam has run dry.. Rant completed, i suppose.. untill next time my irritation is tickled enough for me to ramble about it in a blog entry as public as this one. Yea.. anywasy.. really stupid.. pathetic... come on.. just... yea.. no.. I hope someone bitches at me just for say all this. That would be fun. Sarcasm. In other words, don't bring it up unless you're on my side. And yes, guess that makes me arrogant, maybe hypocritical of my virtues. However i accept this. So leave me alone.... Wow.. not sure where that came from, or where it was supposed to go... Maybe i should just stop typing and stope creating drama with myself. I hate drama. Go away. Bad.

Aaaanyways.... Happy birthday dianne... In light of you falling into the pool with Danielle, aided by the sly Jessica (last name... maybe.. Rose?) here is a little photo to help you remember through any times of nastalgia you may face in the future. Credits for the photo go to Mike Helix

So, what a lovely blog entry. Lets see, a recap... What have we learned... Hrm, well Mars rules, NASA rocks, id like to see the ESA try again, then succeed. I hate school, and my rants are pathetic. Yes, that seems, and sound just about right, i think. Having run out of things to really say, and things to talk about i'd say that this is about a good time as ever to complete this entry by sending the data off into a database, for world-wide consumption. Gah! Finals' week, at least i get Friday off. Here we go!
Posted by Eric @ 07:49, January 26, 2004
Damn Marco.... That was a long one. And I like your rants they keep me entertained while at work. heh....

Posted by Di @ 15:01, January 26, 2004
thanks Marco. knew one of those pics would end up here. lol. oh, it was soooooo cold. -Dianne

Posted by Kristen @ 19:28, January 26, 2004
Hey Marco, Dianne burned me a trance cd and called it "Marco Music", haha... anyways, I completely agree w/ you on the whole drama/talking behind people's backs bit... gets tiresome. Oh and thanks for not running me over today, least I think that was you

Posted by Marco @ 21:14, January 26, 2004
Kristen: Indeed, saw you on the sidewalk there, figured you'd like to cross the street. lol.

Posted by Marco @ 21:16, January 26, 2004
Kristen: ah!!! one more thing... Enjoy the CD.. lol, if you care for more/maybe a bit different ask dianne, or.. me. Either way.

Posted by The+sexy+wet+birthday+girl-+ha @ 22:42, January 26, 2004
yes! the trance music is awesome. thanks again! -Di

Posted by matt @ 15:16, January 28, 2004
that conversation behind peoples backs confused the hell out of me because everybody seemed nice to each other lol... because i dont think i could ever fake liking somebody.. oh well... i didnt really know anybody there.. wish i couldve mingled among other people.. ehh.. oh well(i didnt have any complaints about anybody who was there.. dont know them lol).