Trippin' Puritans
Published Sunday June 3rd, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Younger Brother, feeling amused.

I came across a somewhat amusing theory on the Salem Witch Trials. The theory speculates that people were being accused of witchcraft because those accused as witches had eaten rye that was contaminated with ergot blight, a poisonous and psychoactive fungus which can give symptoms similar to those of LSD. (LSD was discovered by a Swiss chemist who was experimenting with modifying ergot chemicals.1,2)

Anyway, here is the article. Ha ha ha! Can you imagine a bunch of Puritans watching fellow Puritans stoned sky-high, tripping on acid (ergot baked in bread dough forms LSD3), prancing around in a forest talking to trees? Ah ha ha ha! Oh man, that is funny. It is also funny that, being a Puritan (also true for many other groups in society, past and present), what one does not understand or approve of, must be related to evil or the devil hence the witch trials. Silly, silly.

On another note, the Wikipedia article on ergot mentions that two commonly used Parkinson's drugs, Pergolide and Cabergoline, are derived from ergot. Our world is such an amusing place.

Posted by Brian @ 21:51, June 03, 2007
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Posted by LeighAnn @ 22:57, June 03, 2007
Well, since I can't post on your pictures I guess... i will have to post here... I like your new DJ set up... very nice! Looks more professional then what you had before! As for this post I am really not sure how to reply... hmph!

Posted by Marco @ 00:22, June 04, 2007
I agree, the DJ setup is way nicer now.. and as for this entry.. I love this entry! hahahaha! It's awesome.

Posted by Chris @ 11:24, June 04, 2007
Yes, I do love you.

Posted by niela @ 18:01, June 04, 2007
Marco.. people always say stuff about google ads.. and i get all excited and wanna see the funny ad... but I don't see any ads on your page at all. I'm confused

Posted by Chris @ 17:26, June 08, 2007
Your google ad this page load is kinda funny: "This is Scary Accurate - Avoid This Site if You're Freightened Easily!"