RSS Syndication in 30 min
Published Thursday December 15th, 2005

Added RSS syndication to the weblog. Took a whopping 30 minutes to get it functional. Wow. What a challenge. RSS is so complex and soooo fancy. Not.

You might now notice the following RSS 2.0 logo splattered awkwardly all over the site:

Subscribe to feed.

Now you can have headlines from my weblog on your website! How fancy, how useful, .. woopie. (Ask me for a PHP or ASP script to load and parse headlines and smack them onto your site if you need one.)

Feed for comment's coming next time I have 15 minutes to kill.

Let me know if you actually use the feed. That would be special.

Comments, suggestions?


Posted by The fatty @ 10:51, December 17, 2005
oooooh, how especial! i have no idea what you are talking about, of course. just leaving a comment for no reason at all. laaaa laaaa laaa blah blah blah de dah!