hum de dum
Published Sunday August 19th, 2001

hmm... soooo... today was a nice day... this morning.. wait.. yesterday morning i went to bed at about 0430 and then got up at 1300, yessss!!! hmmm, haha... Then yesterday i hung out on the computer all day long just relaxing, very much content with myself listening to trance and programing... towards evening my parents went out to see a movie and it was just my sisters and i.. i then took the opertunity to blast trance as loud as i could.... it was nice... sitting there.. like.. trancing out.. and.. yea.. i lvoe trance.. lol.. *ahem*.. and.. i like my internet radio station.. lol hmm..welp.. now im playing Literati with my friend Mike on cuz.. im bored...lalalal.... trancing out to blank and jones..... lalalal.. i like blank & jones.. they rule.... haha.... hmmm.... i finished updating the album section for the switzerland 2001 images, but javascript is being gay in explorer, and in netscape i have nooo clue what the heck its doing... ohwell... hmm... welp.. till next post!