So soon, so far.
Published Monday June 7th, 2004

Well.. It would seem that a weekend has passed, my 3rd to last weekend here in the USA untill December 20th.. Yes, indeed... I have 2 more weekends here in America. I hope they're good, long, fun, and filled with much socialization. Heh.

Meh, anyway.. This'll probably be a quick, sloppy little blog entry, but, an entry nonetheless. Here it goes.

This was a pretty slow weekend. Not to say that slow is not good, but, it was a rather uneventful weekend. Friday i went to Jessica's at around 1530 after filling up the Civic with some gas. We watched Pay It Forward untill Matt and Mike showed up. We then went and ate at Jack In the Box.. After this, we showed up at Jesse's house, and from there went to Target, where we hung around and messed around for about 2 hours, which certainly did not feel like 2 hours. Wes and Andy met up with us at Target. We left, and Matt, Jesse, Wes, Mike, Jessica and I returned to Jessica's house where we, again watched Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, even though we had just seen it the day before. Mike left at some point at around.. erm, sometime. I took a little nap, and when i woke up people had disapeared. Erm... i really dont recall much of what happened.. I think.. Oh! People left, and so it was only Jessica, Matt and I, and we hung around. We watched some tv, and then Matt put Ice Age into the dvd player, and it was the first time i'd seen the whole move through without interuption. At around 0300 i went home, and Matt slept over at Jessica's.

Saturday... Was really, quite literaly, more of the same. Wes and I were really bored. Wes showed up at my house while i was half dozeing on my bed. We hung around a bit, talked about Switzerland, and then went down to Jesse's house where we hung around some more and watched a whole bunch, if not all of the special featurettes on the Donnie Darko DVD. After this, Jessica came over, and we then all went to Applebees or whatever its called and ate a better than fast food dinner. We drove back to Jesse's, and i then picked up Matt. Jesse, Wes, Matt, Jessica and I met up at Jessica's house where we watched Donnie Darko.. After, at around 1230, i brought Matt home, and returned home myself. Chatted a bit online, then went to bed at around 0300.

I woke up Sunday at around 1300 and took a shower. I woke up and found that my main computer had locked up and had hard disk problems. I got to, without much enjoyment, fsck some of my partitions to fix some apparent destroyed blocks, or things along that line. Wooo hooo! Eventually things were fixed again, which i was rather happy about. Glad that it wasnt a huge issue which would plague me throughout the week. Heh. At 1347 Laura Kraft and Ruchi Patel showed up at my house. We hung around untill around 1415 when Chris, Christina Hudson and, i believe his name was Eric Wance or something, i really dont know.. Anyway, they all showed up and we shot some German video project where we had to do some fairy tale retelling of some sort. Heh. Was kind of stressfull, but we finished at around 1700. I gave Chris a ride home, and then went to Target. The 3rd time in the past 4 days. I looked at belts, and then Matt called me. I bought a belt and some Midol which I bought for Jessica upon recieving another call from Matt requesting it. I drove to Jessica's house where i met up with Jessica, Matt, and Andy. We hung around a bit, watched Matt play some horrible horse game, then went to Matt's house where he took a quick shower. We then went and ate dinner at Wendy's, and then headed back to Jessica's house and then went home after dropping Matt off at his house. When i got home, i chatted a bit, and gave my Grandparents a call. I talked to my grandma a bit about transportation and other various things. It was nice. I'm going to call them again on Wednesday.

So, yea.. That seems to have been the past 3 days. A rather quick and detailed-lacking recap, but thats quite alright.

Heh, i have some photos to get from Mike from various things we've done in the past week which i hope to get soon so that i can post them here, as well as seeing if i can obtain the German Video thingo i was appart of on Sunday. Post it all here. For all. To hate, or to enjoy.

2 more weeks untill graduation, and freedom from the realms of High School, and, in fact, public education. Not that i have anything against public educations, but, erm.. Brooks Institute of Photography isnt exactly a public school. I believe there are 17 more days untill i leave for Switzerland...


How about some conversations with me ranting and rambling in them! They're rather crude, so if you're a mother, perhaps a fater, or someone pretty conservative and icky like that (unrelated to the previous 2 categories), you probably wont want to read on.

(01:08:22) Marco Luethy: on cnn .. "honoring D-Day 60 years" ... and.. they have live footage of bush getting off a helicopter...
(01:08:45) Marco Luethy: I really don't believe these ceremonies do anyone justice..
(01:08:49) Some Person: i don't like bush..
(01:09:00) Marco Luethy: im not a fan either
(01:09:53) Marco Luethy: but it doesn't mater who it is who's getting of the helicopter.. I really think they could be covering something more special than a president getting off a helicopter to pay tribute at d-day ceremonies..
(01:11:37) Marco Luethy: if there werent text on this broadcast, I couldnt tell who was being honored, and I'd assume it was the president.
these proceedings are so trivial

*nungana is me. I am nungana.
<nungana> "today we honor the memory of ronald regan" no, you fucking dumbass.. its 60 years since d-day.. not ronald regan day. yes.. ronald regan died.. but he was 93 years old.. people fucking die when they're fucking old. AAARGHHHG!G!!!
<topher> what'd you do today? sorry i didnt call
<MADanielle> oh i dont care.. i was busy anyways
<MADanielle> what did you do today?
<nungana> is it just me, or do things like this always happen in speeches? they always mix in other shit which seems so futile compared to the main subject at hand.. but.. whoo hooo lets make mention anyway... urrggghhhhh
<nungana> i hate people/society/societies/the world/america/this government/politics/have i mentioned people?
<topher> nungana: yeah, i hate reagan so much
<topher> nungana: sucks that he died, but man ... lol
<nungana> it doesn't matter
<nungana> it really, really does not matter.. old people die..
<nungana> where the fuck is the british representation in these d-day tribute ceremonies?
<topher> nungana: are you watching the u.s. tribute? or is there an international one?
<nungana> these tributes/ceremonies are so trivial and do no one any justice.
<nungana> chirac, the french president had this very nice, well presented speech.. then bush comes along.. and.. well.. sucks.. and.. sucks some more and then.. you realize how annoying his voice is, and then it sucks some more
<nungana> ugh...
<nungana> then they bring "the lord" into it
<nungana> don't fucking do that shit.
<nungana> i just love when people bring god, or gods or .. "the lord" into war and human's shit... its.. yea.. wow.. hilarious.
<nungana> i love how... frequently people hate the french.. boo the french.. theys uck.. bla de bla.. and.. the whole freedom fires shit and.. all that anti french crap.. and then.. then in this speech bush is like.. oh wow.. the french.. yes.. the french.. but.. the americans fought.. and.. well.. americans are just fucking better,but.. oh.. horray the french.... .. ..... ..... i hate society.
<nungana> lets all... STAND up for bush's speech... but.. naaa.. who cares about standing up when chirac made his speech
<nungana> or.. at least.. lets not show it on camera...
<nungana> suuuure
<nungana> yea...... that's col..
<nungana> ohh...
<nungana> okay.. bush isnt even done yet...
<nungana> bla de bla... continue on... gotta make sure americas speech is longer than the french's
<nungana> additionally.. its about fucking damned time that they let a german president or chancelor join in the ceremonies/tributes.
<Tonks_> do you always get do worked up about the D-Day events or is it just this time?
<nungana> and this ^^^ is why i don't watch the news/cnn and shouldn't be right now
<nungana> Tonks_: its not just simply that its d-day.. its always these tributes/ceremony type events
<nungana> they irritate me... not that im against them.
<Tonks_> bush's fault or everybody's fault, nungana?
<nungana> everybodies
<Tonks_> ah, so it's the policies and the people who make them? or the fact that all politicans are slimey, evil people?
<nungana> all of the above.
<nungana> humans are fucking stupid.
<Tonks_> ah, yes, let's blow ourselves up!!
<Tonks_> i mean, how do we change that humans are stupid? how can people be not stupid? tell me, nungana, i want to know your point of view
<nungana> we should all suicide.

Perhaps.. some more!

(01:50:18) Marco Luethy: i wish i could get all my thoughts ideas, concepts, understandings, and so forth from my brain onto paper and put it into this giant book of marco...
(01:50:19) Marco Luethy: heh...
(01:51:16) Marco Luethy: in this book, God Emperor of Dune, in the Dune Chronicles by Frank Herbert (im a big fan, can you tell?) the God Emperor has this machine which records every single thought, and subconsciousness into/onto crystal scrolls... not much unlike a hard disk...
(01:51:17) Marco Luethy: heh...
(01:51:20) Marco Luethy: i wish i had that
(01:52:00) Marco Luethy: not because i necesarrily want to show it to people and tell them how awesome i am, but. .. because i want to read it myself.
(01:52:19) Marco Luethy: yeh.. im odd.
(01:52:55) Marco Luethy: i wish i could connect my mind with other people and show them how i think, because often times.. the way other people think just simply makes no sense to me.. and.. im sure they're thinking the same about the way i think
(01:52:56) Marco Luethy: lol

Yea.. that should just about do it for today.. Not one of the best entries ever. Oh well.
Posted by Jessica @ 02:56, June 07, 2004
Forgiven =P

Posted by Eric @ 18:11, June 07, 2004
Another interesting weekend in your life. Question, are you going to have some way of uploading photo's from your big trip? Would be cool to see a couple here and there documenting your trip as you go.

Posted by DI @ 19:36, June 07, 2004
wow, you did some interesting things... Tonks_ = the coolest person in the world. and she's damn sexy with purple hair, fishnets, and a cloak.

Posted by Charlene @ 22:09, June 07, 2004
Its so sad. You are leaveing and I kinda just met you.And we don't get to have another back scratching orgy cuz I'm leaving to my new home in 2 days :-(

Posted by matt @ 22:28, June 07, 2004
yay... two of my best friends gone within 2 weeks of each other.. what more could i ask for :( *sigh*

Posted by Marco @ 00:33, June 08, 2004
Eric: Yes, indeed! I will be making blog entries, and those entries will contain photos. My deviantart site will also contain photos! You'll get your marco-photography fix, you shall indeed! Charlene: indeed, no back-scratching orgy.. Heh. Well, i'm going to have a friend, Mike, in san diego.. perhaps matt, jessica and i can come visit sometime.. Matt: Heh.. i'll return! You've got some other friends stickin' around here, no? Heh.. besides.. you'll have my synthesizer to keep you company. =)