Version 5!
Published Thursday July 27th, 2006

Just about two years ago (closer to 1.67 years ago) I published version 4 of this site. Today I present to you all.. version 5 of the site! It seems that there’s something about having free time to kill in the evenings while in Switzerland that helps foster layout redesigns. Whether this is true or not, version 5 is here! Just under 20 hours in the making, I’ve applied many of my semi-new Javascript abilities

Some of the various changes include:
  • Completely new design
  • Index now more like popular weblogs
  • Commenting directly from index page
  • Ability to toggle comments view
  • Ability to keep track of which entries you have read by clicking on the “Mark as Read” icon
  • Dynamic number changing when adding a comment or marking an entry read
  • Ability to minimize-maximize and close sidebar items.
  • Mouse-over details on entries in sidebar
  • Index page will remember which entries you have toggled the comments view when you return you’re your next visit
  • Ability to reset all site cookies for shit’s and giggles
  • Index page dynamically updates the unread entries sidebar item as well as any icons related to the entry being marked as read
  • ... Other stuff I'm forgetting to mention

Since I’m not entirely sure where to put it just yet, and there really isn’t an interface to change your sidebar preferences, I’ve added a “Reset Cookies” function via a link at the bottom of any page in the footer that will set everything back to the default.

For archival purposes, here are some before and after screenshots between v4 and v5.




Hopefully the new site works great for everyone. Let me know what you think!
Posted by chris @ 20:29, July 25, 2006
clean, streamlined, looks like nothing's missing. simpler. i like it!

Posted by The fatty @ 20:54, July 25, 2006
it's very pretty.

Posted by Chris Walton @ 13:28, July 28, 2006
Very very nice!