A 3 day weekend
Published Sunday January 18th, 2004

Ah, yes... Here we are... a early sunday morning, in a 3 day weekend... excellent, excellent. Well, so... whats new.. hrm.. Well, thursday after school, i drove to Agoura Hills for an interview with some advertising company called Media Minds... Uhm.. interview went rather well, i though.. the lady was very nice.. uhm... hopefully i get the job.. if not.. ill try elsewere! woo.. how fun.

Friday... uhm... really not a whole lot happened.. we were bored out of our minds and we all, as in.. the group.. had.. nothing to do... I got home and went straight to bed, that is.. after i cooked myself some dinner... at.. 0100 in the morning. Minor discrepancy. yeh.. whatever...

Saturday.. i got up after sleeping 11 hours or so, at around 1130... took a shower and then kate picked me up... we got tyson and.. we went to the camarillo photo shop in old town where kate got me my birthday present: a camera bag.. woo. lol. We then went to the mall to seek out giftage for Dianne's birthday. Ommited got her ommited and ommited for ommited ommited ommited ommited ommited and ommited. Glad thats all cleared up. Ah! but before we went to the mall, we had lunch at 1400, at Steak and Hoggie... Ah, yes... heh.. anyways, we dropped tyson off at home.. then kate and i hung out a bit at her house, had dinner there and.. went to point mugu where i tried to take a photo of the cool strobe light effect thingo in the air, however.. there werent enough cars around to keep the effect long enough for my cameras open shutter to absorb the light... moo.... heh.. so, the 2 dark pictures you see is what i got. One is from a bit beyond point mugu, and the other is from the beach right at point mugu. Fascinating, i know. Horrible failure. Oh well! Was good fun. no?

Anyways, today in the mail i got this stupid selective service system registration thingo... Im a residential alien and i also must register... which i find pointless because if anyone tried to draft me id just leave. Why? because there'ss no way in fuck i'm going to fight some idiotic war for some country i couldnt care less for. In fact, there's no way in fuck i'm going to fight any sort of war for any sort of country. Why? BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO DIE! Yea... anyways...

So, here i sit, listening to my new Safri Duo CD which arrived in the mail, finally. My Balligomingo cd also arrived. I am satisfied. I want to go out and take more pictures, but it is dark. bah. This, and i do not quite know what to photograph, for things around here are ugly and boring. Moi foi.

How about another photo, somewhat butchered and manipulate to look odd and interesting from last wednesdays excursion?

Ah, there we go! There you have it. Indeed. I wonder what i could find in my mind to rant and babble about? Tomorrow, i plan on going over to matts house, where we shall play on our respective synthezisers and complete the song we've been playing around with. Well, matts mostly worked on it, but, nontheless.... It'll be fun diddily doo! I hope there is no hazze or fog or whatever tomorrow, rather, tonight so that i can do a long-exposure shot of the freeway. That would be darn-gosh-swell! ah, yes! Anyways...

Tomorrow evening on the history channel there is this documentary on on the Barbarians of miscelaneous places, like the Vikings and the Mongols and suchlike. I think i shall watch it, for such things interest me, and i find enjoyment in them. This, and there is no Alias on tomorrow, so there will not be any time-conflictions so all will be well! lol. Pathetic, i do realize. No need to point it out.

I recieved my birthday present from my cousin, Anna today. Some sort of game, "Identity Crisis" it's called. I have yet to figure out if there is a joke behind it. However, i am obligated thank you Anna for the gift. Thus, thank you! We'll have to play this game sometime during a time of boredom, unless there's some joke behind it that i'm missing. In that case: Haha.. erm.

Well, im running dry on thinks to say, so i believe i shall call it quits, and thus complete this entry into my extensive blog.
Posted by Di @ 10:33, January 18, 2004
hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha... like your pictures. they are cool. if you need another car to drive by on the freeway for ya, hah, i'm there.

Posted by Harold+Potter @ 08:48, May 23, 2004
did you see any boghogs? i would love to see one.