60 hours of school left!
Published Monday June 3rd, 2002

hrm.. well then.. today.. school... nothing much interesting happened.... Like.. nothing at all... ohwell.. typical school day....
hrm... these days i am enjoying myself in #gaim on irc.openprojects.net ... so humoring... its like a little family of programmers and linux users in a room all just chatting making fun of things....
Hrm.. oh! but b4 i post some of the conversations..... i found the coolest stream ripper... winamp plugin and linux command line!!!! check it out!!!
so cool!
hrm.. well then.. nothing more to say.. so.. ehres a convo...

(22:42:42) chris__: ChipX86: in a short explaination, how exactly are you making it transparent? are you modifying a gtk widget?
(22:42:50) chris__: (i haven't looked at the source)
(22:42:56) Gnuyen: lol take a look at the source!
(22:43:05) chris__: lol, i probably should
(22:43:06) ChipX86: i am taking the root pixmap and clipping it and pasting it in the widget
(22:43:11) ChipX86: or, in other words
(22:43:11) Gnuyen: root window stuff
(22:43:14) ChipX86: I am stealing x-chat's code
(22:43:16) Gnuyen: lol
(22:43:19) mstyne: naughty
(22:43:20) Gnuyen: I was gonna say
(22:43:22) chris__: lol
(22:43:24) Gnuyen: stealing gnome-terminal
(22:43:24) ChipX86: yeah, it's horrible
(22:43:32) ChipX86: I should be ashamed, but I'm not
(22:43:32) iamemel: loL
(22:43:33) mstyne: goddamn GPL
(22:43:39) chris__: share and share alike - gpl
(22:43:43) Gnuyen: but i bet they stole it from xchat anyway
(22:43:55) ChipX86: and x-chat stole it from Eterm
(22:44:08) chris__: so who wrote it originally? hehe
(22:44:14) ChipX86: I think Rasterman and the guy who made Eterm came up with the method for doing this
(22:44:39) SeanEgan: mstyne: do you oppose the gpl?
(22:44:51) mstyne: not at all
(22:44:53) ChipX86: SeanEgan: the GPL is horrible. It allows evil people like me to take transparency code
(22:45:03) iamemel: haha
(22:45:05) mstyne: i was wagging a finger at ChipX86 for actually using it : )
(22:45:12) Gnuyen: lol
(22:45:22) ChipX86: *shrug* people "borrow" code from gaim
(22:45:47) SeanEgan: Not Everbuddy, though
(22:45:50) SeanEgan: everybuddy
(22:45:53) ChipX86: oh no, not them
(22:45:54) ChipX86: they're too good
(22:46:09) ChipX86: gaim is an Everybuddy fork
(22:46:17) mstyne: yeah, i used some code from gaim to program some nuclear warheads i've got sitting in my backyard
(22:46:26) ChipX86: mstyne: gaim is good for that
(22:46:31) SeanEgan: yup
(22:46:34) iamemel: hah
(22:46:37) SeanEgan: especially the smiley code
(22:46:37) mstyne: especially the "warn" function
(22:46:39) chris__: haha
(22:46:39) mstyne: hehehe
(22:46:50) Gnuyen: ?
(22:46:56) Gnuyen: did everybuddy fork off of gaim?
(22:47:05) SeanEgan: what?
(22:47:06) SeanEgan: no!
(22:47:09) SeanEgan: Never!
(22:47:10) Gnuyen: haha
(22:47:12) mstyne: hey, this is a family channel. no forking off.
(22:47:14) ChipX86: why of course not!
(22:47:20) Gnuyen: I had just assumed
(22:47:26) Gnuyen: but I guess not =P
(22:47:31) ChipX86: everybuddy consists of some of the best programmers in the world
(22:47:33) SeanEgan: Gaim is an eb fork
(22:47:39) Gnuyen: really?
(22:47:41) ChipX86: Why would they need, let's say, our Yahoo code, or anything?
(22:47:42) mstyne: yeah, to be honest i thought gaim was around before eb
(22:47:45) mstyne: but okay
(22:47:47) SoopaNigeria: really?
(22:47:55) Gnuyen: I thought gaim predated eb
(22:47:58) SeanEgan: no sense of sarcasm here
(22:48:00) ChipX86: #gaim sarcasm level up 200%
(22:48:01) Gnuyen: hehe
(22:48:03) SoopaNigeria: heh
(22:48:06) SeanEgan: Everybuddy is a Gaim fork
(22:48:08) ***mstyne catches on
(22:48:11) Gnuyen: thats what I thought
(22:48:17) Gnuyen: they got a better name
(22:48:20) Gnuyen: hehe
(22:48:27) SoopaNigeria: so what came first, everybuddy or gaim? :P
(22:48:27) SeanEgan: we came up with the name
(22:48:33) Gnuyen: everybuddy?
(22:48:36) SeanEgan: yes
(22:48:38) Gnuyen: wtf
(22:48:39) SeanEgan: we own everybuddy.com
(22:48:46) SoopaNigeria: lol
(22:48:49) ChipX86: we also invented the OSCAR protocol
(22:48:55) Gnuyen: well then you should be shot?
(22:48:56) Gnuyen: haha
(22:48:56) ChipX86: AOL is a gaim fork
(22:49:01) SeanEgan: Chstop confusing them
(22:49:04) SoopaNigeria: i invented the internet
(22:49:09) SoopaNigeria: not al gore
(22:49:15) chris__: haha
(22:49:17) mstyne: wait wait, so AOL/Time Warner is based on gaim's code?
(22:49:19) dolson: Hehe
(22:49:24) ChipX86: mstyne: yes
(22:49:25) SoopaNigeria: heheh
(22:49:32) Gnuyen: I vote Gaim officially stand for Gaim is not illegally monikered
(22:49:32) ***mstyne slaps forehead
(22:49:36) mstyne: it all makes sense now
(22:49:36) SoopaNigeria: are girls a fork of gaim?
(22:49:36) dolson: ChipX86: Didn't you invent Flash too?
(22:49:38) SeanEgan: mstyne: yes... you should see the merger papers... they say /* FUCKING GET ME A TOWEL */
(22:49:44) ChipX86: dolson: well I don't like to brag..
(22:49:49) mstyne: haha
(22:49:51) dolson: ChipX86: I think your site says it all
(22:49:57) ChipX86: I'm just that good
(22:50:04) dolson: :)
(22:50:15) Gnuyen: I'm going to fork gaim
(22:50:22) Gnuyen: and call it gingatta
(22:50:25) dolson: I USE A SPOON!
(22:50:32) dolson: Er..
(22:51:03) mstyne: this may seem sacreligious, but i tried "kopete" over the weekend, and gracious, it's nasty.
(22:51:13) SeanEgan: oh really?
(22:51:18) SeanEgan: I've never used it--but it looks nice
(22:51:30) mstyne: well, aside from the fact that i couldn't log into any of my accounts... : )
(22:51:37) mstyne: yes, it *looks* very nice
(22:51:39) chris__: haha
(22:51:40) ChipX86: haha
(22:52:15) dolson: mstyne: I did that too a few weeks back
(22:52:23) dolson: No, wait
(22:52:24) mstyne: i liked the MSN-esque popups from the menu bar though. then again, running KDE (Sean smacks me at this point) i can't use the gaim-applet
(22:52:49) dolson: It wasn't Kopte... I tried that other Gaim fork... What's it called..
(22:52:52) SeanEgan: mstyne: gaimosd is a neat plugin
(22:52:55) SeanEgan: dolson: everybuddy?
(22:52:56) dolson: Everybuddy.
(22:52:58) dolson: Yeah
(22:53:01) SeanEgan: kopete isn't a Gaim fork
(22:53:07) dolson: Close enough
(22:53:09) mstyne: sean would also smack me for using slack, but that's another story
(22:53:12) dolson: It's an imitation
(22:53:13) Gnuyen: haha
(22:53:20) mstyne: and for calling Gaim gAIM, etc.
(22:53:27) SeanEgan: eb has actually making progress of late
(22:53:48) SeanEgan: progress at making it more like Gaim
(22:53:50) mstyne: but sean, it's not really necessary, that's what i don't get
(22:53:57) Gnuyen: wtf
(22:53:58) dolson: SeanEgan: That shouldn't be too hard...
(22:54:05) mstyne: when i heard about eb, i was like, um, okay, why?
(22:54:06) Gnuyen: they have actually been working on everybuddy?
(22:54:08) Gnuyen: i thought it died
(22:54:16) SeanEgan: Gnuyen: oh no, not at all
(22:54:18) Gnuyen: everybuddy had a lot more press then gaim
(22:54:29) SeanEgan: Gnuyen: what are you talking about?
(22:54:57) mstyne: the only reason i ever heard of everybuddy was because i was a gaim user : )
(22:55:03) Gnuyen: They had storys about everybuddy on slashdot =P
(22:55:05) ChipX86: same here
(22:55:17) Gnuyen: since they were lucky enough to have their gpl violated haha
(22:55:31) mstyne: speaking of slashdot, i got my 25th karma point today, so i can start abusing my authority
(22:55:48) beez_gaim: ooh, karma whoring
(22:55:49) SeanEgan: Gnuyen: our gpl is violated too
(22:55:56) ***beez_gaim has mod points
(22:55:57) SeanEgan: we get on slashdot for cool stuff
(22:56:07) SeanEgan: like AOL threatening us
(22:56:11) mstyne: hehehe
(22:56:12) ChipX86: always fun
(22:56:12) Gnuyen: thats true
(22:56:18) Gnuyen: but that was after everybuddy got violated heeh
(22:56:20) lazer entered the room.
(22:56:32) beez_gaim: "you guys suck because you wrote a better linux messaging client than us"
(22:56:38) mstyne: i'll call up Steve C. and get him to bust your chops so you can have some more press
(22:56:45) SeanEgan: hehe
(22:56:47) chris__: the aol aim client for linux is a joke
(22:56:54) mstyne: "Yo, Steve-o!"
(22:56:56) chris__: *aol's
(22:56:56) Gnuyen: It's not a joke
(22:56:58) Gnuyen: it's better
(22:57:01) Gnuyen: it has ads
(22:57:01) ChipX86: it's a threat
(22:57:04) iamemel: hahaha
(22:57:04) lazer: in gdb, i wanna set an xbreakpoint(with xbreak) but how do i tell it the function, function() doesn't work, and baseclass->function() doesn't either, says is not defined
(22:57:10) Gnuyen: When gaim has ads
(22:57:17) Gnuyen: then I will know it's a real professional application
(22:57:20) SeanEgan: mstyne: actually, we'd prefer it if maybe you could get Bill G. or Yaho O. to complain... I'm tired of the aim-only sterotype
(22:57:23) Gnuyen: and I will start using it
(22:57:24) mstyne: ads are good for the economy, and they give me something to read when my friends aren't talking to me : )
(22:57:37) chris__: lol
(22:57:38) Gnuyen: lol
(22:57:41) iamemel: loL
(22:57:42) Gnuyen: you pick a name like GAIM
(22:57:48) Gnuyen: and you are sick of the gaim only stereotype =P
(22:57:55) iamemel: good point
(22:57:55) iamemel: haha
(22:57:59) SeanEgan: hush about the name; the name means nothing
(22:58:06) mstyne: hehe
(22:58:09) Gnuyen: it means gaim is not illegally monikered dammit
(22:58:13) SeanEgan: why do people always see "Gaim" in there?
(22:58:17) SeanEgan: I mean
(22:58:24) ***beez_gaim would find it ironic to be sued by napster now
(22:58:28) SeanEgan: when they see "Gaim," why do the "AIM" jump out at them
(22:58:39) mstyne: Sean, how do *you* pronounce Gaim?
(22:58:44) ChipX86: "game"
(22:58:45) SeanEgan: Gaym
(22:58:49) SeanEgan: or Game
(22:58:53) mstyne: that's what i thought.
(22:59:03) ChipX86: why does rpmdp.org no longer have RPM docs?
(22:59:09) SeanEgan: Prof. Head pronounces it Gee-Ay-Eye-Em
(22:59:21) mstyne: my little brother was making all sorts of homo-erotic jokes, and i was like, shut up, or i will DESTROY YOU
(22:59:23) ChipX86: it's now spitting out ads for casinos and showing commercial linux links
(22:59:30) Gnuyen: Ay and Ey sound the same to me
(22:59:43) mstyne: ChipX86 the aol client?
(22:59:50) Gnuyen: should call it #gaim
(22:59:50) ChipX86: no
(22:59:52) ChipX86: rpmdp.org
(22:59:56) mstyne: oh
(23:00:03) Gnuyen: #gaimster
(23:00:19) Gnuyen: wtf happened with that AOL name suit?
(23:00:27) SeanEgan: It was never a lawsuit
(23:00:35) Gnuyen: they just pressured?
(23:00:36) mstyne: sean took out a rocket launcher, and they backed off
(23:00:37) chris__: they just gave you bad looks?
(23:00:46) ChipX86: we gave them a goat and all was well
(23:00:49) SeanEgan: I'm not allowed to talk about it until its over ;)
(23:00:56) Gnuyen: They said f you guys watch we gona block GAIM clients now biotches
(23:01:08) mstyne: yeah, we 0wnZ0r j00
(23:01:12) mstyne: or something to that effect
(23:01:15) iamemel: loL
(23:01:27) beez_gaim: "we'll infest #gaim with our users"
(23:01:34) ChipX86: they already did
(23:01:34) Gnuyen: they are gonna put some rot16 encryption in the oscar protocol
(23:01:37) Gnuyen: and DMCA your ass
(23:01:45) ***ChipX86 points to a couple used-to-be regulars who are now banned
(23:01:45) mstyne: gah, DMCA
(23:01:47) iamemel: Gnuyen: I agree
(23:01:57) SeanEgan: I have utmost respect for AOL
(23:02:08) Gnuyen: I don't
(23:02:09) Gnuyen: their movies suck
(23:02:16) Gnuyen: =P
(23:02:19) iamemel: haha
(23:02:28) beez_gaim: I used to, until it became AOL-TW
(23:02:42) RockinGuitarDude left the room ("Client Exiting").
(23:02:48) chris__: that's when they got better! tw owns cartoon netowkr! :-)
(23:02:59) beez_gaim: and they didn't get the clue after sending me 10000 CDs that I don't want their service
(23:03:06) Gnuyen: And they own dawsons creek?
(23:03:12) iamemel: beez_gaim: 10000, ey?
(23:03:13) ***ChipX86 has a stack of 70 AOL CDs in his drawer
(23:03:16) chris__: eh
(23:03:20) beez_gaim: iamemel: yes
(23:03:22) ***mstyne lied, kopete seems to work now.
(23:03:23) beez_gaim: coasters
(23:03:30) iamemel: I thank aol for all the cd cases and coasters they supply me with
(23:03:36) ChipX86: yep
(23:03:42) ChipX86: those cases are useful
(23:03:43) iamemel: I have no complaint
(23:03:56) SeanEgan: AOL also makes the most compliant AIM client in existence ;)
(23:03:59) ChipX86: and I have a whole collection of old AOL floppies, which work more reliably than any I've purchased within the last few years
(23:04:16) iamemel: haha
(23:04:25) ChipX86: at one ponit, I got a batch of 500 AOL floppies
(23:04:35) SeanEgan: and they do nice open source stuff-- AOLServer, Mozilla, etc.
(23:04:56) chris__: isn't mozilla more of a seperate organization now than it is netscape?
(23:05:00) SeanEgan: at least they're not Trillian
(23:05:57) mstyne: i forgot that AOL and Netscape are one and the same now
(23:05:58) Gnuyen: they pay a LOT of mozila devlopers
(23:05:59) mstyne: so sad

Posted by Marco @ 23:44, June 03, 2002
I'm bored.. here is more IRC convo text... (23:06:10) ChipX86: Netscape wasn't doing so well itself anyway (23:06:16) mstyne: very true (23:06:19) Gnuyen: you guys don't like trillain? (23:06:26) lazer: 0x8049ac5 32 application->execute(); // virtual function call (23:06:35) SeanEgan: Gnuyen: it depends on what you mean by Trillian. (23:06:41) lazer: if i output 0x8049ac5, is that the offset in the file, or offset in memory? (23:06:43) SeanEgan: Trillian the program, I don't like (23:07:01) ChipX86: uhhh (23:07:02) SeanEgan: Trillian's developers (at least the one I've dealt with) is nice (23:07:06) ChipX86: this page is taking up several hundred megs of ram (23:07:22) ChipX86: and it's tiny (23:07:23) Gnuyen: does trillian use gaim code? (23:07:25) SeanEgan: Trillian's userbase is so braindead its humorous (23:07:28) SeanEgan: Gnuyen: kinda (23:07:32) Gnuyen: I would have (23:07:35) Gnuyen: if i made trillian (23:07:38) ChipX86: somebody with mozilla, go here: http://www.aucs.org/rpmcenter/RedHat_72_73_Chinese_mini-HOWTO.html (23:07:40) Gnuyen: why does aol hate trillian more than it hates gaim (23:07:43) ChipX86: see if your RAM gets chewed up (23:07:58) chris__: doesn't trillian have a larger user base? (23:07:59) SeanEgan: trillian is closed source, so we have to give them special permission to use it (23:08:04) Gnuyen: works fine for me (23:08:07) ChipX86: odd (23:08:09) Gnuyen: i have chinese stuff installed htough (23:08:13) ChipX86: as do I (23:08:16) Gnuyen: trillian is closed source? (23:08:20) Gnuyen: wtf (23:08:20) Gnuyen: haha (23:08:21) ChipX86: Gnuyen: yes (23:08:29) Gnuyen: why did you guys let them use your code then (23:08:36) SeanEgan: because we're nice? (23:08:38) ChipX86: 205MB for that page. hrm. (23:08:44) Gnuyen: .. (23:08:45) chris__: lol (23:08:47) Gnuyen: that page works fine for me (23:08:55) SeanEgan: they owe their AIM, ICQ and Yahoo connectivity to us (23:08:57) Gnuyen: i'm Mozilla 1.0RC3 i think not the nightly though (23:08:59) mstyne: yeah, loads fine here ChipX86 (23:09:05) Gnuyen: lol (23:09:06) SeanEgan: likewise, we owe our MSN connectivity to them (23:09:07) ChipX86: ok I think I'll upgrade my mozilla soon :) (23:09:08) mstyne: 1.0RC3 as well (23:09:25) ChipX86: still running a CVS shortly before RC2 (23:09:35) chris__: ChipX86: just wait for 1.0, lol (23:09:38) ChipX86: yeah (23:09:44) ChipX86: that's what I've been doing, but that was one weird bug :) (23:09:55) Gnuyen: lol (23:10:02) mstyne: so I couldn't find a Wang corporation logo, so I made my own (23:10:03) Gnuyen: i do mozilla stuff a lot (23:10:09) Gnuyen: so i used to download the nightlies every other day (23:10:11) SeanEgan: Trillian's userbase is insistent on exalting its developers like Gods (23:10:14) mstyne: it actually turned out pretty nice (23:10:17) Gnuyen: It's funny (23:10:24) Gnuyen: because I got involved in mozilla because of a bug haha (23:10:33) Gnuyen: if they didn't have that bug I wouldn't have gotten involved (23:10:38) mstyne: Gnuyen you going to a 1.0 release party? (23:10:46) Gnuyen: I'm thinking about going to the san jose one (23:10:49) Gnuyen: at DNA Lounge (23:10:53) Gnuyen: but is a bit of a drive (23:10:56) chris__: SeanEgan: ppl don't see gaim developers as gods? :-) (23:11:00) Gnuyen: lol (23:11:02) SeanEgan: no (23:11:04) mstyne: aha. i'm trying to round up some folks for NYC (23:11:10) ***ChipX86 bows before Sean, the Almighty (23:11:19) Gnuyen: yes, I wouldn't drive from NYC to san fran (23:11:20) Gnuyen: haha (23:11:23) mstyne: I see SeanEgan as a guy that needs a box fan to keep his computer cool (23:11:34) mstyne: if he were a god, he could do that with his mind (23:11:45) ChipX86: he doesn't like to show off (23:11:45) lazer: Is there a way in gdb to list all currently defined variables? (23:11:50) mstyne: hehe (23:12:00) SeanEgan: I think its maybe because we respond to E-mails, publish our IM screennames, hang out in our irc channels, keep our users updated on progress, and release quite frequently (23:12:03) Gnuyen: god dammit (23:12:06) Gnuyen: can't compile gaim (23:12:07) ChipX86: if he did, we'd have the redesigned prefs and *PLUGIN SYSTEM* by now (23:12:09) chris__: lazer: lemme know if you find out; i just do print all the time (23:12:13) mstyne: ugh, silly mortals (23:12:20) Gnuyen: gotta install all the headers for gnome manually or wtf (23:12:27) Gnuyen: damned debian (23:12:31) lazer: chris__: How do you print a variable within class(c++) (23:12:43) lazer: this won't recognize them as defined cuz they're not in the current file (23:12:44) ChipX86: fooclass->barvar (23:12:51) SeanEgan: Trillian users actually have entire conversations about how to get its developers more money (23:13:10) Eico460 left the room ("switching boxes"). (23:13:11) ChipX86: maybe the program somehow hypnotizes them (23:13:12) Lazlo: We deal in twinkies (23:13:15) Gnuyen: /home/pajor/cvs/gaim/src/multi.c:1473: undefined reference to `applet_widget_register_callback' (23:13:18) ChipX86: twinkies (23:13:19) chris__: lazer: i only code in c (right now), but it's print variable name, and based on chipx86, i'm guessing it's print fooclass->barvar (23:13:20) Gnuyen: What library am I missing =P (23:13:33) mstyne: well, the gaim website only suggests that you donate food, money or hardware (23:13:35) SeanEgan: gnome-core ;) (23:13:42) Gnuyen: btw it compiles without --enable-panel so i know it's one of those damned gnome libs (23:13:47) Gnuyen: i did libpanel (23:13:53) mstyne: i've given some bucks to Penny Arcade and slashdot, i'd be more than willing to throw some at gaim (23:14:08) SeanEgan: Gnuyen: you're missing gnome-core (23:14:11) Lazlo: Perhaps you meant gimp? (23:14:16) SeanEgan: or probably gnome-core-devel (23:14:20) SeanEgan: Lazlo: LOL (23:14:30) Gnuyen: I have gnome-core (23:14:32) SeanEgan: mstyne: we don't really want peoples money (23:14:32) ChipX86: well as long as you're contributing.. (23:14:36) SeanEgan: Gnuyen: gnome-core-devel (23:14:38) Gnuyen: i don't see a damned -devel package (23:14:48) SeanEgan: mstyne: except for desks (23:14:49) chris__: ftp.gnome.org has the gnome-core sources (23:14:50) mstyne: shoot, i'd give money to the gimp too, i use it frequently enough (23:15:01) ChipX86: SeanEgan: money buys desks (23:15:14) mstyne: money *does* buy desks. and desk lamps. (23:15:24) SeanEgan: we already have over a thousand dollars worth of donations in a paypal account (23:15:25) lazer: grr, ChipX86 If its executing a method in a function, is there a way to expand the code its executiong, it just keeps showing application->execute() and not hte code in the function (23:15:41) ***ChipX86 considers saying, "The GNUpdate project is accepting donations," but realizes that that would be wrong of him, and decides not to say it (23:15:50) iamemel: loL (23:15:53) Gnuyen: haha (23:15:55) mstyne: Sean is there a link for that on gaim.sf.net? (23:15:58) mstyne: tehee (23:15:59) ChipX86: lazzurs: 'l' I think will list (23:15:59) Gnuyen: You guys made a grand off gaim? (23:16:00) Gnuyen: wow (23:16:07) Gnuyen: considering you've only been working for like 5 years (23:16:11) Gnuyen: thats pretty good (23:16:13) Gnuyen: ;) (23:16:17) SeanEgan: Gnuyen: we made 1.7k (23:16:22) Gnuyen: oh my mistake (23:16:22) Gnuyen: haha (23:16:23) mstyne: yeah that grand goes towards allowing them to keep making it though : ) (23:16:26) Gnuyen: that makes a big difference (23:16:35) SeanEgan: in about a week (23:16:49) SeanEgan: that's the only time we took money (23:16:54) mstyne: aha (23:16:57) Gnuyen: for the AOL stuff? (23:17:00) Gnuyen: was it for lawyers? (23:17:01) SeanEgan: and we used it to hire a lawyer (23:17:08) Gnuyen: yeah (23:17:09) SeanEgan: but then we got some free lawyers (23:17:17) Gnuyen: so you bought twinkees? (23:17:18) SeanEgan: our neato legal team (23:17:19) chris__: gpl lawyers? (23:17:22) mstyne: they make those? (23:17:25) iamemel: haha (23:17:29) ChipX86: Gnuyen: yes, but unfortunately, I wasn't around then :( (23:17:29) SeanEgan: but they graduated (23:17:35) mstyne: you got Dr. Sbaitso? (23:17:37) Gnuyen: so you didn't get any twinkees? (23:17:42) ChipX86: no twinkies (23:17:49) lazer: hmm, grr, i can't get this darn program to trace into this function call (23:17:55) ChipX86: I've been depressed ever since (23:17:58) Gnuyen: haha (23:17:59) SeanEgan: Lazlo: inform these gentlemen how many twinkies it takes to run the Gaim website (23:18:10) Lazlo: enough to buy 4 twinkies! (23:18:23) mstyne: mmm twinkies (23:18:25) ChipX86: I still haven't seen these mythical twinkies I'm supposed to get (23:18:35) KingAnt is now known as @KingAnt (23:18:36) KingAnt has changed the topic to: msn users should try cvs | Gaim ain't illegally monikered | Classical composers (23:18:39) @KingAnt is now known as KingAnt (23:18:50) iamemel: .... (23:18:51) Gnuyen: Woohoo (23:18:51) iamemel: loL (23:19:00) mstyne is now known as mstyne|afk (23:20:10) KingAnt: Hmm, I don't get it (23:20:14) Gnuyen: get what (23:20:21) KingAnt: I'm not sure (23:20:30) iamemel: ..your not sure what you don't get? (23:20:38) chris__: ... it makes sense that way ya know (23:20:39) KingAnt: Exactly (23:20:47) iamemel: interesting.. (23:20:54) SeanEgan: mstyne|afk: maybe I'll go to a Mozilla party with you.... if you aren't too embarrassed, and you don't need to be 21 (23:21:35) ChipX86: I'd go to one, if there was one nearby, and I had somebody who would even be remotely interested in it (23:21:38) Gnuyen: lol (23:21:45) Gnuyen: where are you guys all located? (23:21:47) iamemel: i'd go! (23:21:55) dolson: Canada (23:21:58) iamemel: socal (23:22:02) chris__: san fran's 7 hours from here (23:22:02) dolson: Come to Debconf! (23:22:03) ChipX86: in other news, I'm throwing a GNUpdate libpackman v0.3.2 party! Spread the word! (23:22:04) SeanEgan: New York, as is mstyne|afk (23:22:05) KingAnt: Raleigh, NC. Aka "Mark Doliner capital of the world" (23:22:05) Gnuyen: I'm in orange county and i'mma carpool up to san fran to hit the one by the netscape campus (23:22:23) Gnuyen: so if you are in some place inbetween we can pick you up =P (23:22:23) SeanEgan: I'm in the beautiful area code of 516 (23:22:50) SeanEgan: my cell phone number is 516.456.1180 (23:22:52) ChipX86: i'm in Butte County, in California (23:22:56) KingAnt: That _is_ one sexy area code (23:22:58) dolson: Hey, I'm in 416 (23:22:58) ***SeanEgan wonders if he'll regret saying that later (23:22:59) Gnuyen: Where the heck is butt county (23:23:06) iamemel: loL (23:23:08) ***ChipX86 calls Sean (23:23:10) dolson: Hehe (23:23:14) ChipX86: Butte, not Butt (23:23:17) Gnuyen: yeah sure (23:23:19) chris__: lol (23:23:21) iamemel: haha (23:23:22) ChipX86: Byuut (23:23:23) Gnuyen: what ever keeps you happy (23:23:44) Gnuyen: crap (23:23:48) SeanEgan: I'd give my home number, but the siders knocked the phone line out of the wall today. (23:23:50) Gnuyen: what was that command to take a screenshot? (23:23:58) iamemel: import? (23:23:59) Gnuyen: some thing something -root hehe (23:24:01) Gnuyen: import (23:24:01) Gnuyen: thanks (23:24:13) iamemel: np (23:24:20) KingAnt: SeanEgan: Siders? (23:24:24) ashandarei: ChipX86: that up north? :) (23:24:27) ChipX86: yes (23:24:30) Gnuyen: grr (23:24:30) SeanEgan: KingAnt: vinyl (23:24:32) Gnuyen: my system doesn't have import (23:24:36) SeanEgan: vinyl siding (23:24:41) Gnuyen: switching distros is very annoying (23:24:41) KingAnt: Yay (23:24:44) ashandarei: ChipX86: I've forgotten my CA geography already :) (23:24:49) KingAnt: SeanEgan: Does it have grooves? (23:24:54) chris__: Gnuyen: import's a part of imagemagick (23:25:14) KingAnt: You can use le Gimp to take screenshots, also (23:25:20) iamemel: true dat (23:25:22) ashandarei: ChipX86: my 4th grade teacher would be upset ;) (23:25:24) SeanEgan: KingAnt: it has nicer grooves than the mountain dew can--because the can is smooth (23:25:28) ChipX86: haha (23:25:30) KingAnt: Ha ha ha (23:25:33) iamemel: ...... (23:25:43) Gnuyen: thanks chris (23:25:44) shx: Gnuyen: import comes from imagemagick (23:25:50) KingAnt: Smooth, yes, but not cooler than Sting (23:26:03) Gnuyen: anyone use galeon? (23:26:06) ChipX86: me (23:26:07) SeanEgan: I do! I do! (23:26:11) mstyne|afk is now known as mstyne (23:26:14) Gnuyen: is it just me or is it slower than mozilla (23:26:16) ***ChipX86 hugs gestures and smart bookmarks (23:26:16) SeanEgan: Galeon is the nicest browser ever (23:26:17) Gnuyen: which just seems wrong (23:26:18) ChipX86: it's just you (23:26:20) KingAnt: SeanEgan: So anyway, you should take a record player needle and scrape it along the side of your house and see if it plays anything. You could invent some new kind of music and be famous! (23:26:35) iamemel: ...... (23:26:35) ***shx nods at SeanEgan (23:26:37) SeanEgan: KingAnt: or I could take that guy from the new disney movie and open his mouth (23:26:43) KingAnt: Oh dear God (23:26:45) iamemel: haha (23:27:09) mstyne: darn, i have no new memos. how surprising. (23:27:16) SeanEgan: If I were a siding manufacturer, I would make my grooves make noise (23:27:20) ChipX86: that Lilo and Grub movie or whatever its called? (23:27:27) SeanEgan: lilo and grub! (23:27:34) mstyne: stitch? (23:27:40) iamemel: I think it's stich, yea... (23:27:41) ChipX86: stitch (23:27:42) ashandarei: stitch (23:27:43) ChipX86: it should be grub :( (23:27:46) iamemel: I agree (23:27:47) SeanEgan: I'm calling it Lilo and Grub from now on (23:27:49) ashandarei: heh (23:27:53) mstyne: Lilo and Otis? (23:28:01) mstyne: might as well (23:28:04) SeanEgan: that's Milo (23:28:08) SeanEgan: Milo and Mrub (23:28:13) Gnuyen: i haven't gotten lilo working yet (23:28:21) SeanEgan: do you use grub? (23:28:21) ChipX86: good, don't. Use grub (23:28:23) Gnuyen: but I haven't rebooted so the boot floppy is workign for me =P (23:28:25) iamemel: grub grub grub grub gruba grub grub (23:28:25) ChipX86: grub > lilo by far (23:28:30) mstyne: word. (23:28:30) Gnuyen: Well I've gotten lilo working BEFORE haha (23:28:42) chris__: grub's good (23:28:46) Gnuyen: but i think the scsi controller is throwing it off (23:28:50) Gnuyen: i can't figure out grub (23:28:50) ***ashandarei shrugs (23:28:51) Gnuyen: i tried it (23:28:59) Gnuyen: and it gave me a command prompt instead of a config file (23:29:00) ashandarei: lilo's working... and if it ain't broke... (23:29:02) Gnuyen: so i cried (23:29:07) ChipX86: grub lets me do horrible, nasty things so I can boot Windows in my strange little configuration (23:29:45) Gnuyen: One day i will learn grub (23:29:52) Gnuyen: but I tried to follow an example (23:30:22) mstyne: one day i will learn perl and make a gaim script that actually does something aside from create empty files in my home directory (23:30:23) SeanEgan: i still think gaim should be a wm one day (23:30:24) Gnuyen: and it didn't work (23:30:34) ChipX86: the Gaim Graphical Window? (23:30:41) iamemel: haha (23:30:43) iamemel: go for it (23:30:46) chris__: ggw? looks kinda nice abbreviated (23:30:59) SeanEgan: they don't get it (23:31:01) ChipX86: nope (23:31:10) ***iamemel cries (23:31:14) SeanEgan: we old timers get the old timer jokes (23:31:21) SeanEgan: like: (23:31:27) SeanEgan: it says error why? (23:31:30) ChipX86: haha (23:31:55) SeanEgan: or VANITY VANITY ITS ALL FOR VANITY (23:32:06) ***iamemel lost (23:32:08) ***mstyne waits for the potty humor to start again so he can be funny, too. (23:32:15) KingAnt: I don't get the vanity one (23:32:19) ChipX86: me neither (23:32:23) chris__: haha (23:32:27) SeanEgan: linux226 (23:32:30) ChipX86: ahhhh (23:32:44) KingAnt: I still don't get it (23:32:54) mstyne: i guess that makes sean a senile old timer (23:32:54) iamemel: you're not alone (23:32:59) Gnuyen: lol (23:33:04) dolson: SeanEgan: Anyone call you yet? (23:33:21) Gnuyen: this is the second time i've taken a screen shot across the internet using the awesome and meglomaniac powers of X (23:33:30) mstyne: haha (23:33:31) javabsp entered the room. (23:33:31) javabsp left the room (Remote closed the connection). (23:33:34) ChipX86: YOU GUYS ARE GIVING UP? VANITY VANITY ALL IS VANITY! OH MY GOD WHY ERIC ERIC? (23:33:45) KingAnt: I must not have been here (23:33:48) iamemel: same.. (23:34:08) ChipX86: May 11 19:16:46 VANITY! VANITY! ALL IS VANITY (23:34:08) ChipX86: May 11 19:16:50 I CANT BELIEVE GAIM IS BEING DISCONTINUED (23:34:13) ChipX86: May 11 19:17:01 aol and microsoft they always win. intel intel all is vanity. life is worthless. (23:34:20) ***KingAnt runs amuck (23:34:27) ChipX86: oh that was Olorin at that point (23:34:30) ChipX86: pretending to be him (23:34:31) KingAnt: That guy doesn't sound very smart (23:34:33) KingAnt: Ha ha ha (23:34:45) ChipX86: *shrug* (23:35:56) ***iamemel still a bit lost (23:36:06) ***dolson is in the dark... (23:36:16) ***dolson still thinks its funny (23:36:29) ***iamemel not sure if it's funny or not (23:36:47) ***dolson is pretty sure it is supposed to be (23:36:49) Gnuyen: ... (23:36:57) Gnuyen: |b (23:37:02) Gnuyen: thats a big thumbs up (23:37:09) KingAnt: I hEard u Can you run trilien in linUX if you use the magic C++ to LinuS code conveRTER program (23:37:17) dolson: LOL! (23:37:17) ChipX86: haha (23:37:21) ChipX86: a classic (23:37:22) SeanEgan: people are very gullible (23:37:25) dolson: I heard that before... Where was that... In here? (23:37:30) Gnuyen: I'm running trillian on linux right now (23:37:32) Gnuyen: using wine (23:37:35) Gnuyen: it kicks gaims ass (23:37:36) dolson: Yay (23:37:45) ***dolson kicks Gnuyen (23:37:50) Gnuyen: I mean (23:37:53) Gnuyen: it has THEMES (23:37:59) SeanEgan: i remember when Eric and I convinced someone that we were removing the IM feature from Gaim (23:38:02) dolson: So does GTK (23:38:08) Gnuyen: Yeah (23:38:08) chris__: lol (23:38:10) ChipX86: haha (23:38:13) iamemel: loL (23:38:14) Lazlo: hehe (23:38:14) Gnuyen: but these themes are BETTER (23:38:16) Gnuyen: and it doesn't have logs (23:38:21) SeanEgan: ChipX86: got that logged? (23:38:24) dolson: It doesn't? (23:38:24) Gnuyen: and it has buddy icon support! (23:38:27) ChipX86: I don't think so (23:38:28) dolson: Umm (23:38:30) Gnuyen: and it runs in windows (23:38:31) ChipX86: give me a keyword (23:38:34) dolson: W007 (23:38:37) SeanEgan: v4l (23:38:39) Gnuyen: and in wine (23:38:42) Gnuyen: there's no gine (23:38:51) SeanEgan: i mentioned that at the very end (23:39:04) iamemel: the power of gaim logs... (23:39:07) ChipX86: slowly. i've had to stop coding temporarily while i figure out what all the bytes mean when reading an image. once i figure that out, i'll have to code the receiving of the image (which isn't easy due to isochronous transfer), and then code the translation of the image into the v4l format. (23:39:07) ChipX86: ? (23:39:14) SeanEgan: no (23:39:19) SeanEgan: thats his webcam driver (23:39:33) ChipX86: it's the only v4l thing I have (23:39:40) ChipX86: except: (23:39:44) ChipX86: 00:49:56 then comes configuring the camera and then v4l stuff... they have the usb stuff in each function (23:40:15) SeanEgan: thats not it (23:40:27) ChipX86: it's all I have

Posted by JeSsI @ 19:44, June 04, 2002
Just reading that made my IQ drop several points... EVERYTHING'S ALL READ! AAAAHHHHHH!!! Ooohhkay... much better now. Yess... okay. This wouldn't be happening if other people had guestbooks. Isn;t that right Marco? Yes. Yes it is. Me done now, good bye!