Begin month of travel: Off to Germany!
Published Friday October 1st, 2004

Heh, well then.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, I'm leaving for Germany. I'll be driving around for about 10 days with my grandparents (L
Posted by havanna @ 01:10, October 02, 2004
I will miss you, but I wish you a good time! See you not so soon, but still sooner than anybody in the US! ;) Take a looooot of pictures!

Posted by Andimandi @ 13:08, October 02, 2004
I agree with anna!!! = )

Posted by Eric @ 09:06, October 04, 2004
Have fun marco! I want some good shots of meteora!!

Posted by chris @ 08:22, October 05, 2004
sweet, i think davis is inbetween germany and switzerland (if you go the wrong way), so just pick me up and we'll hang.

Posted by Chelsea @ 12:12, October 07, 2004
happy traveling Marco!