Mid-April entry or something
Published Sunday April 16th, 2006

I've been slacking in the area of blogging lately.Including this entry I've posted two this month, one last month.. Terrible of me. Chris just put up an entry, so I figured I should to because he blogs even less frequently then I typically do. So here it is. Ta da.

Today marks the last day of my too short spring break. Now about four weeks remain before the spring semester is over at Moorpark College. I don't think I'll be taking any classes over the summer because I have no clue what my goals are, if I even have any (which I don't) So fuck going to school over summer... or something. I hate school. At the end of this semester I wont have really learned anything. I'll just have some credits which get me closer to a degree or closer to transferring to some other school. Stupid. I learn more on my own at work reading random articles pertaining to whatever I may be (or may not be) working on on a single sitting then whatever it was I was supposed to learn this semester in school. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I don't know how to learn. Perhaps I'm too stupid. Blah, this entry just went all depressing on me. Didn't really want that. New paragraph.

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Summer is coming.. For some reason I feel like getting a bunch of people together and going to the beach on a hot day. I wonder if that will happen. I'm not keeping my hopes up... Somewhere between June, July, and August, I'll be going to Switzerland for about four weeks. I'm rather looking forward to going. I haven't been in Switzerland since December 20th, 2004. Way too long ago. *sigh* The entire year of 2005 is buffering the time since I last was in Switzerland.. 2005 was kind of a shitty year, actually. Not much I would really especially care to relive...

Oh! I've read another book! Edenborn by Nick Sagan. That makes the second book I've read within a month.. What the hell is wrong with me? Two books read purely for enjoyment in a single month after a number of years of never really reading books.. Perhaps I'm just that bored these days. Heh, it's very possible.

So.. Anyone seen the U.S. Air Force commercial where the cops hunt down some kid to help them with their crashed computer in their cop car, and the kid says, "Reboot with F8 and Safe Mode" .. What the fuck!? Where the hell is the "Safe Mode" key? Is that even a complete sentence if you put it in context? .. What dumbass wrote that line!? Argh! Idiots. So, what I gather from said commercial is that you must be a dumbass to join the U.S. Air Force, or something.. Or perhaps, you must be a dumbass to write scripts for commercials... Probably the latter, because flying is cool and I don't associate dumbass with cool. Infallible logic right there, oh yes!

Oh well, I think that's enough rambling for me. Maybe I'll write another entry soon.. or maybe It'll be May before I write another.. Guess we'll see!
Posted by Chris @ 07:45, April 17, 2006
I'll go to the beach. After, you know, the rain that encapsulated the entirety of 2006 so far, I'll welcome any beach day for the rest of the year. As for your Switzerland trip, if it's in July, maybe we can meet up. I'll be in England/France/Germany about the same time but we can detail later. And as usual your JS skills scare me, like in a good way. But still scared.

Posted by Damon @ 21:55, April 17, 2006
i hate that commercial