Two years of purple-blue end.
Published Sunday December 4th, 2005

For two years this site has had a blue theme to it.. Now its mostly green! I've redesigned the skin or CSS for the v4 layout of this site.. Still same layout structure, just some new graphics and colours. I got bored of the purple-blueish theme. Nothing too fancy, but just a good change. I've also created a portfolio page with all my good photography and prints!

Also fixed some long-standing layout issues, and made to changes to the inner-workings of the site to try to speed it up some more. It's still kind of slow, sluggish and sometimes unresponsive. The background PHP code for this site is an over-sized, sluggish behemoth. Too many database calls with not enough CPU power to back it up. But things get better everytime I apply a little upgrade to the site's core. Anyway, I am rambling. The point of this entry was: New theme, and new portfolio page.

Enjoy. Feedback always appreciated.