I heard Mango's grow in Keny
Published Sunday February 20th, 2005

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Hrm.. I begin this entry with two links I came across while sitting on Simon's computer last night. This link will take you to a web page dedicated to sending the visitor to random web pages on the Internet. This link will take you to a page I found from the result of the first link. Traceroute's from Estonia are fun. I wish I owned Level3.

Indeed, alrighty then. Yesterday (Saturday) was okay. It started off really crappy after I ate breakfast, took a shower and drove to Santa Barbara to go print black and white in a darkroom. The darkroom at the Brooks Montecito campus to be exact. Oh yes.. Ooodles of fun was had in the darkroom as I stood around in the dark for 5 hours of agony. I hate the darkroom. I like photoshop. Photoshop > && != Darkroom. Indeed. The fact that I suck at it is likely a deciding factor. Oh well.

Anyway, at around 20.00 I had had enough of the darkroom and I just left. I drove back and by the time I reached Ventura I remembered that I was hungry so I got off on Telephone Road, turned north onto Victoria and then west onto telegraph and ate dinner at Snapper Jack's Mexican Grill. I really like the food there. They have some "secret sauce" and I really like it with chicken. Heh.. After that, I drove back to Camarillo and went to Sav On and saw Jesse and Simon. Another person, Angella (I think) who works at Sav On but is off for disabilities because she's expecting to give birth to a boy soon, was also there with her fiance. We ate some random pie while Jesse closed. Woot, I was at Sav On' during after hours. The store was closed and I was still inside .. I'm so terribly special. I'm not even an employee! Look at me! Woot! Ha ha.. After Jesse closed we left and eventually made our ways to Simon's house where we hung out until 03.00 in the morning. While Simon and the rest were playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2*snore* I sat on Simon's computer and played around with the lame yet awesome liquify tool feature that Photoshop has. That was entertaining as usual. Some of the pictures are at the end of this entry.

Anyway.. Jesse went and picked up Chelsea and soon we were playing another round of iMAgiNeiff, this time with a fifth player because Brendan was also with us! (for he came home from UCSB for the weekend.) After the first round of the game we had a special round where we basically did the thing which we were making fun of while doing it, in part anyway. But hey, it was really funny and the victim was deserving and I'm writing this in such an abstract way only the people present will really know what the hell I am saying, but hey that is quite okay because it was funny as heck. Jesse's logic is awesome. The swingin' 20ties (or was it 60ties? I don't know, don't care..) because the people were easy. Yessssss... ... Anyway

By around 03.30ish I had left Simon's house and was back at home and headed to bed. I got up today 12 minutes before 13.00. After lunch I worked on some Cultural Studies project while listening to music. I also spotted some black & white prints because the Cultural Studies project got boring and spotting black & white prints was less boring.

Yep.. Here I am now, a bit after having eaten dinner. Fascinating, I'm sure. So, without much more to say.. I shall write no more of the like in this entry.

I have some photos of my friends that I got from Simon (he took them on his digital camera.) I hang out with these people because they make me feel better about myself.. H'm.. I don't know why that is, though..

It's funny because I did a really poor and lazy job with the clone-stamp tool to replicate acne.. Oh, acne is funny, too. I don't know why.

It's funny cuz Mike's head is small.

This is not me.

Mexicasian Simon.

In Marcoworld Dianne is a giant long-nose-face and Chelsea is some sort of ugly troll.

The license plate reads "I*heart*60MPG" I thought it was funny and cool.

Posted by hav%E4nneli @ 03:10, February 21, 2005
Marco, your friends are just cute! ;) Sometimes I'm almost glad I'm not over there anymore... ;) But just sometimes... Miss you still a lot!

Posted by No Name @ 22:00, December 20, 2005
hey i have the same kinda problem ......poeople hate me

Posted by No Name @ 11:48, June 19, 2006
hahaha dork

Posted by Di @ 13:24, February 21, 2005
hahahahahahahaha... mike's shrunken head makes him look like adrien broody. LOLS.

Posted by random victom @ 08:50, March 30, 2007
hahahaha they dont look any different!

Posted by Simon @ 15:15, February 21, 2005
w00t w00t for photoshop. hahaha... iMAgiNiff is so awesome... o' possum and funny.

Posted by chris @ 18:25, February 21, 2005
nice photo edit jobs. glad im not around your camera.

Posted by No Name @ 12:43, August 16, 2005
This pics can't be real!!!! They look like you used software to disfigure them, I have a program that can do that to pics.

Posted by No Name @ 18:09, August 27, 2005
ur dumb

Posted by Marco @ 20:10, August 28, 2005
I 2nd that.

Posted by sabrina @ 11:02, September 18, 2005
i look for pimples'cure on google and a modern pablo picasso.very cool!

Posted by No Name @ 06:23, October 03, 2005

Posted by sab @ 13:35, October 06, 2005
mi miace quallo che scrivi ma non potresti scriverlo in italiano? i like too much your blog but i would like it in italian,it's too hard translate............grrr

Posted by carre @ 09:26, October 15, 2005
photoshop? huh...

Posted by krum @ 00:09, October 20, 2005
cool. weird maskks where did u get them?

Posted by No Name @ 15:08, October 29, 2005

Posted by scott @ 06:28, December 19, 2005
you are a gimp and your site is shite.

Posted by Marco @ 14:21, December 19, 2005
Why thank you! You're too kind.

Posted by No Name @ 18:05, January 11, 2007
get a girlfriend asshole

Posted by random victom @ 08:52, March 30, 2007
lol they are a bunch of fags