Yes, Cows DO go Moo...
Published Tuesday February 19th, 2002

How about another random picture for todays news post!? here goes!

Doesnt that just exite you? Yes... well then, anyways.. Really nothing much is new... Today after i got home from the place i hate the most (that place being school) i sat around.. and. then.. felt like playing on my synthesizer and making music bits for Epiar.... Epiar Epiar Epiar.. yes, it will be cool indeed.. hrm.. and yes, thats what i did.. then.. towards the evening, after dinner.. i sat down at my computwer. and... i was really tired.. and.. the next thing i know my sister walks by and like says my name.. and.. all of a sudden im missed around 30 minutes of my life.. lol.. i fell asleep at my computer.. sitting up-right.. how sad, no? Hrm.. yes, indeed... Hrm.. what else... oh! Hrm.. my Internet connection speed is not satisfactory at current time... its not even at what we pay for... (which is 768/768kbps)... before monday we were going 2M symetrical.. and.. all of a sudden we're going 500kbps... whats up with that? is my ISP being bitchy? Do they not like me for some random reason? I mean, is a great ISP.. except.. when they become assholes.... maybe right now theire not assholes, theyre just fixing something down at their Stations or something.. who knows.... if it doesnt pick up soon, ill start bitching at my ISP... yep.. and thats that.. hrm. what else... oh!.. nothing.. Hrm, i have a proeject due in Engllish this friday.. wonderfull... its a video i did with a few friends of mine.. so, the presentation should be no problem.. i just have to do the stupid background crap and all this other stuff... which is really a pain in the ass because it is related to school, and school is a waste of time, and school bores me while it wastes my time, and school teraches me useless things i will never need in my future life... such as.. for example.. PE.. what is the point to a 50 minute long Physical Education class which, 15-20 minuites is spent dressing and waiting for your teacher.. and.. another 10 is wasted on role.. and.. then.. u run a lap or so.. and.. what do i learn? NOTHING.. yes, thats right.. NOTHING... isnt school for learning? ... or i sure thought so... maybe i was wrong... apperently i must have been.. Hrm, yes indeed.. while im at it.. what else could i complain about? Hrm.. oh! i know.. School! Oh.. wait.. i already complained about that.. hrm.. how about we do it some more! ah yes! Good old school.. or, more precisely.... bad old school.... stupid school.. waste of my time school.... really.. any of the above... yes, indeed.... school does waste my time... we have 6 minutes to get from each class to the next.. and... between every 2 classes we have a longer period of time to be bored some more and waste more time..... i think we should remove breaks ad lunch all togheter, we can eat lunch at home, we can remove all the excess wasted school time and put it to use and get home at 12.. yes i think that would be swell.... or, we could have school atart at 13:00 in the day.. and last till 1800 or something... yes, that would be even better.. but... even then.. school would still be a waste of my time.. because.. half of any class is wasted because the teacher is constantly calling for the students attention and telling ppl to be quiet and what not so forth bla bla blah! And, if its not wasted in such a fashion.. then.. there is always the good old busy work, waste more of marcos time by making him do wastefull dummy work which is really rotting his brain and driving him insane.. yes, its true! I have this class.. its called Bio Lab H.. its really boring.. when we're not taking lecture notes... The notes are great and whatnot.. but. noooo.. most of our time is spent on Labs of some sort where we have to draw detailed, life size acurate sketches of EVERYTHING... i thought i signed up for a science class here.. not an ART CLASS!!! if i want to do art, id sign up for an art class... and, no i do not want to do art! i couldnt really care less for drawing (myself) i mean.. if u draw, thats cool ill look at your work.. thats cool.. jsut dont make me draw.. cuz.. i dont really care for it. and.. i cant do it anyways.. so .. hey!! yes, true indeed true indeed.. hrm.. alrighty then.. so... Hrm.. what else is new today.. oh.. yes, nothing much.. couldnt really code on anything today i was busy being tired.. why tired? because of my wasted day.. wasted by what u ask? wasted by school.. yes, school... school school school school school.. oh.. how i hate you, school.. indeed... oh, and by the way.. if anyone needs to know.. my school day today was just like any other.. it went by fine.. nothign went wrong.. im not venting anger or something at someone or something.. school today was just like any other day... mostly wasted time.... striped from my life... oh yes.. great.. wonderfull.... how about i just stay home in my bed and sleep!!! that would be just as prodoctive.... oh, i insist it would be... hrm.. alrighty then.. i should really go to be dnow, or ill be even more tired tomorrow.. so.. off i go.. to bed.. and.. to wake up.. having to go to another horrid day of this wastfull event called school... off i go!