Published Sunday May 18th, 2008 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to the hum of a fan, feeling un-poetic.

I s   ee w  ha  t there    is to   see
    I       pl   ace jud   gem     ent o   n w   h  at it i   s I            s       ee
I p          a ss it f  re   qu    e  n    tly  a  nd e   asily  

Find yourself in a meadow of tall grasses
Surrounded by flowers of many vibrant colors
You enjoy a sip from your Coca Cola can
A gentle breeze tickling the hairs on your nape
The sky a shade of blue only visible after the parting of clouds
following the clearing of a storm
This picturesque locale supports the embrace of your spouse
(not of the same sex as that has clearly not been imposed to be beautiful)
You gaze at their pristine photoshopped, fully airbrushed beauty in awe
The chill of Brisk fresh air sends tender shivers down your spine
To the left and right runs a street of carnivorous coniferous trees
converging towards the center of your vision at a crystalline clear blue lake
Like a basketball player performing a dunk
towering snow capped mountains reach for the sky in the backdrop

A scene so beautiful your senses are left dumbfounded by the abundance of clichés
You have no choice but to deem it beautiful

Deem it not so and society shall wag its cold, scrawny, wrinkly finger at you
For you’d be wrong
You are wrong
That was a damned beautiful scene
Shame on you
You’re despicable
Passing judgement on my beautiful scene
Questioning why it should be so serene