*sob* bahh! and bleck!
Published Thursday August 30th, 2001

Well, dee doo! only about... what? 197 days left of school? something around there? *cries* Well, isnt that a very, VERY nice thought!? *blinks* *long silence* NO IT'S NOT! ehhhr... anyways.. morrow is friday, and im spending the night at a friends from Newbury Park... we'll probably stay up all night and not get any sleep, then when i get home, i'll make my way to my bed and sleep till 1600 or something... fun, ey? but till then.. i have to make it through another day of...s*hool... Bahh! hmm... well, then.. havent talked much about school, in factual... so, i will! Hm, well.. i have German 2, as first period.. but the class is so big and they dont want to open another class because they have no money for they are investing it all in donuts for all the police officers around our school, and thus the teacher is forced to drop students.... and since i speak German somewhat, and speak Swiss-German... she wants to boost me up to German 3... how swell.... and if i did that.. that would lessen the point of me taking german.. which was to get an easy A.. *ahem*... *looks around* ..anyways... dunno if i actually will go to German 3 yet.. 2nd period i have Bio Lab H, or whatnot and.. i have an interesting teacher... so far it looks as if that will be my only good class... 3rd and 4th i have some English and World Vic class combination thing called World Humanities... ohh yey... swell... the world vic part has already assigned a projet thing due next tuesday... how fun........ and supposedly there are many projects in this combined class thing... how swell, (hates projects) and supposedly thei mostly group projects (hates those even more..) Grr.... anyways... then... 5th period... i have the most useless class ever... PE... baah! and 6th, i have math... with a very interesting lady... Hm.. also.. my friend is supposedly seting up a Linux box for the school, and he asked me if id help, or install and configre, with DNS as well, apache... so yea.. woohoo... hmm... school also has a new princial.. as well as new policies with the principal... one of which is that everyone has to eat and hang out during lunch, in the rather small (for 1300 or something students) lunch area... yey.. now if some mad dude wants to shoot someone, s/he can just bring a machine gun and plow everyone down! woohoo!! what fun! *blinks* ohh, how i do love my healthy serving of school... *puke* hmm.. well then.. woopee doo! it's getting rather late.. so.. i should be getting off to bed... stay tuned!