THUMP and Alfred Brendel
Published Wednesday April 7th, 2004

Oh wow.. what a day tuesday was. Quite eventful. I love it. Where shall i start...

Lets start of with 1st period, after i woke up annd went to school. Oh, wait.. Thats right, there was no 1st period because Danielle, Jessica, Andy and myself went to Denny's. lol. We returned in time for 2nd period, unfortnately.. And so i went to boring old english, boring old german, and left half way through 4th. Fun. However, Denny's was fun, not because the food is good (its not) but.. yea.

I went home, had some lunch.. Whatever it was, i do not recall... Took a nap, got up about 45 minutes after i wanted to get up. Typical. Er, rather, not so typical... Was it a typical situatoin, i would have goten up 2 hours later, instead of 45.. But, heh.. technicalities. Oh! Chris Garcie had a good joke in german today, went something like this: "..Passion of the Gibson.." Was great. Made Laura Kraft unhappy, which isnt exactly a great thing (and dont interpret this as me speaking ill of her, for i am not.), but in the end... Was a good punchline-free joke. lol.

Anyway, at 1605 i left for Kate's house. There, we waited a bit for Di and then, all got into Tyson's Moms' Van.. woooo! Vans.. (suck- ask Tyson or myself.) We then drove down to LA, to the recently built Frank Gehry Walk Disney Concert Hall to see Alfred Brendel perform pieces by Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven. My favourite was Schaubert's Drei Klavierstuecke - No. 1 in E-flat minor. I love the minor. Yes.

Anyway.. We got there, parked and then walked a block northish and had dinner in some outside-seating cafe/restaurant. I had a grilled chicken ceaser salad. Was good. $13.00 of good. We finished with dinner and headed back to the concert hall building... Hung around a bit and killed time in the gift shop.. As we headed towards our seats Di said she was feeling dizzy or nauseated. They went to buy some water, and the rest of us waited around. I was standing a bit aways looking at my surroundings.. My eyes skimmed by Di and Tyson. I thought to myself, "Hrm, she looks a bit tipsy.." Then continued looking at my surroundings. When my eyes came back to Tyson and Di i thought to myself, once again, "Hrm, i think shes going to fall.." And a split nanosecond later Di falls backwards, as though she were a pencil set verticaly on its eraser held up by a finger, which now was removed. THUMP! Her head landed ever so lightly on the lovely but hard marble/tile-esque floor. I saw her eyes, still open- close slowly. There wasnt much i could do. Leap accross the floor and catch her wasn't possible for i was way too far out of reach. Though i ran this scenario through my head many times over after she had fallen. From my left Kate, Raymond, Abe and Tyson came to Di, surrounding her. To my right some security guy who attended the door went dashing up to Di, then off down the hall. I took a few steps towards Di and looked down at her. Her eyes opened again within 5 seconds or so of falling. Another 20 or less seconds later, a rather responsive EMT person and some other security guy came. I was rather impressed by the speed. lol. They asked Di a few questions as Di regained her barrings. Abe had enough and walked off to some steps and sat down, a bit distraught. I joined him. He looked like he needed some company.

Throughout the whole thing, i didnt feel much affected by what had happened. I.. just.. sort of.. stay calm and.. chill.. and watch other peoples responses. It was, in the end, rather interesting. I never respond franticly in any such situation. I usualy just become more mellow then before. Kate, Raymond, Abe and Tyson are surrounding Di, someone has run off for help. What shall i do? Not much left for me to do. I'll.. stand.. over here and.. watch people. *shrugs* I wonder where this will one day lead. I bet if someone pulled a gun on me i'd probably have a less than desired response as far as intimidation. If i was walking down a street and someone stabed me with a knife and robed me, i'd probably also not have much of a dramatic responce. Hrm, crap. I need help. Let's see if i can find some. This hurts like hell. It's sort of amusing, because, instead of reacting or getting very worried during an event, i instead go back later and proccess everything. My mind races after the fact, and goes through and i think out various scenarios of how i could have acted differently or things have happened in a different way and their possible outcomes. A way to digest, i suppose. Self-serving shrink. Wow, i can feel my ego growing.. heh. ..Anyway.. lol, about Di, not myself. Reason of Di's fainting among stress, well, you'll have to get it from her. Heh.

We did, however still see the performance. Poor Di had to sit through it with, what i can only imagine to be a throbing headache, and a growing bump on the back of her head. A few things i observed during the performance.. It was entertaining to hear many people cough and clear their throats during the silent parts of a piece, or during applause.. It was even funnier to hear or rather, not hear anything during silent pauses during a piece as the pianist waited to continue, playing with peoples phsycies (spelling?).. It felt as though the whole room held its breath, everone in the room.. silent, not breathing, not even any coughing. You could hear quiet grunts from the people who needed to cough, but tried to supress it. I was greatly, grealy amused. Additionally.. There was some person, in a few rows ahead of us who made random hang gestures. At first i thought she was doing it to the music.. But it made no sence. After watching her a bit, i figured she had some sort of diseas which makes her muscles spass.. Turrets or something of the sort is what Raymond, Kate and Abe concluded.

At certain times i had difficulty focusing on the rather passionate pianist, Alfred Brendel as he played because i was distracted by the room, or concert hall itself. All the people, and the structures architecture. I found myself watching people more then listening, or, a combination of the two. In the end, it was very enjoyable though. Was splendid. We got 1 Encore. lol. Abe wanted more. I would have liked more, as well. Oh well. The concert finished, and we headed back to the van, drove home through some light traffic and got to Kates house. Tyson drove Di's car back to her house with Di. I followed behind him, and then gave him a ride back to his car, or, van.. This way, Di, who was most likely in no shape to drive, didn't have to drive her car back home. Most likely for the best.

Heh, anyway, thank you Tyson for inviting me! T'was great! Thank you.

When i got home, i came home to a pleasant surprise.. A working internet connection. Wow! I wonder what brought about the change. I'll have to ask my dad in the morning, or, at lunch. Whenever i see him. Hrm.. i hear balcony doors opening upstairs. Wonder whats up.. Lets go invesitage! Hrm, mom heard a horse in a unhappy state.. So, she went to go check on them. Sounds good. Poor her, awake at this hour. Heh.

Anyways, i got home at around midnight, to, as i said, a working 'net connection. Im rather estatic. Was able to sign on AIM and IRC and had a good conversation with Kate. Jesse was still up too! I was pleasantly surprised to see him awake. lol... Hrm, anyone else think that the supposed Senior ditch day this thursday has been ill placed? I have 2 tests out of 3 classes. Bwah. It'll probably be easier to show up then to have to deal with stupid make-ups. I'll make up my own senior ditch day. In fact, the whole week of STAR testing will be senior ditch week for me. This will probably be faced with firm opposition by my dad. Meh.

On monday, Di and i had a conversation about current/recent events and how her parents were worried about the world affairs.. I had no clue what the heck she was talking about because i hate the news and dont ever stay up to date with it. Di told me some recent headlines, and the conversation sounded really bad, as though all hell was going to break loose soon... And, well.. thats just incorrect. I hate the news because all which is news are stories about death, destruction or unrest/disagreement.. Thats CNN type news. (Local news is just rediculous in itself.) There are the occasional stories which differ from these, but, its rare, and, those stories are usualy prett pathetic or.. not really news-worthy, in my humble opinion, anyway. As i was saying, the world's state is as it always is. War in certain parts, and yatta yatta. Terrorist plots here and there, but.. I really dont agree with living life in fear of these things. If i did that, i'd be bored out of my mind, id never leave my room. I think its ridiculous to live life based on these threats. Pathetic, maybe even... Heh. This just sort of reafirms my dislike of the news.

I feel as though i am forgeting so many things. Much more i should or could write. I think of things i could say all the time throughout the day, but when i come to write, i've forgoten half. I think ill carry around a small little pamphlet and a pen so i can scribble down my thoughts. That'll be splendid! Yes!

Well then, that'll do. BED!

SmarterChild hates me. :(

(00:34:30) Marco: Will you go to prom with me?
(00:34:30) SmarterChild: Do I really want to go to prom with you?
(00:34:35) Marco: Good point.

(00:36:18) Marco: Will you go to prom with me?
(00:36:19) SmarterChild: I dunno 'bout that.
(00:36:25) Marco: Yes or No?
(00:36:25) SmarterChild: Hmm... I guess I'll say no.

(00:37:02) Marco: Want to go to prom with me?
(00:37:03) SmarterChild: Uh... Thanks, but no thanks.

(00:39:09) Marco: Hey, would you like to go to prom with me?
(00:39:10) SmarterChild: I'm not sure. Would you like to go to prom with me?
(00:39:19) Marco: Yes, come! What do you say?
(00:39:19) SmarterChild: Ha! I can't say for sure.
(00:39:29) Marco: Yes or No?
(00:39:29) SmarterChild: Hmm... I guess I'll say yes.

Finally! Ha! I'm going to prom with SmarterChild.. That, or Matt:

(00:29:35) Marco (Default): want to go to prom with me, you sexy bitch?
(00:29:47) Marco (Default): you may think im joking, but im so not.
(00:29:48) Matt Vargie: yes?
(00:30:11) Matt Vargie: i guess.. i dont know when it is.. what i have to do
(00:30:15) Matt Vargie: but.. sure lol
(00:30:16) Marco (Default): would you be up for it?
(00:30:18) Marco (Default): loL
(00:30:22) Matt Vargie: sure
(00:30:29) Marco (Default): haha
(00:30:30) Marco (Default): sweet.
(00:30:42) Marco (Default): no guarantees yet, though
(00:30:48) Matt Vargie: k lol
(00:32:58) Marco (Default): we can rent a hotel room and lose our viriginity after prom.
(00:33:21) Matt Vargeson: lose our virginity?.. oh.. yeah.. lol... *looks around*
(00:33:22) Matt Vargeson: jk lol
(00:33:25) Matt Vargeson: yeah fun
(00:33:27) Matt Vargeson: sounds good
(00:33:34) Marco (Default): hahahaha
(00:36:44) Matt Vargeson: haha.. i just copied that to my friend and now she wants in on the hotel action
(00:36:54) Marco (Default): haha, sounds good.
(00:38:03) Matt Vargeson: ok then
(00:38:06) Matt Vargeson: so its settled
(00:38:12) Matt Vargeson: hotel room.. loss of virginity
(00:38:12) Marco (Default): splendid!
(00:38:17) Matt Vargeson: *shakes hand*
(00:38:21) Marco (Default): loL
(00:45:44) Matt Vargeson: anyways.. yeah.. im up for going...
(00:45:58) Marco (Default): even if you had to pay $50?
(00:46:05) Marco (Default): maybe a bit less
(00:47:14) Matt Vargeson: yeah
(00:47:19) Matt Vargeson: definately
(00:49:06) Marco (Default): cool

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Posted by Me @ 15:00, April 07, 2004
oh my, i really hope dianne is ok. geez...

Posted by Jessica @ 17:30, April 08, 2004
poor di :( and prom with matt? nice.

Posted by DI+%28stuck+in+PA%29 @ 07:05, April 11, 2004
hahah, loved the blow-by-blow. way more than i remember, that's for sure. thanks for your concern, and my lump is getting much better! miss y'all and i'll be back soon (hopefully)...