Order of large onion rings.
Published Wednesday February 23rd, 2005

Looks like its tizzle fo` cracka weblog entry! I rap jizzy like this all tha time in public. Just steppin'. Yep.. Isn't this fun? Anyway, on ward wit tha entry n shit!

Textilizers are lots of fun.

How about one of them generic recaps that I frequently proceed with on this website? Whaddya say? How 'bout it!? .. Alright then! I just took a three hour nap a few hours ago and am now filled with energetic post-nap energy.

Monday!... Monday.. Ah, yes. Monday. Monday came after Sunday as it generally does. Went to Santa Barbara for class and took my Photo 101 final. Finished generally quickly and then left. I ate lunch in a Santa Barbara Waterfront parking lot nearby the Mason St. campus, and then took a nap in my car. At 13.30 I showed up for my Cultural Studies class where we (and I) presented some final presentation's we had due. That was dandy-jolly-good fun and afterwards I was planning on going to the darkroom to do some printing, but I pushed that off and postponed it because I enjoy the practise of procrastination.

Drove home as it poured and rained and water fell from the sky. People here suck at driving when it rains, apparently. Heck.. People here suck at driving when it's not raining.. I will likely complain about peoples driving abilities for a very long time to come, so bear with me.

After I got home stuff happened which I don't recall. However, eventually Simon and I ended up renting the movie "Saw" and going to Jesse's house to watch this awesome, best movie ever. "Saw" was so awesome, I fully recommend that everyone see it immediately. I mean.. You got this person wearing a ghetto mask, and the bad guy laying right in front of you throughout the entire movie. Nothing says quality more than a movie where a camera lens is shown used by the minor-"bad guy" that is able to capture more than 200 degree's angle of view. So, in short.. "Saw" is the best movie ever.

After "Saw" Simon and I drove to Carls Jr. and got onion rings, then we headed back to Jesse's and hung around a bit, and eventually, at around midnight, or 01.00 went home. Tuesday came along and after getting up with 9 hours of sleep behind me, I drove to Santa Barbara again and went to the Montecito campus to go hang out in the fun-filled darkroom with my buddy, Mr. Condenser Enlarger #29. After I finished with #29, I moved onto mounting my final 5 prints and photographs to be turned in at final critique for the next day. After mounting was completed, I drove back to Camarillo and went home. Stuff happened that was not important enough (apparently) for me to quickly recall, and after this passed I headed down to Matt's who had returned from Boston. Matt and I bought tickets for a concert in Anaheim and then more stuff happened that I do not really recall and eventually we picked up Simon and as we drove out played a game with my car and the curb which was the must fun curb-car interaction I've ever experienced. Roll into the curb, back out, in, out, in out, in out, in out, in out.. back and forth for an amazingly long time.. After this grand fun we went to Carl's Jr after multiple Liquor stores failed to feed us, returned to Matt's house, watched an episode of Simpson's, dropped Simon back of at home, and then went home my self, to bed. Run on sentences are awesome.

Today, I woke up (Which sucked.) I drove to Santa Barbara and went to my final class of Photo 101. We got our final test's back and I scored a 90%. Quite satisfactory for myself because I would have easily accepted a 70%. Keep expectations low and I can't be disappointed. We looked at everyone's final 5 prints and the instructor/teacher/professor gave some small speeches and so forth in a semi-ceremonial "last day of Photo 101" this is a semi-big deal fashion.
Looking at everyones work was fun, especially recalling what our prints looked like at the beginning of the class. At a bit after 13.00 I headed back home towards Camarillo. I made various stops along the coastline because I wanted to take my neglected 10D on a spin again. That, and the weather was really fun. Sparsely spaced fluffy clouds, awesome blue sky, murky ocean water and green hills. I love green and blue together in shot's of the ocean. It's awesome. Colour is awesome.

By 14.30 I returned home and shortly thereafter ended up in bed to take a three hour nap. Why three hours? .. Because I didn't wake up until my mom barged in on me three hours after I fell asleep. Heh, and now here I am with dinner in my stomach. I think some hanging out with friends is in store this evening. How unusual...

Heh.. Since I'm driving back and forth between Santa Barbara and Camarillo quite frequently, I have a lot to say about driving. I think that everyone who looks left or right beyond their side mirrors while not about to make a lane change should be cited for reckless driving. Why? Because if you're driving and you're staring left or right beyond your side mirrors and not checking your blind spot, you're likely a "lookey-loo" and I greatly dislike you for causing traffic just because you saw a news van parked on the side of the road when in fact nothing at all is going on. At least.. If you just can't resist the urge to look... DON'T TAP YOUR BREAKS REPEATEDLY LIKE A IGNORAMOUS HOG, ESPECIALLY IN THE LEFT-MOST LANE! *ahem*

Anyway.. There are times when driving the route between Camarillo and Santa Barbara is fun. Especially along the coastline it is a lot of fun when I end up in a group (usually two to three) car's who, along with myself, generally travel at a greater speed than other traffic. In a lovely line we follow each other's lane changes and car dodging's as we drive up the coastline. Driving in a competent group is a lot of fun. It's even funnier when you end up in a group of speeder's who's car's you recognise from past trips. Ha ha. I wish there was a way to communicate with people with whom one's driving. Some thing's I'd frequently say would be
  • "Back the fuck off.
    (I'd go faster if I could.)"

  • "Get the fuck out of my way."

  • "**Please** Drive right, pass left."

  • "You arrogant imbecile, let the rest of us pass."

  • "GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

  • "AAARRGRGGHHH!!!!!!!"

..among many other things. Ha ha. Heh.. That's right. It would be cool if I had some sort of folding LED display on the back of my car where I could scroll messages. .. Random thought. I wonder if there is a designated frequency on which to talk to others on the road who have walkie-talkies or radios or something. Rather.. I wonder what that frequency is, because I'm logically-induced sure that it exists. Heh.. *googles* Heh.. nothing much, though this is interesting. Getting warmer, something about CB radio here. Heh, there we go..
17 - unofficial "trucker's" channel (California & western states.)
19 - official "trucker's" channel for traffic and speed trap advisories

Channel 17 and 19 at 27.165 and 27.185 MHz. Heh.. now I need a CB radio. Hey look! 79.90 Pounds for a CB radio starter kit! .. scratch that idea.

...And that also concludes the end of this entry.
Posted by Simon @ 21:32, February 23, 2005
hahahaha the largest order of onion rings you have, which reminds me, we should go to carl's jr. for oinion rings tonight, YES!... hahaha good shit. and you can't forget the part about the mirror, that was gut-busting hilarity right there. awesome o' possum!

Posted by Di @ 22:32, February 23, 2005
Ha a CB radio would be the shit. You should get one.

Posted by chris @ 23:34, February 23, 2005
you ignoramous, you're supposed to tap your breaks when it rains, especially in the leftmost rain. ddduuuuhh! duuuh!!! duuu, oh that's right i got my license like two months ago.

Posted by Marco @ 01:05, February 24, 2005
lol. ha ha. exactly.

Posted by Chelsea @ 10:34, February 24, 2005
Damn Carl's Jr. and it's lack of size variety.

Posted by xiphias @ 12:05, February 24, 2005
You can get walkie-talkie sized CB radios cheap. $50 or so for a pair. I'll find links later.

Posted by Marco @ 12:40, February 24, 2005
$5 is cheap. $50 not so cheap..

Posted by Eric @ 18:27, February 25, 2005
I like the new picture on the main page! You look like a pimped out Pro photographer!

Posted by daniela @ 20:28, April 25, 2005
I love "Saw" it was scary but funny and cool.. i liked how the bad guy was like.. well i guess i shouldnt say it cuz people who haven't seen it will know.. but i like the ending.. and the part with the guy in the razor-wire fence who has to try to dig his way out... hahahaha