Trip to Germany begins!
Published Thursday November 18th, 2004

EEEEE!! Oh, oh, oh, oh! Who got to drive on the German Freeway, aka the famed Autobahn? Me! 220km/h and people were still passing me. Ha ha ha.. It was so awesome! 200km/h (~125mph)! Every freeway should not have any speed limit. I'd drive going around 180km/h and people passing me would just zoom by with a whooshing sound. So hilarious! Occasionally there are speed limits, 120km/h max, 100, or 80, and when you've been going between 180 and 200km/h going 120km/h feels so very slow! Ha ha.. So very awesome! It was so incredibly fun!


So, this morning at around 10.00 we (my grandparents and I) left the apartment and we drove towards Germany. Just before leaving Switzerland through Schaffhausen we had lunch at a restaurant. My grandmother drove after lunch and I took a nap. At around 15.00 I woke up and then started to drive when my grandma and I switched. Then I drove on the Autobahn! Weee!

I drove until around 17.00 when we reached W
Posted by moerf @ 11:04, November 19, 2004
we do... they have a computer show always on when I am watching. Giga TV or something. Good show