And, the weekend has passed
Published Monday February 3rd, 2003

Hrm. lol, i was about to make a news positng but.. its kinda late and i should go to bed.. heh.. lol...

didnt do a lot on the computer this weekend, actually.. nothing at all, i was barely on it.. amazing.. lol, sat i drove around with dad, we bought ethernet cable and then we drilled around the house and wired some ethernet cable into the downstairs bedroom... sunday morning i was bored and i was looking at european charts and found an interesting group called t.a.t.y. downloaded some of their stuff and liked it. not my normal genre of music, but i like it.. its like.. euro-dance-pop-something lol... yea... anyways.. sunday.. i put togheter a desk we bought saturday.. and.. that was about it.. lol, i slept till 1400.. so my day was somewhat short.. heh..
anyways.. off to bed with me.. later.