1st post '04: school sucks.
Published Sunday January 4th, 2004

Well then... first blog entry of 2004 and... its about how i hate school. Yes, i hate school. Why do i hate school? Because i have to go to school tomorrow. Instead of going to bed ill be getting up to go to school, and instead of waking up and getting out of bed, ill be coming home from school, and going for a nap. ARGH.

So, new years was good... We had a lan at tysons grandmas house... Yea... was fun.. lol... Went home at around 1800 on thursday... Since then not a whole lot exciting has happened...

Friday i went to matts house untill around 1800 and we worked on a trance song in Reason.. that was fun... Later that evening i went to kates house... we ate dinner.. then, after.. we hung out with the group.. watched an Indie flick... was good... And... then.. i went home.. stayed up till 4 or something.. and.. la de doo!! de do da! la de do de do de daa!


Saturday i slept in rather late... hung out with kate.. or rather.. did homework while kate did her homework, togheter in the same room... wooooooo..... yea... exciting...

Early saturday morning i had a conversation with an old friend from Newbury park, and, we setup an outing on sunday.. so, later today we're going to dinner and whatever...

Talking to a friend of mine, Isaac, online.. he's brought to my attention that i've forgoten 2 things this winter break... 1. was this english marginalia/notes thingo on some grammar book (pointless busy work) and i completely forgot about a friend's of Isaacs and I's birthday party which i planned on going to with Cory Franklin... d'oh!!!! I hope she forgot that i said i was coming...

Hrm... yes... well then.. tomorow... i have to go back to school... ARGH.... not looking forward to that a whole lot.

Saturday, rather.. this coming saturday im going with my dad to buy a camera and a lens.. wooooo... My birthday is in 10 days... turning 18... rather excited if i do say so myself. Then, 2nd semester.. if i dont fail my math class... its down to 4 periods a day... so, ill get home from school at noon... wooo hooo... excellent.

So... reading xfree86.org .. looks like the team has disbanded... which.. is sort of sad, and ... good at the same time, i suppose... Yeh.... now i'll look to the xfree86 branch on freedesktop.org for an xserver.. with.. modernization. So.. good by XFree86...

Another side story... at the Lan last dec 31st and 1st of jan.. i slept in a door adjacent to the bathroom facility... and.. everytime someone used the bathroom i could hear everything.. and... well.... many times someone used the facility.. and... only once did i hear anyone wash their hands.. well.. twice.. but.. one of them was like a 1 second squirt of water.... heh... ICK....... thats rather disgusting....

Anyways... this'll do for now.... Oh! one last thing... AAARGGHHHH I HATE SCHOOL!!!! BWAH!!!
Posted by you+know+me @ 21:02, January 04, 2004
HEY HEY HEY I WASHED MY HANDS!!!! I DID!!!!!!!!! we should start a campain for guys washing hans after going to the restroom, yeah disgusting..... Dude, btw i don't lke school either.

Posted by Holly_Golightly516 @ 15:54, January 05, 2004
school seriously bites. and yay to january birthdays!!!!