A sign and a Cat Nap.
Published Thursday April 22nd, 2004

"In Need of a Prom Date!
Dinner, tickets, and Pictures included
Ask for details!"

I took my families old digital camera to school today for the above photo (please excuse the photos poor qualities). I have to give James Chang some applause, if i may. Carrying that sign around as he as takes a lot of confidence. Additionally, a sort of mental-numbness to any ridicule. Bravo! By the way, you can message him on AIM to his screen name, potash85 if you're interested.

Anyway.. A pretty typical day, today. Sort of. Scool: Econ. English. German. Technav. Went to lunch with Wes and Adam at steak and hoagie.. Dropped them off at home, and then drove to PC Club in Thousand Oaks to browse laptop options. When i returned home, Mike and I bought one of these each. By Mike and I, i mean, i charged 2 to my visa card, and Mike is going to pay me back. I also purchased a 1GB CF chip for my camera. The first 2 things on a list of things to buy before going to Europe. Up next is a laptop and a 14mm wide angle lens which i'm going to go buy this saturday, if all goes according to plan.

Late in the afternoon i dropped off some CD spindles at Jesse's and hung around a bit, but left before 1730. Ate dinner at home, home-made pizza i guess one would call it. Anna made the dough and we all put various things ontop of it. Excellent dinner choice, Anna. 'Twas good.

After dinner i took a nap with my cat, Tux. I put my arm around him and lay next to him on my side. He cuddle up against me and we took a good long nap toghether. It was awesome. I love my cat. He just lays around all the time and doesn't really care what you do to him, and when you come up to him, he couldn't care less if you touch him or not. I love him, he's awesome.

Heh. A few months back i came accross a NASA project called Gravity Probe B.. A project to test two important predictions of Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity... At the time, the project was on hold.. But look at it now. Gravity Probe B was launched and is now floating around in space. It's a really intersting project. Check out the website linked back there, and possibly this second one, too!

It's kind of odd.. I always encounter these very odd coincidences. For example, i see someone for the first time that i've never seen at school, and then, i come accross them all day long. Or, today.. I brought my families 5 year old rather bulky digital camera to school, and before 1st period even started, i walked past someone holding the exact, and i mean exact same camera as i had in my back-pack.. And not only did i encounter this person once today, but trice. Each time holding his camera, which was exactly the same as mine. What!? Coincidences like said example are just so terribly way too odd. And, they happen frequently, too. They annoy me for some reason. Bleh.

Heh, this morning at 0300, when i woke up to go watch meteorites fly accross the night sky, i was disapointed to find that it was overcast with a light layer of haze and fog. Bwah. No photos. I saw 3 before going to bed though... Heh. Better than nothing.

Hrm, apparently word on the street has it that im supposedly getting married. Ey? What has Gem gone and done?

Anyway... I'm not sure i really have a whole lot more to say. Looks like this is another rather breif entry.

emvee=Matt, nungana=Marco
<emvee> nungana, everything ur mom cooks is orgasmic
<nungana> emvee: loL, ill be sure to tell her that.
<emvee> ok