Feet of Butter.
Published Monday April 5th, 2004

Aye.. I believe it is time for a recount before i forget everything. I'm writing this sunday evening, almost early Monday morning... but i don't believe i'll post tonight, because there is no point, because i lack a working internet connection, that and im including photos in this entry, so, there's no point if no one can load them to see them.

Ah, so.. Last thursday.. i went to bed early the night before, at around 2300 after getting rather fed up with the lack of internet connection and trying to do something. We had a minimum day thursday, so i was at school for an amazing and completely worthwhile 2 hours. I returned home at 1000 and sat around a bit, chatted with my dad and suchlike. I then headed down to Wes's house where i picked up Adam and Wes and we then drove to Steak and Hoagies around noonish. Met up with Mike, Tyson, and Kate there and we ate lunch. After lunch i brought Wes back home and then Adam and i went to his house where we picked up a latter of his. We called up Matt, and he said he'd come over.. So Adam and I drove to my house and soon Matt followed. We then went down into my canyon where we lowered Adam's latter and after a while we were finally able to get down into the very bottom of the ravine/canyon at the bottom of my hill. Was awesome! Its rather flat and sandy at the bottom. Afterwards we returned to the house and drank something, and took interestings photos.

Interesting photos like those right there.. haha. After this, we drove around a bit, dropped Adam off and then Matt and i returnd to my house where Matt's car was. Matt ended up staying a bit longer and we ate dinner at my house. Afterwards we played around on my synthesizer for a while, playing around with the drum rythms and.. it wasnt half bad. Matt then went home and my sisters played on the synth for a while. We also joked around and engaged in horseplay and such. That was thursday.

Friday after school and eating lunch with my dad in front of the tv, i went to Edwards with Adam and Mike at 1320 and saw Hellboy. Was the first time driving the manual on the freeway driving towards Edwards. It.. uhm.. was very long and was painful to sit through to the end.. But, it was free so, it wasn't as bad as it could have been if i had paid for it. Thanks for the free ticket, Adam.. wooo! Afterwards we went driving in the manual civic because Mike wanted to practice. We picked up Matt and later went for dinner at Burger Barn. We then went back to my house. Mike left us, and Adam, Matt and myself went to guitar centre where we played on the various synthesizers and drum machines and so forth for around 90 fun filled minutes. We left, around 2030ish and headed to Matt's house and hung out there untill midnight. My plan originally was to meet up with Jessica and Danielle later in the evening, but that fell through and i ended up meeting up with Mike, Abe and Kate at Kate's house... We stayed there untill 0200ish sitting around in Kate's room. I didn't get a nap friday, so by the time i got home early Saturday morning i had been awake for 20 hours. How unordinary. I got a letter from CSUCI friday containging congradulations of a provisional acceptance into CSUCI. haha. Good to know, but, not going. Plan is as follows: Freedom in europe for half a year. 3 years at Brooks starting in 2005. Work some/leave country/study elsewhere. Travel. Work some more. Travel more. Die. Mike and I syned some files friday as well, after the movie. Additionally, i now have Lord of the Rigns, Return of the King in nearly perfect quality, encoded in xvid. By the way, if anyone wants to sue me for piracy, they can suck it as im going to buy the special edition DVD's of the movie anyway when they're released, so shove it. You'll get your fucking money, greedy bastards. Oh, btw, i also saw it in theatres 4 times. So, i have no ill feelings or guilt for pirating this movie, and thus even making it publicly known that i have it. Greedy bastards can go to hell. *ahem*

Moving on, Sunday.. I got up at around a lovely 1400 and moped around my house a bit, bitching about the lack of a functional internet connection. Speaking of internet connection, check out this email:

From: Nextweb Support [mailto:support@nextweb.net]
Sent: Saturday, April 03, 2004 4:13 PM
To: 'Roland Luethy'
Cc: l1@nextweb.net
Subject: RE: Signal strength

Dear Valued Customer,
We apologize for the delay in answering your question. We are able to monitor, as well as, get into the radio from our side. To improve your connection, we are working on installing a higher gain antenna. If you have any question, please call us at (888)565-5463 or email us at support@nextweb.net.
Thank you,
-Nextweb Support
NextWeb, Inc.
(888) 565-5463

Ha! Note the bold: Valued customer. Haha, right, and i'm the King of the lost city of Atlantis and am 4000 years old. Delay: HAHAHAHAHA 3 weeks. Hell of a delay, fuckers! Working: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, right. IDIOTS! Blubbering bafoons. Incompetent imbiciles. Oh, i could go on for eternity but i'd rather someone just make my connection work. That would be great and dandy and possibly also swell and splendid. Mwah.

Anyway, I took a shower after the bitching, and Mike came over with his friend, Ashley. I was chatting with Jesse and thought, well, why not see if he's up to anything, and we ended up picking Jesse up. We went to the TO mall to see if we could get some free candy from Jesse L. who works at the Sweet Factory. We weren't sure if he was even working, or if he was working at the TO mall, but, we had nothing else to do, so why not? We walked by and Jesse L. wasn't there. Jesse spotted him and a few moments i walked over to him and we talked a bit. He was on break and said to come back in an hour or so, but we didn't care enough to wait for that amount of time. We left the mall and drove around a bit.. Bored, we ended up at Mike's house where we played some super smash brothers and mario kart on Mike's gamecube. Ashley left and we left, heading back towards Camarillo with dinner in mind. We went to old town, and ate at Olas where we had burritos.. Jesse recomended that i have a burrito based on his half-mexican american skills and knowledge. After dinner we went to my house where we watched South Park from around 2100 untill 0130 in the morning with a brief 40 minute intermission where we lacked correct video codecs.. lol. Good thing i had random codec packages laying around on disk's because there was no way i could have downloaded any from the internet due to the fact that such luxories were and still are not available. Blah. It was a dandy saturday. Daylights savings time bla bla or whatever was enacted and, all of a suden it was 0300 and not 0200. I was miffed. When Mike and Jesse left i went through a bunch of old CD's we had because i was trying to find some song we heard in one of the South Park episodes, which turned out to be Asia - Heat of the Moment, a song or artist which we didn't have. I'd download it but, oh.. oh thats right.. i lack the ability to do so because my ISP is run be incompetent idiots. I listened to the old music untill i went to bed. Got to bed at around 0430.. (which, to me was still 0330, but whatever.)

Sunday, i got up at around 1330 and.. well.. Sat around all day long. Watched Saving Silverman with my dad on Comedy Central at around 1500 (eastern broadcast).. Bitching and moaned some about the connection not working.. And listened to the music i had pulled out the night before. A random mix of Supertramp, Police, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Los Lobos Colossal Head, and some "Sounds Of .." albums. It seems to be that, a lot more attention was paid to the drum layers and suchlike in the songs of Supertramp and Police then is being paid to in todays music.. I hear more talent in Supertramp then in any modern rock band or pop artist. But, that's probably a highly biased opinion, so don't hate me.

I also listened to the Michael Jackson - Bad album, and am listening to it right now. I like a good amount of the songs on here. The songs all remind me of when i moved to America for the 2nd time. We were living in these apartments (untill we bought a house) in Thousand Oaks nearby the TO DMV off of the 118. I and my sisters had chicken pox. It sucked. We had some person who came by once a week or something to clean the appartment/condo place and i was sleeping and woke up to it. We played a lot with legos because that was one of the few toys we had, everything else was in containers being shipped accross the ocean. Free Willy was out in theatres and was a popular film, at least from my perspective. Thus, we ended up buying some of Michael Jackson's CD's because the main theme and score for Free Willy was also by him.. Lol. *shrugs* I'm not even sure these events are related, in fact im somewhat convinced they are not, yet, this is what i am reminded of.

Later in the day, at around 1530 Jessica called me, and i met up with her and Danielle at the bottom of my road. We then drove to Jessica's house, and afterwards drove to Von's where we put these bullet hole stickers on Brendan's car. He was working at Vons and saw us drive away.. lol. We then drove around a bit more, burned some GI parachute men thingo's.. Interesting indeed. Drove around some more and ended up back at Jessica's house where we sat around, chatted, joked around, and sort of watched Save the Last dance and later, Bring It on.. making more fun of, and adding commentary then actually watching it. Got back home at around 2300.. I then realized that the last time i had eaten food was around 0800 the night before, 27 hours ago. I fried some frozen dumpling things from Trader Joes but didnt really eat much of them. I'm still not very hungry. *shrugs* Why eat if you're not hungry? Besides the burrito i had the day before was huge. Milk feeds me, too! lol. I love it when i don't have much of an apetite.. I just sit around and drink milk all day. It's awesome, because it's really all that sustains me. Woo! lol. I can eat a small little thing, and a glass of Milk and im dandy. *shrugs* Not to say that eating actuall food would do me any harm. I was planing on watching Alias which was supposedly recorded, but.. i couldn't find it anywhere on the tape, and i concluded that no one recorded it, got rather annoyed, and walked back into my room where i was further annoyed from my lack of internet connectivity, so i just disabled my network card all togheter so i wouldn't have this a few packets every minute in bursts and then absolutely nothing thing which really annoys me. *shrugs yet again*

Heh, its 0030 Monday morning, and i feel like some more milk. I shall get my milk, then continue my ramblings!

Aye, Hrm.. luethy.net has been up for about 3/5th's of a year... Which means that the last time there was a power outage was 3/5 year ago.. haha. Hooray for linux and lack of power outtages. Though, i probably just jinxed myself.. oh well. Would only figure.

Hrm.. So, tonight when i got home, and yesterday night.. It has been a full moon. I love it when its full moon out. All the splendors of the night; The darkness, the quietness, the calmness and lack of anyone around, peacefulness.. Yet, with light. Not pitch dark. I can go outside and walk around and see perfectly well where i am going, where i was a step ago. The light isn't a bright blaring light, but a calm, soothing blueish tint which puts me into an odd trance, or euphoria. I feel like runing and jumping around, but would only resent doing so having disturbed the nights peace.

Hrm, i have in mind to purchase some travel guide type books on Greece and England/Great Britain.. I am somewhat anxious traveling somewhere where i am not terribly informed about, and, well.. this would just help.

2 unrelated links: The first has some cool wallpaper i found somehow while during gnome.org. Then, the 2nd is more for me then anyone else.. Though, if you havent heard of or seen any GI Joe remake/mock clips, you might also want to check it out. Lol.

Okie, that knocks off everything off my list of things to say, except for the following: Participation points are stupid and (derogatory) retarded. My english teacher's latest and greatest idea was to have participation points. She added that, it would be impossible to get an A in participation unless contributing a good deal to class discussions and such. Bwah. Bwah. Bwah. Okay, well, uhm.. i hate you more now. I really don't care to contribute to class discussions on really, really boring poetry which i dont even claim to understand in a predominantly conservative and religious classroom. No thanks. Just listening into the conversations held between teacher and student over random topics drive me so insane i wish i had a Q-tip which i could shove in my ear and then twist around wraping my brain around it, so that i could then pull it out, fling it at them, and quickly die. It's one thing to be conservative and religious.. but, being outspoken about it, mixing everything up with their conservative views and throwing in moral virtues and things about their god.. Don't really want to hear it, yes, thank you, i respect your opinions, now shut the hell up! Gah! I can tolerate these people, but within myself i am going insane. I simply can not understand conservatives. They all drive me nuts, especially, or, well, at least the outspoken ones (which, my class is filled with.) Woo! Anyway..

This week, 4 days of school followed by no school Friday, and spring vacation the next week. Thursday is supposedly senior ditch day.. I'm not yet convinced about the validity of this. Heh, i have a stong urge of dislike about going to school tomorrow. I havent felt this way in a long time towards school, but tonight its.. just... BWAH. Something is bothering me, but i have yet to understand what. I feel odd. My mind is racing, filled with activity, i can feel it. I want to say more, i want to ramble more, but i dont know what to say, i dont know what to ramble about...

I'm feeling the way i felt a little less than a week ago when i went on a early, early morning drive. My vocabulary and principalities need to expand so i can describe this. I sound like a nut. I love how easily i get lost in my thoughts. I just sit here and browse my thoughts and all of a suden 10 minutes have passed. It happens so easily too. Earlier today, Sunday, i was sitting on the couch just staring off into nothingness after i had gotten up, and, when i returned to my room, 15 minutes had passed. I don't even think about anything important, in fact, its possible i think about less than when im not zoned out. Hrm, i just realized i have a confusion between then and than. Argh, this must be corrected. Horray for random comments.

Heh, its 0100.. *makes a backup of blog database* Do do da. database which, for some reason is 2.5mb... Just text, too.. Awesome. lol. *drinks milk* mmmm

Okie, i think that'll do it for today, Sunday, or, rather now.. 0130 Monday the 5th...

Monday, April 5th 2004

Ah.. My connection still doesn't work.. correctly, or, at this moment, not at all.. Thus, no point in making more blog entries because no one can read them anyway.. Not that too many people read them to begin with. I think.. about.. 4 or 5 people do. Wow. Impressive, dontchya think? Oh, indeed.. The connection did work well for an hour or so today in the afternoon.. We even recieved ping's from someone at skypipeline.. But, a lot of good it did, apparently.. As. well.. back to the good ol' "Destination Host Unreachable"... Woo! Anyway..

Got up today.. Amazing, yes. I finally ended up in bed a bit after 0200 in the morning, early this morning.. Drove to school. This is where it gets really amazing: Got out of the car. Walked onto campus. Went to class. Woaaah! Was hard to stay awake in 1st period, it was rather boring. In 2nd period, Jamieliz Torres ( i probably screwed up on the name, woo.) and i sort of had our own conversation verbaly and on paper, generaly bored out of our collective minds as the teache rambled right behind me. T'was dandy, because Jem is cool. 2nd period ended, and moved on to 3rd.. I can't even what happened in 3rd.. or rather, what didnt happen.. heh. In 4th period.. we goofed around. They had one of those body fat percentage calculator thingos they use in PE... I did it on myself and it, repeatedly, told me i am 4.5% fat, so, 6lbs out of my total body weight of 130lbs. Haha. The average is 20%, and healthy for my age is around 18%.. Whoops? Haha.

Anyway... skiping ahead to where i went home.. Got home, ate something small for lunch, chatted with my dad, and.. took a nap from 0200ish untill 0530. Took a shower, had dinner, and then picked up Jesse, Wes, and Adam and then drove to Edwards where we saw Walking Tall... lol, whoo! Free tickets (thanks Adam!) Yeh, it was better then the last 3 movie's ive seen (Dawn of the Dead, Ladykillers, Hellboy), but.. still.. uhm.. not terribly great. *shrugs*

Drove everyone back home after the movie, and.. well.. here i am! Fancy that, ey? Sitting here, not really doing anything, not on AIM or IRC because.. well, you know.. connection not working and all. Splendid! Heh.

In 30 minutes Mythbusters will be on Discovery Channel, hooray. Dandy show. I shall watch it, and then, uhm.. I dont know.

Meh, what the hell, i don't care if no one can read these, i'll post anyway. Gives me something to do.

[marco@tux.luethy.net marco]$ top
03:19:55 up 58 days, 12:08, 7 users, load average: 0.30, 0.52, 0.43
168 processes: 166 sleeping, 2 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
CPU0 states: 11.0% user 44.0% system 0.0% nice 0.0% iowait 44.0% idle
CPU1 states: 22.0% user 5.0% system 0.0% nice 0.0% iowait 72.0% idle
Mem: 642804k av, 628456k used, 14348k free, 0k shrd, 42068k buff

[marco@luethy.net marco]$ uptime
3:31am up 145 days, 22:09, 6 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Posted by Adam @ 08:27, April 06, 2004
excellent photos. If only i could get them faster than ... well, never.

Posted by Jessica @ 16:58, April 06, 2004
haha those photos are awesome..

Posted by moerf @ 17:30, April 06, 2004
woohooo! you like Supertramp too. Good music. heya, wanna come online..... Splendid Themabericht today 50 points and that in like a minute.....lol cool pictures cya

Posted by Havanna @ 20:37, April 06, 2004
I remember riting you as a little kid because I knew (somehow... ) that you have the "free willy" cd... And you sent me a tape! That's probably my first memory of you... hihi... Thanks again! ;)