August 1st!
Published Wednesday August 1st, 2001

Hm.. welp! its august first... meaning.. that... its Switzerlands indepencance day.. ey! what does this mean? this means big bon fire on hill and let stuff into air that goes boom and so forth.. yooooohooooiii!! lol.. what fun.. ey?! hmm.. sooo.. whats there to report on today... ahh, yes.. sooo.. i am now at myy othe grandparents[moms] and my cousins.. or some ofthem.. also live in this house.. since it is a farminghouse and all.. so like.. yea.. umm.. and im on their computer rightnow... 128kb isdn connected at 115kb lol... hmmm... anyways.. umm.. whgat was i saying.. hm.. ok.. anyways.. im nowlocated here... hmm.. ohh!! yesterday evening.... at like 2230 or soemthing.. i and one of my cousins, naemi went on a walk with their dog because we vere bored and being spontaneous... and so we walked up a hill..then back down.. then we decided we wanted to walk to walk somemore.. and so wewalked up another hill though a forest.. and we didnt have any flash lights or anything.. since we were bingspontaneous.. sooo.. we couldnt see crap under the canopy of the forest.. no moon light or anything... soo we just sorta walked around... then.. we lost the trail.. and that was funny.. we sorta wandered up and down.. and then we found the tral again. and continued throught the forest cluelessly.... lol..we finally made it out of the orest and so we had finishedour accent.. and began our decent back to the house... it was about 0100 when we got back. haha.. it was fun!! lol.. then we sorta hung out in the first floor kitchen and another one of my cousins, deorah just got home and we sat aorund and chatted.. then. went to bed... this morning i got up at like.. noon..... about the usual time i do at home.. hm... and.. soo. that was that...... hmm.. welp.. my next post should hopefully be on friday.. since morrow i wotn be here.. im heading off to southern switzerland to go to tessin, as ive stated in previous news posts