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Published Tuesday March 5th, 2002

Check out Epiars progression..

Wow, its getting better! Chris added some more sprite tasks.. and... then i added more sprites to my source of epiar and changed things around to make it more exciting and now i stage battles with 5 Stupids (the name we dubed our AI's) That's exciting stuff! I keep dieing... But i finally killed all 5! yes! lol, even though 2 of them killed each other. lol, but thats ok! i was the last in the universe! excelent! woohooo! If i get very bored.. ill add a whole bunch of AI's and have them all charge me... lol, woooooo! But, id make them weaker.. one shot and theyre dead.. lol, blow them down one by one, that would be ratther fun.... I got epiar to take up 300MB of my ram as i set variables to insane amounts... so fun!
Hrm.. well then.. nothing much new today... School... waste of time like usual... Bio Lab ... more wasted time... he makes us copy 3 pages of notes from our book... and the pages have to be completely filled... no one actually does it.. everyone just copies word for word as fast as they can from the book to get it done with.. oh gee.. how educational.. oh wait.. right.. its not.. its just a big waste of marcos time.. great... Then.. PE... oh.. yes.. PE... great.. i hate that class so much.. there is no point to PE... its a big waste of time.. all we did today was sit around.. literaly.. sit... around. waiting... fun, no? oh yea... *NOT* Hrm... Well then.. what more.. what more.. oh, yes! school sucks! there we go.. anything else? Hrm.. i cant think of much of anything new... Just.. school-waste time, then.. epiar when i got home... and that was my day today... great fun, no? Ha... epiar part, yes.. 8 wasted hours occupied, and wasted by school.. no.. not at all.... Hrm. and thus, i conclude that... Cows do indeed go moo.