A Sortof-Club
Published Sunday February 5th, 2006

This week on “Marco’s Life”, Matt and Marco moved stuff around in Marco’s garage, cleaned it out by scrubbing with water and pinesol, cleaned it out some more, bought shit, put shit into the cleaned space, set shit up.. and.. well.. built a sort-of-club (club.. as in.. music) so that vinyl can be mixed at loud volumes throughout the night without disturbing a single soul.
From the front with a 24mm

I don’t recall if it was Tuesday or Wednesday of last week when we started cleaning out the garage. But either way, we scrubbed and cleaned it rather thoroughly.. twice. On what I recall to have been Thursday, we went to Home Depot and bought 48 6x8x12” bricks, a bunch of wood, and 12’x15’ carpet, returned to my house, laid it all out and set up the table. In the evening Matt brought his sound system and his computer up and we set that up. Friday night was the first time we DJ’d down there in the garage and Saturday we completed the table after buying some felt cloth to surround the front of the table, bought some more food to make additional shelves underneath the turntable’s for vinyl.. and.. ta-da.
The magic behind/within the table! (14mm with unavoidable flare)

Yep. That’s the most exciting this as of late.. Other things this week out of the norm.. Friday in the late afternoon/evening, at work, we re-structured cubicles and things in the office. Through the shuffling and moving of things, I ended up with a flat-panel display. Cool. No more awkward sitting. (My desk was too small to correctly fit a old-school monitor.) I also got the best batch of vinyl that I’ve purchased so far on Friday. Hoorah! Saturday night Matt and I mixed again in the garage, and Chelsea gave us company (or was it vice versa?)
Veesck in action! Click for full view which is much cooler! (as it is with most things image related.)

I’ve also been working on a little side project I’ve named “Veesck” or VSC. A sort of Vinyl archival/keep track of playlist generator/editor for DJ’s so that a DJ can quickly and easily find a song from the database, and add it to a playlist and add notes, or select who is mixing the song in (if there are multiple DJ’s) while performing a live-set or working on a mix-set. It’s useful because it allows you to quickly drastically reorganize and change a playlist to help refine a mix you’re working on. It uses AJAX and Javascript extensively.. In fact.. It’s mostly Javascript with some PHP-back end to save stuff to a database. More on Veesck later.

Hrm.. I wonder what else I could ramble about. Oh! Since I just mentioned Veesck, I should also mention another really cool web-application called Meebo.
From the front with a 14mm
If you’ve ever used the AOL AIM client that’s java-based so that you can sign onto AIM from anywhere.. You most likely also know that AIM’s java-based client sucks. A lot of times the computer you’re at when you don’t have AIM doesn’t even have Java installed.. Meebo is an awesome solution to this. Not only can you sign-on to AIM.. but also the four other popular services. (Jabber, MSN*eww*, and Yahoo!) Meebo is really cool… like.. really, really cool especially with all the recent AJAX/Javascript stuff I’ve been doing.

Hrm.. Yep. So.. The past few days have been pretty exciting and fun.. I hope this coming week will be just as fun.. Or I'll be very bored. That's about all I've got for now.. Here are some more pictures..

From the side with a 14mm
Underneath the turntables!
My mixer and turntables from the back!
.. From the side
From 2.5m above! (14mm)
Also from above! (14mm)

That should do it for now..
Posted by The fatty @ 20:26, February 05, 2006
you forgot rolly polly genocide...and yea, thanks for the company, you guys are the best. "no one cares....." ;) you've got me hooked! lol