Bye U.S.A.
Published Thursday June 24th, 2004

Saturday was a bit of a hectic day.. I got up at around noon, and then started to run some errands.. I went to radio shack, target, the outlet mall, then the camarillo camera store in old town camarillo.. Got gas, and then went to Kate's house at around 1500ish. It was a graduation-esque party and Danielle, Simon, Kate, Kristen, Matt, Jesse, Mike, Wes, Raymond, Chris, Dianne and Chelsea all attended. After some people left, Tyson, Raymond, Kate, Mike, Chelsea and I went to Tyson's house where we bought rail-passes for switzerland. After this, we drove to Borders where Tyson bought us a book as a graduation presant.. present.. preseant... grr... I got a Greece travel book. Woot. We went to Best Buy after Borders, and then Jack In The Box for dinner. We returned to Tyson's house, and i left and met up with Matt and Jessica and Point Mugu.. From there we went to Matt's house untill Matt had to go do something. I hung about with Jessica a bit, and then went home. This was saturday.

Let me try to recall Sunday.. I barely can.. I got up, and at some point in time in the early afternoon i went to James Chang's graduation party.. there were a bunch of people there.. Family and extended family, and some of James's friends. Jesse and Simon were about the only people who i knew there. Heh.. James left for a Europe trip on Wednesday.. One day before me! Heh. I then left his party, and went home and took a shower, and at around 1800 i went with my family to Cho Cho Sans in Thousand Oaks. Was good. Afterwards... I.. dont recall.

Monday rolled along.. and.. stuff happened.. *blinks*.. I ran errands.. and.. Then at 1400 i had to go to the dentist after not going for around 2 years. I had a cavity, or .. leakage on the single and only filling i had in my mouth, on a tooth that has always been a bit messed up in my mouth.. So, i had a crown made rush-order style. Now i have no fillings.. Just a single crown.. Whoop die.. dooo.. Ugh. My mouth was numb for a bit after the dentist.. then, all of a suden it just fade. It was really weird. Numb.. numb.. numb... NOT NUMB! Just like that. I ate dinner at home, did some arranging, and some organizing and then i went and hung out with Jessica. When Matt finished with his class at Moorpark, he met up with us at Jessica's house. I stayed there untill around 0400 and then went home.

Tuesday i hung out with Mike. He came over and we swapped some files. We then went and saw Dodgeball at Edwards. Mike and I thought it was a good, and funny movie. I liked it. It was funny. Heh. After this, we went to Adam's house at around 1700. There, we met up with Adam, Tyson and Raymond. Adam bought his SBB Railpass ticket and then we went out for Dinner. I got Baja Fresh.. So did Mike, the rest got food from The Habit. After we ate dinner, we went over to Mike's house were Grant met up with us. Grant left again, but then Dianne, Kristen, Danielle, Chris, Chelsea, Marwin and Kate showed up. That was fun. We hung about, some people left, and others stayed. In the end it was just Tyson, Raymond, Mike and I.. We all disbursed and I got a ride home from Mike. He stayed a bit at my house, and then left for home. I burned CD-R's all morning long.. and then went to bed.

I got up early on Wednesday as i have the past few days. I got up at 1034 and .. Continued burning CD-R's.. I got a phone call from Jameliz at around noon. That was nice. Thanks, Gem. Unfortunately it was brief and well, yeh. The plan is, that once i return from CH, Gem and i go to New York and get married on New Years as the big, stupid ball thing falls to make the begining of year 2005. lol. Heh..

At around 1230, Allen Hall, a former teacher at ACHS came up here to make a backup copy of, a server which runs at my house (and has been running here for 2 years now). heh. Funny, no? With some technical issues, the process took a bit longer than expected, about 1 hour or so.. though, chatting with him was fun and time passed quickly. Heh. at 1515 i left and deposited some money to my bank account.. Then i went to the dentist again to get my crown thingo for my tooth put on, and get me teeth cleaned.. whoo hoo. I got back home at around 1715. On the drive home, i was speeding in the farthest left lane and i saw behind me a van, and it was going rather slow for being in the fast lane and all the traffic.. Then, it pulled into a lane to the right, and there, behind the van was one of those unmarked/undercover cop cars.. Going 75ish and seeing the cop, i looked to my right and saw another car there, i moved over quickly and then put this other car between me and the cop untill i was able to slow down to 65.. Hahahaha. I could tell he was looking for people to pull over, because he would get right behind people, sit there a bit, then change lanes and repeat the process. I smirked at him when he drove by me. He pretended to ignore me. Stupid cops. They're the adult-bully equivalent to a school jock. Heh. I ate dinner at home, and then went down to Jessica's house where Matt, Jessica and i hung about. At midnight, Matt left, and i then went home at around 0400.. I got home, sat around, and slept some, but not really much.. too anxious. Had a stomach ache, too.

Thursday.. Didnt really sleep today.. Sort of, but not really.. sort of have an on-going stomach ache, but of well.. I dropped off a bunch of movies at Jesse's house.. said goodbye to Andy, Jesse, Brendan and Simon who were all there.. Jessica and Matt came over to my house for a bit.. and i left for the airport.. or rather, i will be leaving my house, heading for the airport at 1500...

A lot of stuff has been happening in the past few days.. in the past few weeks.. in the past few months. Things really started to pick up after January.. Doing things everyday.. Then, the past few weeks.. graduation, done with high school, leaving all the people i know here.. heh, indeed. The past few days, getting ready.. anxiety, anxiousness, stress, nervousness.. It's kind of a blurr. I have so many good memories from the past few months, thank you.

Heh, it does seem as though the time has come for me to leave. For the next 6 months i shall be in Europe. I'll be returning on December 20th. So, untill then.. Goodbye, i suppose. I will continue making frequent weblog entries. However, they may show up in bunches. I will write them at my leisure and then i will commit them to this weblog whenever i have the time and oppertunity, thus I have added a entry creation and entry publication dates to weblog entries. It will be entirely possible that one day there will be no new entries, and then the next day there will be 5. Keep an eye on the main index page for my site, at the Headlines list on the right part of the layout for new entires, or any entries you have not yet read. They should also be displayed in a list on the main page, in the center column. The blog-subscription "service" or feature which has been emailing blog entries to people may be suspended, so check the site if you have interest in knowing what is going on. I also plan on posting many photos with my entires.

Heh, anyway, enough about that.. My flight departs at 1955 from LAX on Thursday, 24th. I arrive in Zürich in Switzerland at 1615 on Friday, 25th. I'm flying with my sister, Andrea. Heh. Daniela is not going to Switzerland this year and staying home with my cousin, Anna. Indeed.

Well then, after i make this entry im turning off this computer for the first time since last summer. Unplugging my hard disks which are not required for a boot and placing them safely away..

Goodbye all, have a fun summer, and enjoy college.. I'll see you (Tyson, Raymond, Wes, Adam, Mike, Kate) guys soon! The rest, i'll surely see you when i return, and if not.. psh! i didnt want to see you anyway. (joke- ha ha?)

Soon many others will be departing just like this.. Of to their respective colleges. Heh. Anyway, bye.

End of last weblog entry from USA for next 6 months.
Posted by Margret @ 21:44, June 24, 2004
I wish you and your Sister a save flight! Love you both very much. Muti Have a great time in CH!

Posted by Nick+Gilliam @ 11:09, June 25, 2004
Have a great time in Switzerland! Hope all goes well and I will keep up on the blog reading.