Prom Weekend
Published Monday May 24th, 2004

Well then.. Prom on Friday was a lot of fun. Much more fun than i could have ever imagined. Heh. So much fun that i really would not mind repeating it again, if it were possible. In fact, i wish it were possible. Despite some people not having a great time (for example, Laura's date/boyfriend had the flu and wasnt feeling very well/was probably puking, which just sucks for him and Laura.. sorry guys.) it was fun for most of the rest. It was nice because i was surrounded by all my friends, and all so many people i knew, and it was kind of sad because soon, i will never see many of them again. If not never, very rarely, and for 6 months guaranteed none of them. heh.

Anyway, on Friday i sat around my room most of the afternoon. I didn't go to school because it was another senior ditch day and everyone ditched school because it was the day of prom. At around 1530 i made a quick run to Savon's or whatever the store that is next to Vons is called. I bought 2 disposable cameras. When i returned home, i took a nap. I got up at 1330ish on Friday, and i figured that i would be up all night, so why not sleep some more. At around 1715 i started to take out the tux that i rented from its little wraping thing-ama-jig. There was this one part to the tux which no one in my house really know what it was used for, and when we finally made an assumption, i just didnt bother to use it. I really had no clue what i was doing wearing the tux, and my dad and mom assisted me in the assembly process. Haha. Dandy good times.

I left my house at around 1750 and drove down to Kate's house. We took some photos there with a bunch of us (Tyson, Raymond, Matt, Charlene (who's last name i do not recall), Kate, and Nicole Henderson) and then we departed in 2 cars. I drove Matt, Charlene and Kate, and Tyson drove the rest. I followed Tyson through the longest way possible from camarillo to the Ronald Regan Library in Moorpark. Once we got there, we parked and headed over to the entrance. We, i guess, checked in and then simply waltzed into the.. prom area with a quick pat-down as a security check. It was really pointless. I could have gotten in without even purchasing a prom ticket and could have brought a knife and an Uzi and no one would have noticed. *shrugs*

Once we got in, we went to our table, table 25 which was in a nice comfy corner. The whole eating area was in a tented promenade type thing around a waterfall, outside. Nothing special, nothing unspecial. Pretty general eating area. I talked to random people i knew, I found James Chang and talked to him a bit. Kristen, Jesse, Danielle, Jessica, Andy and Simon showed up and we mingled with them a bit, went to some terrace thing which over-looked Moorpark, and more or less hung around. When dinner was served, we got into a short line to get some food, returned to our table and ate. While on my way to get food, i saw Laura who sat a table right next to mine. After dinner i saw cory and met up with him. We talked. he wore a typical tux, but instead of shoes he had his typical flip-flop slipper's on which he always has on. It was entertaining. He introduced me to his date, her name i do not recall, though she looked very familiar to me. She goes to Peperdine University.. Heh. As we were chatting, they started to show some of the Senior Video. It had its funny moments, though, when they did a recap of the past 4 years, they had a lot of footage from september 11th, and random dead people in Iraq that i didnt think needed to be in there. Heh, oh well. Overall the video was entertaining and pretty well done. Better than A Day Without A Mexican, that's for sure.

After the video ended, people started to migrate over to the dance floor which was to the right of the eating area inside some building. I left Cory and met back up with my group. Most of them had already gone somewhere, and so Matt, Charlene and I headed over to the dance area, myself a bit reluctantly. Matt disapeared and went somewhere else before we got there, so Charlene and I walked in not really knowing where we were going. We saw Danielle, Jesse, Kristen, Simon, Jessica and Andy and stayed with them. People started to dance and i felt reluctant to do so. I mingled a bit, spoke to Cory again, and then went to this outside promenade where there were many deserts, none of which really interested me except for the very sweet strawberries which i had 3 of. I didn't really eat a whole lot at prom. Outside, there was this kareoke thingo. So, we witnesed some people who have annoyingly too much confidence, such like Tera (spelling, i do not know, but horrifyingly awefull the singing was) and Billy (no comment). I'm glad they got up there and sung because it provided for much entertainment for those who were outside. While mingling with random people outside i met up with Issac Lebron and his date, chatted quickly and then i moved on. Saw Cory again and i saw a friend i hadn't spoken to in a long time named Sean Steelman I headed back inside with however i was with, i believe it was Simon, Jessica, Andy, Kristen and Jesse, after we had finished listening to Billy sing kareoke.

We got back inside where people started to dance, i was still reluctant and i hung around with Jessica and Andy. Laura came over, her date, as i mentioned, was sick and didn't feel very well. heh, that sucks. We chatted a bit, and then i went over where everyone else from my groups was located, dancing. I was a bit reluctant, at first and didnt really feel like dancing. I was pulled in by who knows whom and i stood around a bit. After some time i was actually dancing, which is amazing to me, and apparently most others as well. I think we danced from around 2100 or 2200 untill midnight. The last time i heard anyone say a time was when we were outside just shortly before heading back inside, and the time at that point was just about 2100, so, i think we were dancing for a good 3 hours. It was awesome. I was so tired at the end, ha! At one point the DJ played some generic Trance, the sort of vinyll that any DJ has in his collection, such as Darude - Sandstorm. Heh. The DJ sort of sucked at mixing, with random song cuts and changes without much of a transition. He cut in and out of a few somewhat techno-like songs before they even built up or down. There really was no point in even playing them because as soon as any melody formed, the DJ would change to another song, songs like Toxic by Britney Spears. Ick. But it didn't really matter. The bass was so high that one couldnt really tell what was being played.

I danced with more or less everyone, and with no specific persons at all. It was fun like that.
As people started to leave, we all continued to dance. At around 2300 or 2330ish Tyson, Raymond, Nicole, Dianne and Kate left. Danielle, Jessica, Andy, Simon, Kristen, Jesse, Matt, Charlene and I continued dancing. It didnt really matter how we danced, or where or with whom. I still feel like breaking into a random dance at points. While i was dancing, i really had no idea what i was doing. In the begining i just sort of watched other people, and imitated them, then watched someone else and imitated them, then combined the two things, then imitated someone else, and added that to the list of ways to move. I'm good at imitating people when i dont know what to do. I dunno if i looked good, or stupid doing this, though. Oh well. Don't care, it was way too much fun. heh. This whole dancing thing is a rather big deal for me, because ive never really danced on a dance floor like i did friday at prom. Too much fun for it to not happen again. Europe. Clubing scene. Im going to be there. I'm still sore from dancing and as i write this sentance, it is now more than a day later. At one point, Adam and i did some form of very odd freaking and we got some really strange looks from people around us, according to Adam. Haha. That's so excellent. People are funny.

We danced untill the very end of prom. Most people had already left and when the music stopped playing, we got our stuff and started leaving too. I was really, really, really thirsty, and they had closed or cleaned up all the beverage tables, so i got a cup and scooped up some ice from this ice bowl thing. Water never tasted better. Charlene, Matt and i walked back to the parking lot and got to my Truck. I changed my clothes. My dress shirt or whatever its called. The white shirt to my tux outfit thingo was completely drenched in sweat. I could twist it and water would trickle out of it as though i was drying out a wet towel. Nasty. My ears were ringing because we danced rather nearby the speakers. My hearing was very muffled, it was kind of scary, yet very odd at the same time. I could barely hear the trucks engine when i started it. It's a pretty audible engine. Heh. I cant state this enough, i had such a great time. Heh. From what i've heard from other peoples opinions, i probably had a better time then so many other people. Woot! I really found nothing to complain about, or be unhappy about the whole time. I was promised dances by Laura and Gem, both of which i did not recieve. Hmph! lol. Saw Gem as we were leaving, she stayed to the end as well, but i believe Laura left earlier on, probably with her boyfriend/date, Brandon. Heh.

Charlene, Matt and myself drove back home on the 23, and 101. We went to Charlene's house were she asked her father is she could stay out the night, as well as picked up a change of clothing and swim suit. We then went to Matt's dad's house were Matt changed, and Charlene and I had something to drink. I was still very thirsty after drinking a full glass of nice and cold milk and a glass of water. Charlene probably thought i was crazy. We left Matt's house and then drove over to Tyson's grandma's house where we all met back up in Tyson's grandma's guesthouse. Jessica, Andy, Danielle, Kristen, Chelsea, Mike, Simon, Jesse, Wes, Adam, Dianne Tyson, Kate, Chris, Matt, Charlene and myself all hung out there for the whole night. Jessica and Andy left at around 0300. And Dianne left sometime before 0400 because she had to go to Pennsylvania due to her Grandfathers death. Poor Dianne, she hates Pennsylvania.

Heh, anyway, we all hung out all morning long. Some went swimming, but i decided that it was not worth being cold, so i did not. Chatted a lot with Jessica untill she and Andy left. Screwed around a bit, joked around a lot, and typical hanging out. Attacked Jesse and Wes with carrots when they went to sleep in a bed, and so forth. Talked a lot with Danielle in the later-early morning and made a plenty good amount of jokes. A lot of bagging on Kate by the general populace provided for entertainment for everyone around, possibly herself as well. Tired people are funny? *cough* Kate would say something.. erm.. stupid, and then Danielle would attack with complaints. It was absolutely hilarious and i wished it would never have ended. I love the dynamics to this now not so new behemoth (or giganta) group which has formed. When we attacked Jesse and Wes with a bunch of carrots, Jesse later told us that he though "Okay.. Marco and Tyson are standing in front of me and oh shit its Adam." (not his exact words, perhaps "Okay.. Marco.. Tyson.. oh shit, its Adam!") hahahahahahaha. So funny, so true.

This photo captures Jesse's expression when he see's Adam. Hahahaha.

Heh, there are probably so many other things that happened that i am forgetting, heh, but anyway, at around 0520 Kate, Chris and Raymond left. The rest of us continued hanging out a bit, and then we eventually all left for home at around 0630. I drove Charlene home, and then dropped Matt off at his mom's house and went home myself. Friday/Saturday morning was the first time i had met Charlene, and she was pretty cool, kind of cute. In my opinion, and everyone else's, Matt and Charlene would make a good, cute high-school couple.

Anyway, i got home and went to bed at 0730. I didn't even bother to brush my teeth or go through any of my typical pre-bed tasks. I lay down in my bed and thought to myself, "Im ti-" And i was out. When i woke up i though "-red." and then i realized only when my mom told me to get up that i had slept for 9 hours, that 9 hours had just passed in an instance. It was awesome. I didn't even notice a period of time between thinking "Im ti" and "red". To me it was just "Im tired." but by the time i'd finished the though, 9 hours had passed, and i was no longer tired. Hahahahahahaha.. ahahahahaha. haha...hahahaha. So very excellent.

The time described in the past 12 or something paragraphs have been awesome, and one hell of a time, and the weekend had only been half over. As i type this very sentance, i still have 21 hours of Sunday left to experience.

When i woke up Saturday after my 9 hours of sleep, it was 1520. I hung around a bit in my bed, and in the kitchen and started to type this entry. I didn't finish, though, because Danielle, Tyson, Matt, Wes and I arranged to go eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at IHOP. I drove down to Danielle's house, where we took Danielle's car to Longs by KMart where i wanted to get my photos developed. I had taken 2 disposable cameras to prom. I carried one each in the 2 pockets in my tux's vest. I could whip them out in seconds. Was amusing. Anyway, said Longs was not developing photos that day for some reason, so we just left and met up with Wes, Matt and Tyson at IHOP where we ate. I had a salad, chicken strips, onion rings and red potatoes. I didn't eat much of it, though. Felt sort of bad about the waste of food. Heh.

After IHOP, Danielle got gas, and then we went to the Longs on Santa Rosa Rd, then back to Danielle's where i got my car. I drove back home, and soon thereafter Danielle showed up with her Undercover Brother DVD. Tyson and Wes then showed up too. We started watching Undercover Brother in the guesthouse, and not very far in Jesse came over, as well. At this point it was probably around 1900. We watched all the bonus material on the DVD after we finished watching the movie. Tyson left and the rest of us .. chatted, gossiped, suchlike things. Jesse left and Danielle, Wes and I messed around with perverts in online chat rooms. Eventually, at around 0030 they left and, well, i continued typing this while talking to Jessica into the morning. Or rather, talked to Jessica untill she left, then typed this, and here i am. This wont be posted untill i have my photos.

Sunday, i got up at a too early 1045. I forced some food down my throat, got dressed and shortly thereafter Tyson, Matt and Charlene showed up. We got some water and our backpacks into the back of my family's civic and we then drove off. We picked up Jessica and i then drove us to Ojai, up highway 33 into the mountains. We went to Piedra Blanca. Before we got there, we stopped by Taco Bell, or, one of the Taco's anyway. Matt and Charlene got something to eat. Anyway, when we got there i had a fun time dodging the random pot holes in the road. Did a pretty good job, i thought. Less so on the way back. *shrugs* We hiked around from around 1230 untill around 1600. We climbed from rock to rock, each time achieveing a higher elevation. It was a lot of fun. Towards the end we hung around some rocks that looked like a guys face, Matt and Charlene both fit inside the "nose's" nostril, and they took a nap inside while the rest of us sat around on various rocks. Tyson and I didn't go to take photos, so it was rather laid back and relaxed and just fun to climb and hike around the rocks. Heh, have i mentioned that it was a lot of fun? Cuz, it was. Heh.

When we returned to the car, i found that the car would not start. Being the idiot that i am, and relying on assumption, redundancy and repetative patterns, i did not turn off the headlights when we had first parked. Unlike the truck or the van, the civic does not turn off its headlights by itself. Splendid. This would have be the 2nd time i've done this. Here is the entry correlating to last time it happened. Anyway, Tyson and Matt started walking up the road to go find some help, Jessica, Charlene and I waited by the car. Some guy drove by and we waved and honked at him, but they did not hear. I noticed someone down by another parking area working about their car and i walked up to them and asked them if they could give me a jump. I think the civic needs permament jumper cables in the trunk for future such occasions, so that if others have no jumper cables, i would. This is bound to happen again soon because i've become more and more forgetful about these little things. I hate it. What is happening to my memory. blaaah.

Anyway, the people drove over to my car, and as they did, Tyson and Matt returned with some other guy, some creepy stalker/molester dude with a kid in the back seat who told Tyson and Matt that he was not a molester dude when they got in his car to get a ride back to where Jessica, Charlene and I where. Haha, im sure he was a fine guy. He was the same guy who did not see us waving at him when he drove by. So, we had 2 people available to help us. Woot. The guy Tyson and Matt brought back left again, and we got a jump from the other people. Thanks to whoever they were. Heh.. Woo! Im a moron. We drove back down to Ojai. As i drove down i very rarely used my breaks, i tried to just use engine compression to break me enough all the way down, and then into neutral to pick up speed, and so forth. It was fun for me. Weee! I love driving stick. So much fun to be had.

We returned to Camarillo, and i dropped off Charlene, Matt and Jessica at their respective homes. I then went to the Long's on Santa Rosa where i had dropped off my disposable cameras for development the day before, after going to IHOP. Tyson was still with me, so he came with. The photos turned out pretty crappy. Over exposed, too much flash intensity, and well.. grainy and generally crappy. Oh well, some are OK, and i got a lot of photos from other people.. As you'll see soon if you continue reading this lenghty entry.

I drove back home (got home at around 1830), and then Tyson took his car and drove off to his house. I took a shower and then ate dinner in front of the tv with my laptop. Woot. At 2100 i watched Alias with my dad. Season Finale. Heh, i wasnt impressed with the episode, in fact, i think Alias is losing its touch and has gone the way of the pooper. Oh well. I wont be around for the next season.

The rest of the evening i spent more or less preparing this blog entry and just chatting with people, or not chatting with people, surfing the web, sitting around.. I'm really not sure where all my time went and/or why it's taken so long to get this entry done. Wow. Heh.

Anyway, tomorrow is a normal day of school on a Monday. I need to return my Tux. What else does i need to do? Hrm.. Many things which i can't seem to recall. There goes my memory again. Baaah!

I sometimes make fun of other people about things they do, and then, in turn i always find that im always watching myself to make sure that i do not turn around and do the exact same thing, to make sure im not a hypocrit, and somehow, subconsciously i think this is a rather stressful self-checking thing that i do. Though, being hypocritical, being a hypocrit seems almost inevitable. I'm annoyed by some who always seem to talk about themselves, begin conversations talking about themselves, and this really annoys me. So, whenever i talk about myself, or say something about myself, i have a little signal turn on in my head warning me being a hypocrit. Though, talking about oneself in responce to someone else is a way to show that you can relate to what they're saying, not that you just wish to talk about yourself. So, there is a difference between ways one can talk about oneself, and then in these cases i would not fall under a hypocrit category.

It seems to me, it appears to me more and more that i am rather easily influenced by others opinions, a lot more than i let on, even to myself. A lot more then i'd like to be. I'm easily blinded by what other people say. I tend to take on other peoples tendancies very easily, or pick up other peoples slang or specific wordings or sayings without even really noticing that i do this, myself. (Revisiting the talking about oneself thing, this is my blog so talking about myself seems valid to myself, and not hypocritical of myself, or.. is it? Gaah.) I'm not sure where i was going with this.

There are drawbacks to this public blog which sometimes make themselves very evident and clear to myself. I have to watch what i say, to censor many things i wish and would like to say. To not post some things i'd like to post because it might upset my parents, upset friends, piss people off, make some people angry, destroy ties between people, things along the lines of gossip which would be great to share with some people, but if some others read it, i would face undesired conversations where i'd have to endure crap from people pissed off about crap i gave them in a public blog. Ahh, the irony, and the cliche's apparently.

This has the be the longest blog entry ever in the history of this blog.

If people who know how to play card games didnt keep teaching other people how to play card games, who would know how to play card games?

Heh, i think im going to go buy some clothes this week, anyone want to come with?

Okie dokie, let the completely unorganized, chaotic display of a whole bunch of photos begin! (These photos shall conclude this entry.)

Here are the photos i took with the 2 disposable cameras i bought before going to Prom from prom and after prom at Tyson's Grandma's house. They're really really poor quality, over exposed, and, well, just terrible, but it's all i got. It was somewhat expected that they'd turn out really poorly. There's no sort of order to these. A lot of these photos are very flattering, as in, they're not. I didn't get photos of everyone, and i got some photos of other people, but they're just complete crap, heh, sorry. For those with slow internet connections... haha, sucks for you. I'm too lazy to thumbnail all these and make it look nice and pretty. Just what i have here has already taken way too long.

Dianne, Tyson, Danielle, Simon, Silpa and Abe (cut off)

Andy. He kind of looks like a monkey.

Charlene, Matt, myself, Kate, Dianne, Tyson, Raymond and Nicole

Cory Franklin's flip-flops are awesome. Tux and, well, flip-flops. Kudos.

I think Mike is trying to burn off my head with some form of lazer beam which he'll shoot from his eyes once he has focused the beam.

It's Jessica!

James is awesome. James brought glow sticks to prom. Excellent idea. Bravo. lol

Here we have Laura. A rather Lauraesque pose, if i might add.

Danielle and Dianne. I think Dianne stole all the smile.

Jesse and Kristen.

Jesse is so sexy.

Jessica and I as we left prom.

Issac Lebron. My favourite cuban (puerto rican, actually.) I should have worn a fedora.

I don't think Chris was ready for this shot.

Here are some more prom/early morning photos taken by Andy, he also made a blog entry with these and other photos with commentary which i found to be quite entertaining, so, check it out.

It's Simon.

It's Jessica.

More Jessica. Hot stuff.

I think Danielle is trying to seduce Andy..

..and then changes her mind when Andy acts interested. Really nice photo, by the way, Andy.

Mike and Jesse. What a sexy duo.

Some hideous monster from the deep realms of the earth decided to come to prom, too!

Mmmmm... Matt.

James Change is looking very good.

Jessica and that weird monster from the deep.

It's Kristen!

The monster from the deep brought a friend, Tyson.


Oh look! It's more Jessica.

Danielle and Simon. I don't think he's listening to what she's saying.

Mike, Matt and the monster from the deep.


AHHH!!! Oh.. thats just Wes.

Matt and Charlene

The monster from the deep is.. dancing?

Jesse and Kristen dancing.

Jessica and monster from the deep dancing.

Simon with James' glow sticks.

Peace? .. Live long and prosper? (Kristen and.. Jesse)

Wes Waugh.

Additionally, Wes has some photos from and after prom here. The following are photo's from Wes.

Aww look, its Ruchi Patel and Chris.

A whole bunch of people, some of which i dont even know. Using Chris and Wes as references.. Between Wes and Chris is Fabian, an exchange student from Germany, in front of him his date who is from Belgium. In front of Wes is Lisa Kamino, and in front of Chris is Christi Rose. Diagonaly accross to the right of Chris is Ruchi Patel. If i really tried hard, i could probably name some others, but, its really more or less irrelevant from my perspective.

I'd have more of Wes's photos here, but he's uploading too slowly and i want to get this posted, so, maybe in another post, that or, just look at them here.

And there you have it. Wow. This weekend has been too much fun. It was so awesome. Simply wow. I wish that i didn't have to end it with this entry. Meh, wow. There's probably so much i forgot to mention that is probably mentionable. This weekend was so much fun that i cant put it into words.
Posted by Me @ 06:55, May 24, 2004
muwhahha. dianne definately stole all the smile in that one.. heh... tired people are definately fun. haha, it will never end, we have the rest of the year for it to continue.

Posted by Me @ 07:14, May 24, 2004
and oh yes, we should wait for di to come back and go shopping.

Posted by Jessica @ 18:13, May 24, 2004
you're not a monster, shaddup =P

Posted by Charlene @ 19:55, May 24, 2004
Last Name= Barrett =]

Posted by matt @ 22:34, May 24, 2004
ur not a monster marco... ur a beast... a sexy beast.. rawr lol

Posted by DI @ 19:36, May 26, 2004
weren't you the one who thought he was going to have a simply AWFUL time at Prom? wow, looks like you sure were dancing was so much fun...i want to go clubbing in europe! *pouts* oh well, i shall have to pick up a guidebook for santa barbara and scout out all the best clubs. wanna join me when i find them? you looked very handsome in your tux. excellent job on the bow tie. sexy. rowr. lol. great pictures, i wish i had brought a camera.

Posted by DI @ 19:37, May 26, 2004
yeah, i want to go shopping with you guys too!!

Posted by Daniel @ 06:33, May 09, 2005
i like your fanny blossom