3 day weekend
Published Sunday May 25th, 2003

Heh, whaddya know... a 3 day weekend is upon me! Yes!

Friday evening we ( my clique and i ) went to see Bruce Almighty... The first part of the movie was pretty funny, and rather entertaining.. but.. the 2nd half.. was.. too ... moralish... sentimental... snore snore good and bad and here's the lesson.. type thing... ya know what i mean? .. lol.... Yeh.. then, afterwards... we went to adams house, and hung out there a bit.... thereafter we went to starbucks, and hung out there.. then.. we all went home.. lol, quite exciting friday, really...heh.. unforuntately there is nothing to do in this cow town.

Today i got up... (amazing, i know).. ate lunch... and then i watched Dune for 3 or so hours... at 5 i went with my youngest sister, Andrea to Vons to buy some stuff.. on the way i also picked up some cd's from Laura in further attempts to find some good female vocalist... heh... Can't say it worked.... heh. D'oh! Anyways, went back home and.. continued watching Dune for about another 2 hours... lol... then.. an old and good friend, Cory called and.. we talked on the phone for 90 minutes... lol.. wow... Me.. on the phone. . 90 minutes?... thats rare. heh.. yea... I was in a very good mood today, over all.. w00t! .. heh...

Now its early sunday morning... Indeed, amazing,no?... yess..... I spent all evening this morning, untill to up about midnight searching on mp3.com for some good artists.. heh... not much luck, as usual... heh. Now im getting ready to go to bed.. as.. i'm quite tired again.. lol..

Know what sucks?.... I can't seem to sleep for a long period of time anymore.. It used to be that i could go to bed at 0300 in the morning and easily sleep untill 1300.. but... lately.. i keep waking up at 1100 in the morning when i go to befd at 0300... UGH.. that sucks. heh.. lol, i want to sleep loong..hmph! ..and... it used to be that.. if i woke up at 1300, i could turn around and just continue sleeping if i felt like it.. i cant seem to manage that anymore either, even at 11... ugh.

Heh.. im in one of those unique moods this evening. I think that 90 minute long conversation with Cory put me into a completely content mood.. and this added to my happy mood i was in all day, and still am.. Heh.. i like it..

I've got a day of relaxation and complete self peace behind me, and yet another 2 days of more or less the same ahead of me, and not far away floats the knowledge that 3 weeks and... It'll be summer vacation. I'm very, very, very content right now.

Ahh, this feels great. Music playing, completely relaxed, not a muscle in me is tense, no stress at all, slowly dazzing off into sleep, yet not quite. Pitty that i cant maintain this throughout the week. One moment, please...


*ahem* Excuse me, there. I liked the weather today. Completely covered, a mixture of clouds and fog looming low, not hot but not really cold... Soothingly dismal, unlit but not dark... peaceful. ... Have i mentioned im quite content right now?

Heh, i added another poster from one of my photos to cafepress.com ... you can find it here. 20"x15" poster.. not bad. You know you want to purchase it.. oh come on... ya know you want too! I insist. lol.

Hrm, i have another 4 hours of Dune dvd to watch.. but.. a different set or.. series.. .. i dunno.. well, put it this way.. 4 hours of Children of Dune dvd.. woot..

*rather random painful stab in stomach*

Ouch...where the heck did this stomach ache come from!? yiipp!!! That was unpleasant. *shrugs* Oh well.. pain, as randomly as it came, left.... lol.. fascinating for you, i know. Heh, maybe its time for bed now...