Big Bear trip was fun!
Published Monday February 23rd, 2004

Woo! Big Bear with Wes was fun! Ill start off with the details. SO much to say, i wont be able to remember it all, or write it all cuz, i cant remember it all.. Anyways...

Sunday morning i got up at 0730, got dressed, threw my bag of clothing into the truck, and drove down to Wes's house to pick him up. We drove a lovely 2 and something hours to San Bernardino and then Redlands, and then, up highway 38 all while listening to George Carlin.. lol On the way up there was a chain check stop place.. and it was required that one has chains with him at all times.. i.. had no chains, i had a 4wd truck, but never the less, chains where apparently required to be carried around.. so, just a few meters back there was a store... I bought some chains and all was dandy swell. We continued driving while the snow was falling and all that fun stuff. It was really no problem at all. Driving on snow, off, in slush.. whatever, not a problem because the truck is great. I love the Toyota Tundra.. lol. Anyways, we got to Big Bear and found ourselves parked in some lower parking lot. We got all our random articles of clothing on and got onto some shuttle service that was provided for free to drive us up to the resort. We picked up our tickets and went on up. The first run down i fell. Was fun, but after that, i was good. No more falling.. Wes held, and still holds the record for the most falls... However, it should be noted that he was on a snowboard, and i was on ski's, and Wes is a bit more aggressive then i am, that and i didnt take too many jumps on unlike wes who tried nearly every jump feasable.

It started to snow and, it got rather cold and towards 1530, 30 minutes before the sumit closed, we decided to leave. There was barely anyone around on the slopes. We took the shuttle thing back to our car, and.. drove on to find the Hotel we had booked a room at. Checked in, and.. warmed up, watched tv, and napped. We decided to go eat dinner, but, being lazy, comfortable and nice and warm in our beds we just ordered pizza. Haha. We watched some movie on sci-fi channel which appeared to be a rippof of Signs, then went to bed at around 2300..

I didnt sleep terribly well, neither did Wes, though i think i slept better then he did. I woke around 4 or 5 times either cold, or too hot, or wet, sweaty and cold. So, not only did i not get enough sleep, but... i cought a cold, because, i was cold. lol. Imagine that, a cold from the cold. Hardy har har.

In the morning, the alarm went off at 0845.. we laid around till around 1000 watching MXC and various things on tv, and being too lazy to stand up. It had snowed all night long. Soon thereafter we checked out from the hotel (Firestone Lodge) and we went to get some breakfast at IHOP. At around noon we got to the slopes, didnt need to pick up our lift tickets because we had picked them up the day before. We got all our articles of clothing on (whatever it was we hadnt already put on before leaving the hotel.) and, went off to ski/snowboard again.

For me, skiing on Monday was much better then the day before. I was a bit more used to it, after not having skied for 3 or 4 years. More aggressive as well. Was fun. It snowed for a lot of the time we were there, was somewhat painful while going down the slopes at high speeds.. oh well. We took a little break inbetween, then went back out untill around 1530, at which time we went back to the car and prepared for the drive home. Before we left, we got some gas, and some snacks and drinks, then.. off we went.. down highway 18 this time, onto highway 30, onto interstate 10 all the way to the 101, which was probably a bad idea because we hit some traffic which we probably wouldnt have hit had we taken highway 50 from interstate 10 up to interstate 210 to the 101.. but, whatever. The drive home was interesting... boring.. the freeways anyway. Especially the traffic. The drive down highway 18 was cool though.. it was really fog... fog as in, i couldnt see 2-3 meters in front of me. Then, once i could see.. the scenery was really nice. I kind of liked the San Bernardino area... nice suburb of LA (which is a hellhole) .. Although, the sillouhetted skyscrapers and landscape of LA driving home was rather nice looking in the orange/pink sunset through the thick rain. I wish i wasnt driving so i could have taken some photographs.

We finally reached Camarillo after 3 hour and something drive and i dropped Wes off at his house, then drove home myself.. Took a shower, talked with my mom, and well, here i am typing this up and watching CSI: Miami.

Quite an eventful weekend, really. The skipping of school today, Monday, was an added bonus. Lol, my legs and arms ache right now. Towards the end of skiing today i was starting to have trouble skiing down because i found my legs shaking uncontrollably.. lol. Anyways.. so much more to ramble about.. geesh.

I really cant remember much about the past week.. Tuesday i went out to lunch with Mike, Grant, and i believe Wes and Adam came with too. Wednesday.. not much.. Thursday.. Friday.. OH!

Friday we all hung out at Matt's house where we linked Grant's and Mike's gamecubes over a LAN with broadband adapters. We setup a hub and ethernet cable of mine.... so, we played 8 player Mario Cart Double Dash.. wooo! it was awesome.. lol. Saturday, i went and rented ski's from Sports Chalet. After, Wes and i got some finaly clothing items we required to stay warm on our Ski/Snowboard trip... Was good. In the evening, we hung out with Kate, Tyson and.. uhm.. oh! Mike, and Chris, and.. erm.. Matt! There we go. lol. That is, after spending a rather unpleasant hour at Wes's house trying to placate his mom about the ski/snowboard trip. She was worried about the supposed big snow storm and all that... Which, there really was none off.. sure it snowed most of the time we were there, but it was no problem. Was cool, in fact.

Anyways, over the course of the past week ive been looking for music with french vocals, namely female singers singing in french.. So, i found some French Pop music... here are some examples: song 1,song 2,song 3. Woot! lol. It's like.. Britney Spears, but in french! Sweeethh!! *sarcasm*

Blah *blows his nose* Drawbacks of Big Bear trip.. lol

Mkay, well then, lets go through my list of things to mention.. lol

First, an ourburst:
so.. im watching this random show on tv about celebrities, because.. well.. im very bored, and there is american civil war crap on history channel and i couldnt care less.. so... they're talking about how the pulic was outraged when some star changed their hair cut...... uhm....... GET THE FUCK OVER IT..... damn.... how pathetic is a society when you give such a great shit about stars hair styles? damn! people are stupid.
k, i want a list of everyone involved so i can remove them from the gene pool.

Moving on...
Lately, i have seen soo soo many commercials on TV that advertise Las Vegas... just an interesting observation..

And, now for my final thingo... Last Sunday i was watching some show on the History Channel about the bible and how some people have found secret messages hidden in the texts which make predictions and all that funness. The documentary was really interesting, and im compelled to read further about it. Its interesting to note, that, a skeptical scientist took the same approach to finding messages in the bible and applied it to the book Moby Dick, and it also found messages... So, what gives? Are these just really impossible odds? Yea, anyways, was interesting to watch, especially with my orientation towards the whole relgion thing. Id explain how they went about to find the messages, but.. i forgot. lol, it was a week and 1 day ago.

Anyways, i dont know what else i should say.. Hrm.. Tomorrow i will return the ski's i rented from Sports Chalet and.. then... uhm.. yea... before, i'll probably eat lunch with Mike and Grant.

Heh, anyways.. ive run out of things to say.. anyways.. tada!

Posted by Me @ 14:35, February 24, 2004
well, hopefully jesse will marry you. this definately needs to happen. it will be so grat to see you two get married. haha