11 days left in safety
Published Wednesday December 8th, 2004

My mom arrives in Switzerland later today.

11 days left. Meh.


I miss Greece.

I feel like i'll be dis-located throughout my entire life, never quite happy with wherever I might live.

Juli - Geile Zeit

Hast du geglaubt, hast du gehofft, dass alles besser wird ?
Hast du geweint,hast du gefleht, weil alles anders ist?
Wo is
Posted by marwin+ @ 12:48, December 15, 2004
This is some great music, don't you think. I am gonna get the album for my birthday/Christmas. And I probably gonna go to Juli's concert.

Posted by Marco @ 14:26, December 15, 2004
Yes, i agree! I like it quite a bit... thus why i bought the album. :) A concert? Hmph.. i wont have that ability because.. well... Forbid anyone in america ever broadcast a song on MTV that was not in English..